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03-10-2007, 10:54 AM
Well, after i wasted lots of time i finally decided to become a faceless liar and find out if my Ukranian "HONEYPIE" was a he/she scammer. Don't know whether or not I should say How here or not, maybe one of you senior guys can tell me if i should. Don't want to help the enemy!! Anyway, " if she loved me yesterday, and is writing to John today to start a realtionship, with a modified letter that she wrote to me with 4.5 mos. ago, then she' a scammer. This one must have a hang-up with the money letter. They give an amount in one letter and talk about their problems ie 300 USD, then come back a couple of letters later and ask you to help. Are they working some legal loophole? Anyway, i got a scanned passport, probably fake, who knows, any sure ways to make there life miserable before I tell them I know? I'll be posting the scam profile very soon and hope that any others corressponding don't get scammmed by the Lugansk Liar, I'd love to throw in a monkey wrenth out of hate's sake if anyone has any ideas there. A special thanks to HAM for keeping my brain dominate over my penis. Thanks buddy!!

03-10-2007, 02:11 PM
I'm feeling a bit [}:)]

(1) When he requests a Western Union money transfer, quote him a false MTCN number. His girlfriend then wastes her time traipsing back and forth to the bank, perhaps also wasting money on bus fares.

(2) I have it on hearsay that some cellphone services in FSU actually have the audacity to charge subscribers for RECEIVED calls. If this is true, call his girlfriend often and waste lots of time. Run him up a substantial phone bill. Phonecards can be bought for this purpose, making it relatively affordable.

(3) Create a few more aliases, creating several penpals for him. Each alias can ask for small things sent by snail mail, like postcards. Get him running up a postage bill.

(4) If he wants a meeting, agree but get "her" to meet you in Kiev, where the airport is. Send no money of course, but chances are the fool will anticipate a big spending spree at your expense! So he will invest in the petrol to Kiev for himself and the photographed woman, as well as accommodation for himself so he can masquerade as your chauffeur. A fruitless trip for him, because you won't be there.

03-10-2007, 02:47 PM
Thanks for the ideas, Seajay, sounds good, it might take some doing with this cheap-ass to get them to Kiev, but I might be able to persuade them in the hope for riches:D They don't touch phone #'s or snail mail adresses, and it was my 1st red-flag. I'm sure that I could get his girlfriend to WU (if they don't precheck it) since that's what they live for. Oh, [}:)] TO Anyone: they changed their email address about 3 weeks ago, and their ip address in header reflects a change, however, they state that they are using an internet cafe, I find this highly unlikely, as the exact same computer has been used in the last dozen emails, IF IT'S A HOME COMPUTER, being used NOW, There's a whole lot more info, that I can add to my report, ANY THOUGHTS?

03-10-2007, 06:41 PM
quote:A special thanks to HAM for keeping my brain dominate over my penis. Thanks buddy!!

another way to waste time is:
1 make a BS story up why you can't send $ or use WU ( legal troubles with ***? )
2 but you love Igor so much that you are going to send money anyways
3 however you shall send it in a parcel (see 1) and, due to the content, the parcel will be for IN PERSON PICK-UP ONLY.
4 unfortunately, the pick-up location is very FAR from where the scammer lives and
5 they shall hurry, otherwise the parcel gets returned in 3 days.
If you play it well, they will bait and it will cost you less than phone calls...in the parcel of course there is no money...or some fake monopoly or kids' game money...