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01-18-2008, 12:17 PM
In some of the Russian and Ukrainien dating sites up to 80% of the girls are scammers, but there are real girls there as well. it is just a question to find them.

In these countries it is natural for girl to lie - it is a normal situation and if you confront the lady with a lie whe will either be very upset with you because you dare not to trust her or she will be very innocent because she has a good cover story. just check the story and you will know if it is worth to spend more time on. E.g. you you tell her that you see her picture on a scamming site she will tell you a story about a bad man has done this to hurt her becuase she did not want to marry him.... Interesting if she has been reported several times???

If you know a little bit about scammers it is not so difficult to make the first check to see if you are corresponding with a scammer. I have a more or less standard letter that I send as one of the first letters. It include a lot of questions and if you do not get reasonable answers to your questions, then stop wasting time on that girl. This is not a proof but it is a good start to sort out the worst scammers
You can see my letter in the following and feel free to be insired by it - hope it can help you...

My dearest Olga,

Thank you for one more very nice letter and some wonderfull pictures.

Reading your letters makes me feel good and that we are somehow connected....

You tell me that Kiev is maybe to far away from you for a meeting... This is no problem - if you want to meet I will be happy to come to your home town. How about tomorrow?? just kidding.... But I think that we should not wait too long time before we meet. How long time do you think we should wait before we meet? For me a meeting in real life tells more than hundreds of letters and is the only way to find out if we have any chance of becomming more that friends....Waht do you think?
What is the travelling time from Kiev to your town? and do you have any good hotels in your town?

Today when I got your letter I was wondering how it would be to see you in real life - to look into your eyes, by the way what is the colour of your eyes? and to hear your voice and see you smile. I think it would be wonderfull. I also think about how fantastic it would be if we could go some places together. What places have you visited before? I really like to travel and have been to most parts of the World. Of course I have my favourite places but I would like your opinion on where we should go the first time we travel together?

I am also thinking about what you will think about my country and my family. Do you think that you will like Denmark? You know that I have 2 children - do you think that is a problem for you or do you like children? Do you want to have children of your own? And how many? and do you want boy or girl?

Yesterday me and some of my friends was visiting an Italien restaurant and the food was so good in this place. What is your favourite food? Do you prefer meal or seefood or? You know that I like to cook and would want to know your favourite dishes so I can cook them for you the first time I cook for you. Do you like cooking?
After dinner we played bowling for some hours and had a really great time. Do you like to play bowling?

I know that you do not speak English, but have you ever had classes in English? In school or later? Or did you ever attend any classes for other languages?

Very soon it is your birthday - do you already have the party planned? Where will you hold it and who will you invite? I would like to go to your birthday party and maybe I can go with a short notice. Please send me your telephone number so i can call you if I can go with a short notice as there might not be any time to communicate via internet if I only can get tickets one or two days before your birthday..

With love

01-19-2008, 05:54 PM
Not bad. Most scammers shudder at the idea of their prospective victim wanting to come to see them. They write some pretty stupid stuff when faced with it. I've done what you said, and also used an alternate e-mail address to write to the girl, changing my name slightly and "borrowing " some pics off the net (usually of a celebrity).

This can weed out a couple of lies. "You're the only one I write to", and if you receive the exact same e-mails as you did before, well...

You seem pretty on the ball, but just in case you haven't run across this, when you say you're going to visit and she offers to find you a really good place, but then needs you to send her money for a deposit.

Train returns

01-19-2008, 06:08 PM
Hi PeopleSmoks,

That one is easy - just ask for the name of the hotel and tell you will book via allrussiahotels.com as they offer better rates....actually this is a fact and they can get you hotels almost any place, help with visa etc.

01-20-2008, 03:06 AM
Hey Gordon! Yeah, already been done. I usually just tell them I booked a room with my flight. Next was it was getting cold and she needed a warm coat. My reply, I'll take you shopping when we meet and I'll buy you anything you want. Once it becomes clear that WU isn't in her future, they stop writing.

Train returns

02-16-2008, 11:02 AM
quote:Originally posted by Gordon

Hi PeopleSmoks,

That one is easy - just ask for the name of the hotel and tell you will book via allrussiahotels.com as they offer better rates....actually this is a fact and they can get you hotels almost any place, help with visa etc.

You are right, Gordon.

There are also travel agencies specialised in travels to Russia and Ukraine. I found such an agency in Berlin which is linked to experts in Moscow, Kiev and so on. With help of these experts they offer some more hotel options.

Almost 2 months before I had my first introduction-meeting with Marina at ruladies.com office in Krasnodar I just ordered online this meeting in the moment when I had bought the flight tickets. Some days later I received the address of the office of ruladies.com in Krasnodar.

This was important! Then it took 4 weeks time only to choose and reserve the hotel room and get the official confirmation for it as one of the visa requirements. I could have saved some 15 Euros per day by choosing a cheaper hotel there but I accepted the not so chea? Hotel Kavkaz because it is located in the same street there where the office of the agency is based ... and for me it is important in such situation (alone in a very foreign unknown town) to come fast to such office only by walking some minutes! The intro-meeting always is held in the office, this is a clear rule of these agencies... and makes sense because the lady feels much more save to meet first time the foreign and still unknown man in the familiar atmosphere of the office in presence of the translators and so on... .

And, finally, in case that it fails with the first lady, there are no big problems to date another one there.

These are my advices to prepare an individual travel. Here everybody is familiar with the internet and knows how to google ... .


01-19-2016, 09:32 PM
Finding real russian and Ukrainien ladies are not easy as most of the sites promoting them are scams basically. but 1 thing i also want to ask here, why people love dating with russian or Ukrainien girls, I think they are not the only beautiful creature in the world.

04-06-2017, 02:15 PM
This is a really good way. But there are good scammers. Which easily parry your questions. You can not even guess how you were fooled around. I know another way of checking. In Russia there are people who can help you check the girl .. They will provide you with all the evidence, if it is real or not. Of course it's worth the money. But even if you personally want to visit your girlfriend in Russia, you want to be sure that she is real ... In my opinion this has always been the simplest way to test a girl.

04-15-2017, 04:48 PM
Some of the scammer off these dating sites are good and have been doing this job for years. The local agencies hold training classes to teach this trade or the girls/lady's have friends, who have been doing it for years.

Language can be a key factor, but sucking a guy in first is key to the scam working. Most, if not all will not even talk about money or will tell the man this is not important to them. They need to suck a guys in to steal the money. There might be a month or 2 of normal conversations, which she is doing with other men behest to (for better words) your knowledge.

But after a little time the girl/lady will start to talk about relatives or a child or even her health. If near or close to fall or winter, maybe talk about really needing a new coat for winter and that she is saving for this. Small things to suck a man in slowly.

While living in Ukraine for 6 months I dug into the local agencies and most of the large hosting sites to understand the workings of the scam. Amazing how much a person can learn, but dating a translator for one of the agencies.

One person wrote 80% are scammers. This is a low a figure, where I found this figure is really at about 90 to 95%. I watched Alina write form letter, chat and even do video calls with suckers. I saw men ask about hair color and watched her say, "you know how women like to change hair and makeup." She was good at her job and made good money doing this. Scary how good she was and I met many other girls doing the same job. I even witnessed dates from a distance and saw the girl/lady get money after the date for her time.

The agencies train the girls very well at taking a suckers money.

One person wrote about the girl/lady making excuses for when you want to visit. They are sick, family member sick or they must travel for business. They will avoid direct contact, if the girl/lady the translator has as a client is not willing to meet with a man.

I have seen so much willing living in Ukraine, that it made me wonder why any man would want to waste time and money on something unreal. But, I after living here and meeting the women first hand, not on a dating site, but normal life, they are amazing and beautiful.

Remember this when looking at pictures. Photoshop is a great tool, hair extensions and a professional makeup job will do wonders to change a girl/lady appearance.

04-17-2017, 12:06 PM
That's exactly correct - 90 - 95% are scammers. If anyone really thinks that there are tons of Ukrainian women just dying to meet men 30 40 and 50 years older than them, they deserve to be scammed. These websites are like strip clubs, you go in you waste some money have a fantasy for a little bit but don't change your life over the person.