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08-31-2007, 07:15 PM
My name is Joakin Various , I live in United Arab Emirates , originaly from U.S.A , i am 45 year older man , i was scamed by this Romania girl...She talked 2 times with me and after we talk a while she told me that she want to come in my country for visit , i told her that is ok and i would love to meet her , and of course the next question of mine was when can she come to me..She told me that she is one poor girl and she have no money to travel some where , i told her that i can help her for come to me. Then i asked her to give me she`s full name and adress for seend to her some money for the tiket.
After i sended the money for the tiket she never come back for speack with me , at the phone she has no answer any more and in finally she changed she`s number phone , because when i called one reboot has answer and told this number is not anymore avlabile please call back...I`ve never see her again , on the site she was not any more..Be careful man this girl look like one inocent girl and in real she is one scammer.....Wish you a nice day and hope you will not make the mistaked i was doing...

She`s name is : Dobrovolschii Cristina , she is one scamer woman from country : Romania and town Bucharest , She is very good looking and nice apparence like one inocent woman!!!! , "You can see her on this profile with she`s photo" , she will ask you for money like "money for rent , money for travel at your country , "or other many things" .
Be carefull this girl is one SCAMMER!!!!!!!


09-01-2007, 12:54 PM
quote:originaly from U.S.A

your English doesn't read like american...[B)][:o)]

09-01-2007, 11:02 PM
Hey ham! You might remember me, might not, might not care... I was the Train, but had some login troubles so I back as a newbee. I learned a lot from you and elenag. Thanks!!!!! I'm not sure what to make of joakin either. From the US, lives in UAE and login from Romania?????

Have you heard from elenag? I hear she went back to school for a degree.

Sorry, but joakin, if you sent any money to a girl you've had a whopping 2, that's 2, I say 2 conversations with, you need to take a step back and re-evaluate what you're doing. Seriously, are you THAT desperate?

Train returns

09-02-2007, 05:59 AM
quote:Have you heard from elenag? I hear she went back to school for a degree.

i usually don't take contacts off forums, so all i know is what she posted here, if anything.

quote:Hey ham! You might remember me, might not, might not care... I was the Train, but had some login troubles so I back as a newbee.

why didn't you try "train2" as new login?

quote:Seriously, are you THAT desperate?

i suppose to an extent everybody "looking for THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE " online has to be -if not "desperate"- at least in a hurry or something.
Yes, i hear from the many self-proclaimed millionaires, undercover secret agents, neurosurgeons...and my cousin who can squeeze oranges with his butt-cheeks...[:o)][:o)]

The best approach is to have fun, to tie contacts, BUT TO HANDLE IT LIKE A PASSTIME OR GAME OF CARDS. This doesn't necessarily mean being or acting cheap or unethical, but it IS a JOKE until you are not pretty damn sure it isn't. Scammers are known to prey upon vulnerable individuals.

09-02-2007, 09:57 AM
Hey guys! Let's have fun! Seriously, I just reported a scammer with one of the worst scam scenarios ever.

I got an e-mail saying someone is interested in me at RBride.com. I checked it out and sent an onsite response. She was online. The site info let's you know a person's last visit, online status etc. The last visit is important since to "pad" the inventory, some profiles are over a year old. Old profiles is one of the reasons some scammers are easy to spot on that site. If the scammer forgets to delete the old profile, you have 2 names, 2 home towns, 1 set of pics!!! But I have seriously digressed from the point.....

I received a response within minutes. She basically stated that she has a US visa and can visit here. Immediately, I'm thinking "Okay... 2 messages on a web site and 15 mins, and you're talking about visiting already? SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!" So I played it out. After a few messages, I asked her for some pics and sugested we move off site and wrapped it up for the night.

Next day, there's an e-mail telling me I have a message on RBrides.com. Of course she, who may be he, or I suspect them, (because I think it's several people monitoring the site and writing under that profile 24/7) is online. The game is on! We basically used the onsite message board like an IM.

Well, now "she's" ready to come here and all I have to do is pay for her airfare since "she" has a visa and I assume, a passport although it was never mentioned.

Why not? Quick google cheap airfare and.... $680 + tax round trip Kiev to Philly. I tell her I can have her on a plane in 2 weeks because I just cancelled my credit card because of scammer internet sites rebilling and double billing.(which is true)

"She" needs me to send the money to "her" via WU (of course) because "she" already has a travel company. I tell "her" to forget them. I'll take care of everything online.

I tell "her" to give me "her" name, address, etc so that I can give it to the airline. All "she" will have to do is present "her" ID and "she's" on a plane. Then it was about a hotel and "her" safety as to why I needed to send the money to "her". I told "her" I'd put in a place near the State Police barracks.... Not good enough. Suddenly, "her" third year of English lessons writing and comprehensive skills deteriorated to 1st semester and "she" was having a hard time understanding me. So, I wrote to "her" in russian and repeated my offer.

"She" said no, I said Poka, "she" said by, which should be bye, and I put it all in a zip and sent it in. Ordinarily, I wouldn't have played along for that long, but my cable TV was out and I was bored!!!

Hey ham!
I didn't use Train2 because whatever has my info screwed up has my e-address tied to it. I'm using my other e-address and started a whole new registration and it's just easier for me to remember to use PeopleSmoks when I'm on this screen name address.

Two screen names and two e-addresses also comes in handy for checking up on the "girl" who declares her undying love for you after a week. Send an e-mail using your other e-address and change your name.... like they do!!! Be vague. "I'm happy you showed interest in me" a scammer has no clue. auto response letter #1 is sent. If it's the exact same letter that "she" sent you on your other e-address.....

Trust me, I've done it and yes, word for word intro letters except for my name. My name's Bob, and on the second address, I'll use Rob.

I know it sounds awful, but it's gotten to the point where I have several form letters myself. I read the letters I receive and throw in a little, but the body of the 1st few letters I send are forms. Usually by the 3rd or 4th letter, the bad scammers have exposed themselves. Now send the letter using your other e-address and see if it's a form letter that you're receiving.

Maybe this could become a whole new topic... Has anyone noticed that translation service/ English lessons has become more popular with the scammers?

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