01-11-2008, 12:31 PM
[?]Dear ,
Complement, this is to inform you that due to your inability to send
registration fee of your cashier cheque worth of $1.5m usd (ONE MILLION
time now yet you fail to come with the requested charges, then i
to involve the issued bank to avoid losing of the fund since my client
not yet returned .

When i got to the bank,the director told me that the cheque has three
to expire, in other words your check will be invalid in a matter of
days now, then i told the director to convert the cheque into cash to
loosing of the money but he said i have to sign on your behalf as your
before that can be done since you the beneficaiy that the cheque was
his name is not here , i personaly as a lawyer will be involve for the
and procurement of vital documents needed.

Now am just confused because i don't have the money for that but i have
no choice than to comply with the bank's directives since i want to
your fund. After meeting with the bank Attorney ,he told me that he
arrange for the documents as well as the signings for the bank to
the cheque into cash payment but i have pay him $2500.00 for the job
i explained that i don't have the money, after pleaded with him that as
soon as the job is done ,then the money will deducted for his payment
any other thing can be done . He accepted, the bank director also
me that after the convertion of your check, the money will be packaged
a diplomatic box and deposited with the bank official security and
company for save keeping as well as the delivering of your package to
home address .

Am happy to inform you that the job has been done, the check has been
into cash and is right now with Spreed Courier Company for delivery,
the package is registered as family valuables for security reasons and
a seal on it, it can be open only with a security code which i will
the keys to you.

Therefore contact the company today on this informations bellow:
Contact Person: Mr Victor Brown
Email: speedcourier_c@myway.com

Note ; your package was registered as family valuables under security
department, in no condition will you disclose the real content of your
to anybody till you receive it in your home for security reasons, all
have to do is Email the company, tell them your name, tell them that
Barrister registered your package with them for deliver ok you can tell
them my name.

Remember they will ask you for followings :
Your Full Name ................
Your Home Address..............
Your corrent Phone Numbers ..............home
Your Cel Numbers...............
Your Age.................
You personal identification............

While contacting them includes these informations to avoid delays in
ok .Meanwhile i will be waiting to hear from you after your discussion
them .I also want to remined you that $3000.00 was deducted from the
sum and this amount includes the registration of your package to the

Best Regards,
E-MAIL, barr_reubenpeter@live.fr

01-11-2008, 02:09 PM
What will they think of next?

It always surprises me, that these people pretend to be something, they obviously aren't (and it surprises me even more, that anybody believes it).

"I, the american man for many time and much generations, is now to write to you, dear Sir, because I is happy to inform you, you have soon take money. I be lawer for international compani "Lunar Enterprises", where before uncle M'bongo was bossman. He now dead, but before he dead, he tell me(is big secret, only I say to you), that compani find gold, diamands and oil on moon. Uncle M'bongo give you many, many stock in company, before he dead.

But company have little, little problem. We not have benzina for moonraketa, so before we go benzina station with raketa and say to man there: "Fill him up", we must have 200$ for benzina. When you send 200$, you very cquik have big bag with diamands, when raketa come back".

your solemni

John Smith, Lawer

It's just the packaging, which has changed.

01-11-2008, 02:30 PM
[8)]I just can't believe these people. don't they believe in working for a living???????????????????

01-11-2008, 03:05 PM
Cit Tom Lehrer:

"Life is like a sewer. What comes out of it, depends on what you put into it."

Personally I do not believe, that scammers in general would accept your or mine moral startingpoint, as f.ex. getting a job. They are predators, and we are prey.

But ofcourse it's society's fault, they had a bad pottytraining, and thereby excused from responsibility. A more detailed analysis is given on the topic "psychobabbling", which I would like to make some PR for.

01-11-2008, 10:45 PM
Heck, Ive won over 500 million British pounds in the past six months, and all I need to do is either pay courier fees or give up my bank account info so they can deposit it directly for me!

Once, I wrote back and offered to have my personal courier come to pick up my winnings accompanied by the local police for security purposes... Never heard from that one again!

Another, I told to just deduct the courier fees from my winnings and ship the cash in a brown box, and keep a little for yourself... Never heard from that one again!

Yet another, I told I would be right over to pick it up in a couple of days along with my personal security team of former US Navy SEALS. Just give me your address so I can find you!!! Gee, what do you think happened next???[8D]

My parents who were tragically killed in a car crash, the oil executive who was killed and has millions in a secret account that I need your help with, the Chinese banker, the Microsoft e-mail lottery where your e-address was chosen at random, the British e-mail lottery with the same scenario, the worst part is that there is probably someone who fell for each one of these scams and more!!![V]

Train returns

02-27-2008, 03:35 PM

Actually I know someone who made money out of it!! :)

He went on the scheme and when he was supposed to pay some fees he told the scammer he only had 50% of the fee money so I needed the other 50% to deposit on the account. So the scammer actually sent 50% of the money, in stolen cheques! The guy deposited the stolen cheques in his own account and some of the money passed through somehow. He took the money out immediately and the bank came asking him for the money. He said he had spent it (in reality he just deposited it in another bank) and asked why was the money paid if the cheque was no good. So basically the bank proposed to cover 50% of the losses which was about 5000 pounds. ;)
So he made money with it. Not from the scammers directly but indirectly from the bank! LOL

He was supposed to deposit the cheques along with some of his own money in the account given by the scammers, I guess they gave those cheques so they could make 50% of the fee cash. They didn't expect the guy to deposit the cheques in his own account. hehe

Nigerian schemes!

02-27-2008, 05:18 PM
Hi Brunods,

you have your very own approach to things.

How was it in Estonia?

Anthony Ferrara
02-27-2008, 08:14 PM
Hello All!

Well, regarding Planned Fraud like this in America, a Scammer would if caught be in a Federal Prison and Not the country club type for American's, more Military like! Humm, I experienced a very similar type of Fraud which on this site I wrote about! Give to giver on the check's nothing and allow the bank and banking commissioner to handle the legal problem's! Here in America now an International Scam is a Felony punishable by many year's in prison with No Chance of Parole!! I say FRY THEM!!!!

Tone [^]

02-27-2008, 09:00 PM
Cit Tone:

"I say FRY THEM!!!!"

Ofcourse. But that requires a political and legal system, being interested and able to do something about it.

Such an interest is emerging now, after what I've read here, but it's far from enough.

Our job is to make so much "noise" around scamming, that it will be heard. F.ex. by contacting international police-organisations, consulates, media or politicians, whenever a scam-situation arises. No matter if they react or not at first. Sooner or later the pure amount of evidence will start a process.