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01-16-2007, 04:56 PM
The girl you are correcsponding with asks for money to come to see you. Sure she is a scammer. Write you are ready to help her and send fake MTC number.

01-16-2007, 05:12 PM
Scammers usually check the MTCNs on the WU "Check Status" page before they go to WU. The only ones who fall for this trick are the novice scammers, and after a time or two they, too, stop falling for it.

01-16-2007, 05:22 PM
If you really want to scam the scammer, drag out your correspondence. It cost them money to use proxi servers, to pay the workers to do the typing, to rent the apartment, to pay for their internet connection, bills, etc. They spend money on you thinking they are going to get a big return, and in the end they are out of money and got nothing. Usually that frustrates them.

Here is a few more things to know.

1. Get them to the point when they ask for money and then start playing (starting too early is less productive becase they are not reading the emails yet).

2. Never tell them which black lists they are already on - it is their job to check those from time to time - don't make their life easier! The longer they are in the dark about which of their identities are already exposed, the more money they will loose on guys who check the black lists before sending the money. They loose - you win.

3. Agree to send them the money but tell them that WU will not allow you to do that because the scammer's name is on their internal black list because of the complaints, and they are not accepting transfers in that person's name anymore. Ask the scammers for an explanation for that. The scammers will be cursing and banging their head against the wall in frustration because to them it means they need to change the currier again. You will get them to change a currier (the name used in the scam) prematurely and inconvenience them alot. They loose - you win.

4. Extract as much info as possible. Because WU "won't let you" to send the money, ask for a bank account number. Ask for a scan of a passport. Ask for a scan of a travel agency's licence. The scammer will spend a good deal of time forging all those documents. That cost them money. But more importantly, that takes their attention and time away from other work, which means that there may be one less potential victim they will be able to "work" that week. That could have cost them thousands of dollars they didn't receive. Their loss is your win, as usual.

And of course, the main thing is, never play with a person unless you are 100% sure that she is a scammer.

05-04-2007, 10:38 PM
Have fun!!! I got lucky and saw the red flags. I paid for a background check and found the girl I was ready to send money to was on several blacklists (including this site). Since then, I have continued correspondence. Always promising money soon, and always having an excuse why I couldn't send it. Her letters are getting shorter and shorter. Now, I have told her that my parents want my happiness, so they have decided to give me the money to fly to her!!! I will spend time with her in her country and then we will take a "romantic" flight back to "OUR" home in the US. She doesn't seem to like that idea too much![8D] Here's where it get's good... I found her on another dating site under a different name, so I started up a new e-mail account (just like she did) and have been writing to her as two different people!!! WASTE HER TIME!!! If you're like me , your bored off your buttocks half the time anyway, so have some fun!!! But don't give up on the real thing. I'm corresponding with a girl now who seems real, but no matter what feelings may develop, I will pay for a bckground check before I ever send any money!!!


04-24-2013, 11:30 AM
I have one now wanting me to send money have been stinging it out for a while where to go now want to cause as much hassle as posible

05-04-2013, 03:25 AM
My best scam to date happened about three days ago. Both of the scammers were in Tema, Ghana. Now get this, they were both using pictures of the same girl (this Jose chick out of Canada). Both were telling me the same crap and I was acting like I believed it all. You know the routine: "I am on here looking for my soul mate." "I'm learning to be a nurse." "Me love you long time." Blah Blah Blah. Well, I played them along for a day or two and they both told me they needed money. (Boy, there's a real shocker.) One needed money for books the other for rent. I told them both that I had a friend over their at the Container Terminal and he said he would give them the money. I asked both what they would be wearing so he could recognize them when they got there. Neither could leave right then of course. One would send her brother the other her cousin. Bottom line, I had the two Mugus go there and look for the other one think that is who was going to give them the money. One got back on Yahoo and told me "That was rugged." Whatever that means.

05-09-2013, 07:54 PM
I thought of this on the fly last night when I was having a chat with a person I knew was a scammer on Yahoo (go figure). I could tell by the picture, because another scammer had used the same picture. If you can believe that. Of course it was the old "I need money to pay for my internet." She further told me she was in Ghana visiting her Grandmum and was in a cafe talking to me because her home internet service had been disconnected. Now get this, she needed 200 dollars for a one month bill. Not to my surprise, her solution was for me to send the money via Western Union. Even told me I could do this online, right now. Even gave me the website where I could do it.
Okay, so here is what I did: I told her that Western Union would not accept my payment with a credit card because of where it was going. First I told her that the card would not go through for some unknown reason. I later told her that I was on the phone with Western Union talking to a representative. Now here is the twist: I told her that this person on the phone was telling me that there was a new law here in the States, under the Rico Act, that could make Western Union liable as part of the crime is it turned out to be a scam and they refused to refund me my money. According to her, Western Union had changed their policy and I now had to bring cash to their shop to send it, and sign a paper saying that they were in no way liable for the transfer.
This all happened around midnight on a Saturday. Of course I didn't have that much cash on me and the bank was not open tomorrow so she would have to wait until Monday before I could send it.
Now here is the question: I want your thoughts on my idea about the new law. Was it good or bad? I don't want to put something in the mix that will mess it up for everyone.

12-12-2013, 10:00 AM
Unless this scammers don't loose their hard earned money they won't realize how painful it is to get scammed.