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Anthony Ferrara
02-12-2008, 03:43 PM
Yes Swede, we need to do what we can to Help stop this Terrible thing from Happening, the pimp's are Brutal and have No Heart! Thank You for your thought's!!


02-12-2008, 05:37 PM
What are we in the priviliged west? Two billion people?

If everyone of those two billions used an infinitesimal amount of their time, energy, money or interest miracles could be done on this planet.

We don't need any leaders, prophets, messiases or ideologies to do this.
Considering the amount of junk people fill their lives with, coughing up
$5-10 a year shouldn't be such a burden. Or maybe taking a little interest in what's going on. But it seems to be too much for a lot of us.

Contrary to what maybe will be believed about this emotional outlet here, I'm not doing it to provocate anybody to join a charity organisation.

I'm doing to say, that most people shy their personal responsibility and their possibilities to DO something constructive. We all have a chance to make things better.

But ofcourse I've grown to disillusioned over the years to believe this will ever happen. So I'm just being grumpy for once.

02-14-2008, 01:16 AM
quote:$5-10 a year shouldn't be such a burden.
No, it's not a burden, but so often charities, no matter how well their intentions are in the beginning, sub come to the bureaucracy too.

Maybe it sounds bad to say, but I have long thought that within the US, we should close boarder, stop all foreign aid to the money pit countries and take four or five years to concentrate on giving a hand up to our own. Okay, the poorer nations may suffer for a few years, but maybe they will also find ways to help themselves? And once the US is more stable, we could then again look to raise the rest of the less fortunate to a higher level.

I'm sorry to say this swede, but some of the local churches can be a good place to make donations, especially non-monetary ones... food, clothes, etc... Such charity on a local basis is a good start and it doesn't cost that much. I don't give as often as I probably should, but when I do, it's baby needs... formula, blankets, even diapers.

Train returns

02-14-2008, 02:21 AM
Maybe it comes as a surprise, with the bleeding heart attitude I occasionally show here, but I'm all for closing boarders. Cultural assimilation is a slow process, and it has never worked out, when thousands or millions of people with different background suddenly are expected to live together.

For political PR reasons the swedish authorities earlier for a long period practically opened our boarders, and the result is now, that Sweden has the probably highest percentage of neo-nazis in Europe, because of the cultural friction.

So now we have the skinheads shooting it out with the second generation immigrants.

I believe any help given, should be given directly to the problem area (ofcourse under effective supervision), which in any case would give better results. You can help 5-10 people in their home for the price of helping one person taken to the west.

I believe the church organisations are very cost-effective. The administration is only some 4-5% as opposed to the bureaucrat managed help, which is considerably more expensive in administration.

When you go to UA, you'll get a chance to buy some goodwill with the higher powers. At least 3 years ago, the streets were lined with beggars, mostly old women, who have a pension, you couldn't feed a canary on. Then a grivna (believe it's about 5 grivnas to a dollar), would be a royal alm, keeping a person alive for a day. So I tried to keep my pockets stuffed with change, and if blessings can get you a ticket to a better place later, I'm on the safe side.

Had I married my "fianc?e" and stayed in UA, I would have opened an orphanage or something with my own money.

By the way. One of my Elenas, being housebroken, not like your unruly mob of Olgas, asked me if it was OK, if she corresponded with the Olgas. She became very happy, when I granted her half an hour at the PC every sunday.

Listen and learn.

02-14-2008, 06:56 PM
quote: Maybe it comes as a surprise, with the bleeding heart attitude I occasionally show here, but I'm all for closing boarders.
With exceptions for those experiencing political or religious persecution, closing borders is the only way I can see to stabalize the economy of a nation that provides so many "freebies".

Immigrants from middle eastern nations, and from Mexico (many illegals) are sucking the US dry. I understand that they may be trying to make a better life for themselves and their families, but not all do this by working. Many elderly immigrants arrive and almost immediately tap the medicare and social security programs here, taking money out of a system that they never vested in.

Some adults who are capable of working, apply for and receive welfare, as they arrive with no job and no skills to find a job. Mexicans who illegaly cross the border in the south and west, have created a situation where, somehow, they get money (whether by working as cheap labor or collecting through various social programs), and send their non-English speaking kids to school. It's gotten so bad that in California, classes are conducted in Spanish to accommodate the overwhelmming numbers of non-English speaking kids.

Close the borders, kick out the illegals and take care of our own for a while. Once stable, then we can look to help others again.

It's funny, but as much as we both have distain for organized religion, we both acknowledge that they can be a good way to go as charities are concerned.

As for my trip to Ukraine, I will always have sufficient cash on had, and as you say, will probably make a lot of friends.:D

Now now, all of my Olgas are housebroken and computer literate as well... Maybe tooooooo computer literate??????

Train returns

Anthony Ferrara
02-17-2008, 08:03 PM
Ditto Peoplesmok's and Swede!

I have to Sadly admit that here in America we have to Immediately Help our own now!! The aid we send to other countries every year is Mind Numbing and Simply no longer Acceptable and this is by a Majority of American's, not only a few!! Let's be Honest here, if America goes Bankrupt who will come to our aid? I am Serious, Who will come to our aid? I think we can all count on maybe one hand who will have Mercy on America!!!! Let's also face the Truth that Socialistic and Communistic countries will be the first to Exploit us and Purposefully Accelerate our demise and failure and then Laugh in our faces!!!!
I too am a Very Compassionate person and I think if I see an Orphanage in Russia it will effect me Deeply and Yes I plan to visit a Orphanage in Krasnodar when I am with My Lady, this all of you can bet on!!!!;)
Yes it is True that we here are only a few however in common goal's, inteligent agreement grow a movement in the Free World that cannot be Ignored and Thrown aside to the street!! I am Certain beyond doubt that we here are not the only ones who think and feel this way and as the True saying goes, there is alway's a Cause to Every Effect! There can be No Fire without a Spark!![^]
Hummmm, more at 10 O'clock! Hehehee:D