Name: Anastasia Shari
Age: 28
Name: Vera Zimina
Age: 25
Name: Sandra Williams
Age: 30
Name: Margarita Tushenka
Age: 33
Name: Nadezhda Kracnova
Age: 23
Name: Esther Ansomaa
Age: 28
Name: Irina Vladimirovna Konstantinopolskaya
Age: 42
Name: Jessica Rothe
Age: 26
Name: Tayo Roy
Age: 31
Name: Helen Desmond
Age: 24
Name: Ekaterina Verezena
Age: 29
Name: Carolina Becky
Age: 29
Name: Elena Jhatka
Age: 28
Name: Ekaterina Maksimenko
Age: 29
Name: Olesya
Age: 36

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