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Anthony Ferrara
02-20-2008, 09:10 AM
Hello and Warm Greeting's to All! I simply Wish to write this somewhat vague overview of my experience since I have found this site!
Firstly, is this site Important? Absolutely Yes, Very Important I think!!
Secondly, do we discuss and exchange information that is specific and timely? Yes, Very Much so!!
Thirdly, do we Truely have our finger on the Pulse of Reality? Yes! Why? Because we all come from different countries and therefor our cultural upbringing's are different i.e. I think Jen's was from a FSU block country and therefor his personal view's and opinion's are different yet not less Important than Western view's and opinion's!! Although our view's may vary from time to time I see a common belief in all of us and this belief is this-Fairness and Humaness!!
In closeing, I am Honored to be here and share view point's and opinion's with all of you Especialy because I am American and American's now a day's seem to be very misunderstood!! We are "Not" War Monger's!! We are "NOT" Evil like some Tyrant's Suggest!! A True American want's World Peace and an end to Barbarism and Hunger but let's be candid here, all other countries in this World need to Step Up and quit makeing excuses of why they cannot or "Will Not" Help!!
Let all of us also Truely see thing's as they are, Simply, America cannot do everything in this World to correct Inhumanities, We simply cannot, however we will alway's as a Nation and United People I think lead with the Torch of Humaness, Compassion and Forgiveness because these are only a few of the founding belief's of our Fore Father's and also many American's!!!![^]
Well, I am sure I will get alot of attention regarding what I have just stated and know this, it is All True!! So I say Bring It!!!!;)
Freedom takes Undying Courage with Considerateness!! Freedom is for the Majority, Not the Minorities because Freedom is for All Human Being's and Women and Men are created equal!!!!


Tone :D

02-20-2008, 02:55 PM
Greetings Tone,

I have answered you, but as I feel, that we are outside the original topic of anti-scamming, and that dozens of separate tracks on other subjects than scamming will create both communication-incoherence and scare away people coming here for anti-scamming alone, I created the track psychobabbling for the special purpose of lengthy, roaming discussions about almost everything.

So my answer is at psychobabbling. Please don't take this as something personally negative. It's only respect for this forum's other readers, who maybe don't want very long posts on too many different subjects.

02-21-2008, 12:23 AM
Hey guys! I have to agree with swede here Tone. If you would like to pop into psycho-b, and enter a topic for debate, or a general comment, please do. As swede established, leave your super cape and tights at the door, refrain from vulgarities, and no spitting on the floor. Use the spitune!!!

Often, when I can see a way, I will attempt to tie the most seemingly abstract lines of thought back into scamming somehow. Perhaps we can look at the fall of the Soviet Union and how scamming has become a capitalistic (and profitable) enterprise in the FSU?

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Anthony Ferrara
02-21-2008, 01:22 AM

02-21-2008, 08:15 AM
Staying well inside the issue of cyberdating and scamming, I would like to repeat a theory I've had for years.

It seems, that the phenomenon can be divided into three separate parts.

a/ The pure con-artist part which is nothing but a fraud through and through, created by individuals or by some dating-sites. Often based on a fabrication of fictive persons, presented as potential dating-partners. This possibilty differs from:

b/ The hidden prostitution part, where the potential partner under cover of promises of romance, family-establishing etc.exists as a real person, who when it comes to the point, only turns out to be willing to have short-time physically intimate relationships for economic or material gain (pro-daters, gold-diggers)

c/ The daters, who want to have a real relationship with all its implications. That eastern women include getting the equalent of a green card in this procedure, I do not see as an automatic hindrance for a functional relationship; after all a couple has to live together somewhere. But it has to be considered, that a green card can be the main motive for a relationship, which puts it under point b, prostitution.

The natural startingpoint for cleaning up this mess would be to collectively (that would mostly mean western men) go out and request more clearcut definitions, attitudes and responsibility from everybody involved.

Such a proposal is not a pipedream, but it will need a more determined and occasionally aggressive attitude.

Group a/ If we would never dream of accepting fraud in our own societies, why should we do it, because it's done from somewhere else. Sometimes I've heard counterarguments as: "They have a different culture, so we can't judge them, bla, bla...." Usually such comments come from sextourists, who wouldn't like the market to be destroyed.

That the legal systems in some eastern countries sometimes are in a miserable state, is no secret. But it's changing. After all these countries want to be respected members of the economic world community, and a reputation of being "that crooked nation, which only export whores and accept frauds" will have a longlasting negative effect. I'm sure the authorities in such countries are beginning to be aware of it. Political, legal and media pressure will soon give results. F.ex. are the american consular authorities grateful for information of specific frauds. Such information will save USA a LOT of problems later.

Group b/ Make it clear to everybody, that if they belong as buyers or sellers in this group, their natural dwelling place is "adult" contact sites. That goes both for the pro-daters and the sextourists. I think, they will make it out fine there without losses. I have on occasion been quite aggressive on anti-scam sites, when I see sextourists using such places for exchanging "hunting" information. I'm not ashamed of this, anti-scam sites are NOT the place for sextourists. It's not that I hate sextourists (if they treat the women decently), I just think, they should find their own cyberspace place.

Group c/ What's left will hopefully be normal people, who will get normal, complicated, depressing, dysfunctional and hopeless relationships. Just like you and me. Sorry, only joking.

All the lengthy speculations on the political, sociological, economic, biologic, psychological, religious or philosophical reason for scamming I personally still prefer to have on psychobabbling.

02-21-2008, 10:50 PM
quote:But it has to be considered, that a green card can be the main motive for a relationship, which puts it under point b, prostitution.
Or is this a vazy form of symbiosis? If the "relationship" lasts, in some dysfunctional form, then is it prostitution or symbiosis??? Each partner relying on the other to get what each wants or needs???

Or, are these words almost interchangeable at some point???[:0]:D[8D]

Hey Tone, have you ever seen South Park? Of course you have, stupid question... Remember the episode about (p)wussies and assh@les??? It's a form of symbiosis that swede would love! They NEED each other. If the US was full of (p)wussies, we'd get our butts kicked by every douche bag to come along, but at the same time, if the US was filled only with assh@les, we'd be no better than the douche bags.

So we get a nice symbiotic balance of sorts! I'd elaborate, but the first half of the thirty pack is already in the recycle bucket!!![8D]

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Anthony Ferrara
02-22-2008, 09:52 AM
Hummm Smoks.....

Hehe, I have to admit I have only seen about 6 minutes of one episode of south park long ago, then I watched a movie! I really was not too interested in the genre or satire of south park!



02-22-2008, 06:28 PM
On my part I find prostitution completely acceptable (if it's done freely), and when it functions, it can be highly symbiotic. Even have
some beneficial social effects.

When prostitution some years ago were made illegal in Sweden (it's illegal to BUY sex, but not to sell it), a drastic rise of rapes of spectacular unpleasant character turned up.

At least a few years ago, danish prostitutes had a labor union, paid taxes, had medical and social insurance etc. So it can function in a social context (not that I would like to have such a job).

Anthony Ferrara
02-22-2008, 06:40 PM
Oh, Pease!

02-22-2008, 08:45 PM
For the most part, prostitution CAN be a victimless crime. In cases of forced sex labor, marital infidelity, or passing of disease, their are victims.

Two of the three can be rectified through legal prostitution. In Las Vegas, USA, there are legal brothels. I'm not sure of the details, but the girls have a safe working environment to volunatrily apply their skills, they work as much as they want and make as much money as they want, the house gets their percentage and it's required that the girls have regular testing for STDs. The infidelity is the clients burden.

I personally have no problem with prostitution. Making it legal would expand on the beneifts I've talked about, and would cut down on street "pimps". The only reason they exist is for the girls' protection (more or less) against being beaten up or killed by a client. No such worries if the girl is working in a nice place with a full time security staff.

And as I often point out things that pertain to US policies, if this were legalized, the government could TAX it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![8D]

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Anthony Ferrara
02-23-2008, 02:03 AM
Hummmm, Interesting Analogy!!

I think that Prostitution is not a Legal issue, it is a Moral and Ethical Issue and haveing said this it is Simply Wrong and for the most part No Good Ever comes from it!! Clear Enough!!


Anthony Ferrara
02-23-2008, 02:04 AM
I will no longer be replying in this area!!


02-23-2008, 02:13 AM
Hey Tone! To take an objective moral view, at what point is having sex immoral??? The only real moral isue that I can see conerning legalized prostitution is the fidelity issue, and that is a matter of the buyers lack of biblical morals.

If you're a religious kind of guy, remember, it's been said in some circles that are growing in popularity, that Christ was hanging out with Mary Magdaline... a prostitute.[:0]

There were ten "thou shalt nots". Thou shalt not bang a hooker wasn't among them???[:o)]

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