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01-28-2007, 06:57 AM
Hi all,

I've read most of the posts here and it's hard to understand why any of you think the girls themselves are actually writing to you. No problem having translators do it, even responding to some of your questions. There are several keys to understanding that it's all a scam. One, the girls write to lots of guys at the same time and say romantic stuff to all of them. Two, when people go to meet the girls they don't even know who the guys are. Three, the same girls have been there for years (take blonde Daria P, for example) and are never engaged or married. What additional evidence do you need?

I have romantic letters from the following: Inna V. #4970; Natalya F.#7689; Svetlana S.#3964; Irina T.; #4988; Daria P.#4016; Daria P.#4986; Oksana K.#7073; Irina S.#7536 plus quite a few others.

Here's a recent letter

Hello ________!!!
How are you doing?
I have not heard from you for a while? and decided to write to you again.
I am doing fine, dear. That?s just I cannot get you out of my head. That is the biggest problem I have now!!!
because I find myself very attracted to you!
Your Inna (#4970)

I hardly have written to her.

Hi dear!
I think of you...
I miss you...
Irina. (#4988)

Had written one letter to her.
A first letter:
Hi my Dear!! Thank you so much for your letter!! My dear I think that everything will be just perfect between us and we will make our relations to live:):)

story left out....

_______, I think it's a good chance for us to find true love we were looking for so let us do our best in order not to loose it.
Kisses to you,
Irishka:) (#7536)

Anyway, I have tons of other examples including letters sent from one girl but translated and signed by another! Just ask and I'll dump the whole lot of them on here.

There are legit agencies out there but they are expensive. I know for a fact that A Russian Romance in Sochi is legit as I ****ed several of the girls from that agency several years ago after corresponding with them. Inna, the owner, is a bit obnoxious but they have real girls and you can exchange real letters and even meet them! In my opinion Russian girls look really nice (commonly less buxom than Ukrainian girls for some reason, obviously genetic) but are generally high maintenance, tempermental, and really aren't all that good in bed unless you are a necrophiliac. I had my first Russian girl in 1991 and it still feeds my ego to do well-dressed younger women. They're easy to meet in clubs or on the street over there, but it is best to rent an apartment as many hotels won't let you have "guests". In general, the "small-town" girls are easier than the "big-city" girls, because, as small-town girls everywhere, they are looking for a way out.

Go and enjoy yourself, stay away from tours, don't smile on the street, and put your money in a plastic shopping bag as everyone carries them and no one expects there to be anything valuable in them.

As for UAladys, just continue to spank the monkey because that's all those girls are good for.

-the doc-

p.s. You might try Venezuela as it has great chicks! I'm 56 and two years ago had no problem having all the 18-25 year-olds that I wanted there. Great ego boost and I even found a couple of virgins!!

02-02-2007, 01:47 PM
Hey Guys!!...Read my post in here captioned "MY RUSSIAN SWEETPIE - UPDATE"....My Russian "sweetpie" just dumped me....Sniff! Sniff!.....[}:)]LOL