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11-30-2007, 04:03 PM
This letter is to report about a scam agency in Lugansk Ukraine. The scam agencies name is Glory Club (formerly known as Gloria agency) This letter is not about supposition but about fact. I was corresponding with a lady there for over a year. I was also dealing with the manager of the agency, Laura , during this time because even though I belong to an US based marriage agency and did all of my correspondance through them. I was arranging gifts and birthday parties through Laura and glory club. during my dealings with them something just did not feel right but it was one of those things you cannot quite put your finger on. I of course read all the scam stories and advice but nothing quite fit that they were doing anything wrong. I was sending quite a few gifts. things like flowers perfume ect... a few I requested a photo of delivery but most I did not. I had also sent flowers several times through an online florist and had photo's of delivery from them So I knew the lady I was corresponding with was real. During this time I was googling the agency and there were some negative reports on them from various sources but no concrete proof. So I started searching for other marriage agencies in Lugansk. There was one that had nothing but good reports. now keep in mind I was doing all this over several months because I was not quite sure what if anything was going on. but I kept a check on the negative reports on the glory club and also the good reports on the other agency, So I kept tabs on both as I continued my correspondance. Finally I arranged a surprise through Glory club for my lady for valentines day. It was supposed to be a trip to a salon for Hair, manicure and pedicure. Now I paid Glory club for her to have anything she wished done to her hair. and I got a very nice thank you letter from her for this surprise. So a couple of weeks later I arranged a flower delivery to her for womans day and had a photo of delivery. Now when I recieved the photo I saw that the lady had dark roots several inches long and since I had been corresponding with her long enough to know she colors her hair it did not make sense to me that I had just sent her to the salon a couple of weeks earlier and she did not have her hair colored. It raised my suspician enough to where I wrote to the other Agency I had been keeping tabs on. The Honest agency(the only one I know of in Lugansk is named Lugan girls). I sent them an email and ended up corresponding with the owner, Anna, who is married to an american and living in London. She was very helpful and agreed to help me by delivering a flower and a letter to the lady I was corresponding with. Now I of course asked in the letter if she had recieved everything I had paid for on valentines day. Anna had also asked for her cell phone number so that they could schedule the delivery. So the delivery was made and I got a confirmation from Anna and also a photo of delivery. But the next thing I know I'm recieving all these letters from my lady through Glory club accusing me of not trusting her and using an outside source to check up on her. now one thing I had also put in that Letter was that I asked her to go to the honest agency (lugan girls) so that we could have a webcam chat about this. Now in her letters she was refusing to do this and seemed so angry with me I thought I had breached some Ukraine etiquette . But I knew the letters were coming through the scam agency. So I asked anna to deliver one more flower and another letter again asking for a web cam chat at the honest agency. Now anna's agency made this delivery without calling to schedule it and it was during that delivery that they discovered that the cell phone number I had given them was not hers but probably belonged to someone at the scam agency. Now this is the same number I had had several three way calls to through my US agency. So Anna scheduled the web cam at her agency and informed me about the cell phone number and said there was much more but she would rather I be told on the web cam. Of course you can imagine by this time I did not know what was going on So I arranged a three way call with my US agency doing the translation during the web cam. That way I was 100 percent sure I was getting an accurate translation as I did not know what was going on and it was starting to seem more involved than simply not delivering gifts. So I had my web cam and my three way call(for an hour long chat) I was asking about every gift I had sent and it turns out only the gifts I had asked for a photo of delivery were delivered everything else was not. It also turns out that she had never seen a letter from me through the glory club. she was told and this is how they work, that they call the girl and give her a summary of what is written. and the lady tells them over the phone what her response is. well of course asking about all of our conversations I find out that the translators at glory club adlibbed alot, and I mean ALOT But the good thing is the lady was very interested in me and had been all along we just had to sort out the truth from the lies. Now since my US agency was doing the translation for this call they were as shocked as I was and immediately stopped doing business with Glory club and made everything right with me. Oh and I almost forgot after my lady and I had this long talk and both found out the truth as to what was going on. I still recieved several letters from Glory club directly to my email because my agency was no longer dealing with them. These letters were supposedly from my lady demanding that I call the "fake "cell phone number so we could talk about things. I found that a little humorous because they didn't know we both knew the truth and they were still trying to run thier silly scam So to make a long story short Don't deal with Glory Club because you WILL be scammed.

01-13-2008, 03:00 PM
This is a very interesting little story. It shows that sometimes the girl is real, but is no more than a pawn in the scammer's scheme to con people out of money which is something I've seen before, but not with such proof.

I wish I had seen this thread before.

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01-13-2008, 03:34 PM
It raises a point, which I have been thinking about for a while. What happened to the "free" sites from before, as f.ex. Matchdoctor?

My own firsthand experience 3-5 years ago was, that a majority of the women there existed. That they possibly could be individual freelance scammers is big, but I seldom recieved cyber-requests for money. My impression is, that the scamming usually consisted in getting the various national versions of a green card. And ofcourse a certain percentage of pro-dating/gold digging.

The whole scam-agency business seems incredible to me. Why add a middleman, only enhancing your chances of being tricked?

I'm seriously interested in answers, because I've been of of the datingscene for some years now, and know next to nothing of what is going on at the purely "technical" level.

01-13-2008, 07:54 PM
Perhaps we can keep an eye out to see if s4012 returns to continue his story? In the meantime, maybe this subject can be added to our quaint discussion? It does seem pertinent.

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10-29-2016, 10:33 PM
Thanks for sharing and notifying us!!

Really helpful, will be more aware now.