View Full Version : multi-faced scammers posing as online love queens

02-01-2009, 04:17 PM

Someone else brought the above to general attention on a MOB forum.
It very well documents how scammers can and will change their appearance, often using different sets of pictures (bought...borrowed...stolen...).
Each of their 'incarnations' can be a different person, with or without basic stats (EX birth date, location...) remaining the same.

Is it a woman then...a different woman from the one(s) portrayed...or old Oleg pulling a trick?
Buyer beware.

02-07-2009, 01:23 AM
Hey ham2! Both sets of photos seem to be the same girls to me? Not to say that the changes in appearances are a matter of deception, but women sometimes like to change things like hair color and hairdos, or make up styles in the face of ever-changing fashion.

It's the stats that real put a big red flag out, and when used in combination with changes of appearance, can make a scammer hard to track down. We've all seen the multiple stat scammers. I even wrote to one in particular as two different people which was fair, since she was up to her fourth personality in the few months that I had originally corresponded with her... Her pics are everywhere on the web on multiple anti-scam sights. What a suka!!![:0]