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02-15-2008, 08:02 PM
One of our visitors wrote:

"After viewing all the photos of these scammer and seeing how beautiful most if not all of them are, it makes me wonder why they feel that they have a need to scam. True love and affection is so hard to find by the honest and caring guy, when there are so many women trying to scam them. It boggles the mind. Why?????"

02-16-2008, 10:27 AM

for sure the images shown are beautiful ... they must be super attractive to attract as many potentially paying admirers of such kind of ladies as possible. The scammer only wants to make money. The scammer can well be a man who only uses such images, such pictures of any lady which he found online or wherever and which often does not even know that her pictures are misused by such a scammer to make his kind of business via squeezing other guys like lemons only because these other guys are so stupid to pay for an image and some unreal phantasies. Scam is fraud, nothing else but fraud!


Anthony Ferrara
02-16-2008, 11:25 AM
Hi again Giddiejens!
Humm, regarding this article....of course the real Truth is that if all of these scammer's did not use Beautiful Women's photo's as enticement's no men or women would be interested in them! The photo's are the so to speak carrot and all of us are the Rabbit's! I mean let's do a reality check, Who want's and Average looking or Ugly Wife? Ahhhh, NO ONE!! I also think it is Unique that you also never see a Beautiful Woman who is alittle over wieght in these sites also!! Unfortunately Sex Sell's as we say here in America! I have to admit that My Sweet Heart in Russia to me is Beautiful however I have recieved letter's of interest from other Women who many would say are more Beautiful than She is! I learned long ago that Natural Beauty is far more than skin deep, i.e. what is in the Woman's Heart and Soul!! Every time I look at my Love's photo's I see some very profound thing's, I will briefly explain. I see in her eye's Calmness and Sincerity! I also see in her face Kindness, alittle determination, Peacefulness, Resolve, Love and Contentment to be a True Woman!! Well, as I have said in another recent article I posted here I have for most of my Life read People's Faces and though I will Never be 100% accurate I tend to be close to correct much of the time! Well, I am simply shareing information here. I Hope Goddiejen's your Heart is a little more healed since your Heart Break!!



Anthony Ferrara
02-16-2008, 11:26 AM
Humm, Sorry for misspelling your name Goddiejens!!

02-16-2008, 03:52 PM
Hi Anthony,

my heart is healed, but my problem to find the lady of my heart and start a good relation is not solved. That's why now I play with uadreams.com and the special offers to send out mails for free in case of first contacting a lady... . I will keep everybody here updated.

As I know some of us guys are really stupid in the attempt to use a whenever oportunity to play a heroe role and appear as the best of all experiences compared with earlier ones. I received confidentially information from Krasnodar that 4 guys are now in correspondence with Marina there in exactly such a position: "Pretty Marina, my name is not goddiejens, but I am much better than such a loser because I am the King of Indianapolis who only needs you as Russian queen here in my palace..." I hope that these cowboys will have a nice experience with her, but I doubt very much in this.

[B)] [:o)] [:p]


02-16-2008, 07:30 PM
quote:"Pretty Marina, my name is not goddiejens, but I am much better than such a loser because I am the King of Indianapolis who only needs you as Russian queen here in my palace..." I hope that these cowboys will have a nice experience with her, but I doubt very much in this.
Jens, did you really write that???????????????????? TOUCHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad to hear your heart is healing from that experience. An old saying that I think is know everywhere in one form or another is "That which does not kill us, only serves to make us stronger!" I don't know who said it first, but I try to live by it to some degree.

Tone, when do you plan to meet with your girl? Soon I hope. Didn't you say sometime in March in another thread??? I've come to see that a real meeting is the closest thing to knowing that we can get. Even if it turns out badly as it did for Jens, at least now he knows.

As to the topic of this thread, yea, scammer pics are usually of beautiful women, who like to cook, clean, wash clothes, have endless sex, want kids, etc... Hey, give the people what they want! It's the first rule of salesmanship!!! Hey, who wants an ugly woman??????

As Jens said, some of the scammers pics are girls who have no idea what's going on, and you're actually writing letters to some guy with a hairy back, bald head, and sweaty airpits named Boris!

It also must be understood that girls in Ukraine take education very seriously and that to a certain degree, scamming stupid western men is okay. A girl going to the university may sell her photos to Boris, and even write some letters as a part time job to help pay for expenses. (Much like girls in the US will work as strippers to pay for school so they can become a lawyer, only these girls, in the FSU, don't have to swing around a brass pole in four hour shifts and then have men shove dollar bils and fingers in their g-strings.)

Other scammer pics are real girls, with real boyfriends or husbands who are looking to make easy money. There was a recent post in another thread about an American couple, he an American citizen, she his new FSU/MOB bride, who went into the scamming business, but got caught. If you want to be a scammer, don't live in the US!!!

Others are independants, looking to make some money and some are pros. There are girls who will simply sell there pics. There are a few documented scammers using celebrity pics from the FSU and other countries stolen off the web. As I have a somewhat voyeuristic nature from time to time, I have checked out some of the seamier sites around the web, and found that several girls I've seen in profiles are escorts in Kyiv or other cities.

There are plenty of beautiful pics to go around!!!!

As to why???? Last I heard, average monthly income in Ukraine was around $220 USD. One airfare/visa/passport scam worth about $1500 USD, and the scammer is living easy for six months!!!! That's why....[:0]

Train returns

02-16-2008, 07:44 PM
You know, as I sit here and think about it, do you know how easy and relatively cheap it would be for an American tp go to Ukraine, find a few girls, and start his own scamming operation????? Hmmmmmmmmmmm????

Train returns

Anthony Ferrara
02-17-2008, 03:33 PM
Hehehe Peoplesmok!

I think it is difficult if not impossible to understand with certainty the Truest Motives of these scammer's! Maybe a few known Motive's could be laziness? Cowardness? Insecurety? Intravertedness? Humm, could even be they are Slaves stuck in the Sex Slave Trade and forced by pimp's to do these terrible thing's? I mean let's face it, Pimp's have No Conscience and No Heart!! Pimp's are as Ruthless and Merciless as any Drug Dealer or Tyrant I have ever read about, Truely!! I read an article about 3 year's ago about one poor Woman?s plight! She was kidnapped and transported from the Ukraine with about 14 other kidnapped Ladies to Serbia! After a few day's She still would not comply with her pimp to have sex with men, even though she was repeatedly beaten, so he rounded up all of his Ladies and walked to a nearby field. He asked her if she would succumb to his will, she said No, Never and then he shot her in the head and left her laying there to die, he made an example of her so all of the other Ladies would know he is the Supreme Boss and thier Lives are his, not their own!! I do not know about any of you guy's here but if this Demon were standing next to me I would befor I put a bullet in his head would torture him in way's that would make the best Interogator's Blush! People like this pimp are worse than animal's and to say they had a bad childhood and this is why they act as they do is a copout!! I have alway's believed that Cruelity in any of it's form's is a Purposeful Aquisition and of Persoanl Acceptance by the Offender!:(
Well, I was raised to Respect and Protect Women, Not Abuse them in any way and I do mean Not in Any Way!!!! Well, clear enough I think!
Thank's for listening guy's!!



Anthony Ferrara
02-17-2008, 04:57 PM

Sorry I forgot to answer your question regarding going to be with my Lady! I am not sure if I meantioned here about the month of March however March would be nice but I am not sure it will be possible at that time! I am now in between job's and my previous employer was a Liar and a Thief and did not pay me as agreed! Well, that is my problem to deal with! Of course I Wish I was with my Woman now, Hummmm, She is so Adoreable and Sweet and so much more!!;)
Well Peoplesmok to say She is Wonderful and seemingly perfect for me is not nearly enough and of course I am still alittle reserved about my visit to her due to alot of confuseing and conflicting information I have read about these long distance Marriage potential's and the seemingly Indifferent Behavior of many Ex SU countries!!!! I can say this, if after I have arrived and spent some time with my Woman and she say's no to Marriage I dread the thought's I will share with her at that time, I do not think they will be good one's because after all I have endured the expenses and aggravation of comeing to her and I am of the belief's now and for some time that we were totaly in tune with each other!!!!;)
These belief's I have are not of my own, but both of our's that we have stated in many letter's to each other over a steady period of time since last May of 07'!:)
I of course Hope that I will not be wrong about Her and She will Marry me and then we can get on with our Life Together, after all is this not what we all here want? Our Truest Love for Life and anything else seem's to me to be Redundent!! Well, just my opinion's!
Stay Safe and Well and chat again soon!!

Tone [^]

02-17-2008, 05:39 PM
Hello guys,

thanks PeopleSmoks,

my heart is really healed. I found an Ukrainian princess who writes me that she is very interested in me. But for sure she does not promise anything and wants to be free to take her decision on accepting me or not in our first introduction meeting there. She studies and has to pay for her room so that she needs to work a lot, but she is happy to have found a well-paid job which is not easy in Ukraine. So she is happy to be independent from her parents who live in a village and of course are respected by her. She will let me know when she has 1 week time to attend me there and not being with her parents or busy in her job. She sent me a real nice photo with a special smile only for me while writing her letter to me. And I only think "What a beautiful sensitive honestly for her happiness bringer striking looking lady!"

Now I save money to fly and see her in spring 2008. I will report here after my travel.

On the other hand, as you can see, I have a good connection to Krasnodar. It is really confidential stuff and I do not want to create any problem to my source there ... but it works. That's why I mentioned Marina here and gave the update. For sure, all these 4 guys read here everything. They try to use it for their own purpose. Well, what to say about? Wo not listens to what daddy says will feel the pain some moments later, isn't it true?! Marina is super looking, I understand also that guys try a lot to catch her. I did it too. But I ended as victim. Well guys, how smart will you be not to end as victim there? Use also your brain and not only your tiger instinct... . That?s my last advice.

Hi Anthony,

I agree with your opinion about pimps. I also agree that in the beginning of the 90ies young well-looking girls and ladies were catched by mafia in the Eastern countries to sell them to pimps wherever making profits, profits, profits in a very dirty and criminal business.

German tv showed a report on German soldiers in Kosovo and Serbia who abused children (little girls) in a house full of such prostitutes in Makedonia which is one of the poorest countries there, and in Serbia. Undercover German reporters recorded a lot there. After this report there was going on something in the German army command to stop that.

Sorry, how many Western soldiers are now there in Kosova to protect the "independence" declaration of that parliament which is completely refused by the Serb minority there in Kosovo?


I wish us all to find our ladies of our hearts in 2008 there!!!

Good luch ... or better ... best luck!!!