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09-26-2007, 05:03 PM
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"I do not know how to begin this letter, and I do not know how to explain news... I feel very bad... But I should tell you very unpleasant news. I can not hide from you the truth. Now I feel the most damned person in the world and I do not know how it is possible to correct it!!!!!! I have received all money, I wanted to go to exchange money on travel-checks to go to embassy. I was afraid to go on foot with such big money and I have decided to take a taxi. I tried to take a taxi for 10 minutes. 2 person has approached to me in black jackets and would demand that I went behind them. I have told that I can not go with them because I very much hurry and I can not go with strangers. Then they have taken me for my hand and have demanded once again. I have escaped and I have told that I will shout, if they will do it once again. Then one of them has pulled out a knife and has told if I will shout he will kill me. I was very much frightened, because eyes of this person were very malicious. These mongrels have withdrawn mein court yard of a house. In a court yard of this house they have struck me on my head and have demanded money. I have told them, that I do not understand about what they speak. Then one of them has pulled out my bag and looked it. He has not seen in my bag money, I have hidden money in a secret pocket of my bag, but they have seized my bagand then they have simply escaped. I have tried to run behind them, but one of them has again struck me and I have fallen... I addressed in police, in police have written down all data and they have told will investigate this case. But also they have told that now many similar cases... I do not know what to do now... I want to die...... You are very important for me and I do not want to lose you!!!! I need you!!!!! I cry all time...................... You have helped me in very difficult situation, and these ugly creatures have destroyed everything in a blink! I hate them! I damn them! Because of them we can not meet........ Mongrels! My dear, I will work hard and I will save money again and I will come to you without your help! I know that money are very necessary for you, I feel bad..... Why it occurs with me and we can not be together????? Why??????????? But I could not protect myself and keep money because they threatened me with a knife...... I am very tired, I was in police for a long time and it has taken away from me many forces. And now I have a strong headache, I do not know what occurs with my head, but I hope I will feel better tomorrow... I do not know what to do, I feel so awful... I very much want to be with you! I damn these robbers! I want to die......Kisses, Nati"

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ham, That's just plain mean... lol! I wear a black leather jacket. I hope Interpol doesn't come after me!!!!!

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09-27-2007, 08:58 PM
this scheme has probably been played 99999999999999999999999999 times!
Still there are suckers falling for it...[:o)][xx(]

10-01-2007, 01:09 AM
Mine was that "she" got mugged and was in the hospital. She suffered head injuries and needed $$$$ for an operation. Somehow she got from Belogorsk,RU to a hospital in Yoshkar-Ola.

I asked her for the name of the hospital and room she was in, then had a rose delivered to her. Of course she wasn't there, and of course she's now listed on the site.

Yea, it cost me a rose delivery, but it was a lot less than what she asked for, for her operation! It's a shame she turned out to be a scammer. After three months of writing, she hadn't showed any classic red flags.

Pretty girl, but not an obvious supermodel. Not one nude, bikini or panty pic. Respectable! Oh well!!!![8D]

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10-01-2007, 05:55 AM

used car salesmanship or trim-my-waist/manhood tonics are respectable, too...

10-02-2007, 10:48 PM
Let's face it. It's the ones that drag out the correspondence for sevearl months without asking for money, actually read your letters and answer your questions(even engage in a conversation about a particular topic over several letters), DON'T tell you they love you after 5 e-mails, DON'T send you photos of themselves naked or in the skimpiest bikini they could find with their legs spread wider than the ocean that seperates you from her, etc... These are the dangerous scammers for me.

The longer they keep up the correspondence, the more believable they become. As I said about the pics being "respectible", I'm talking about pics that if it was your sister you wouldn't mind her sending to a guy.

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