My email ? So what is your real name and what you do to live.....

Letter 1
My name is Yulia. I work in a casino as an administrator.

My email -- Who is your Mr. Perfect according to you.....

Letter 2
My Mr perfect is good-looking, kind, attentive, romantic and generous man. My English is very bad, but I can give you my phone number. Your photos will be appreciated.

Letter 3
Hello, dear Xxxxxxxx!
My name is Yulia. I am 24. I live in Lugansk in Ukraine. I'm a romantic person and will be happy to follow my lover man far away.
It is very unusual for me to look for a man in Internet. But when I saw your profile I was interested in you. It is not important how old and which country you live. What matters is love, trust and respect and certainly the fact that beloved man will never be unfaithful to me. You seemed to be such a man to me. What do you think is the most important between man and woman?
What kind of woman do you want to meet?
I think there is a secret in each woman and a man is to find this secret. It's like to find the key to the lock. I believe you are my key
You're the most special men on this site.
I'll look forward to your reply.
Yulia. Three Pictures

Letter 3
Hi, Xxxxxxxx,
I am really glad that you replied me. You made me interested and to tell you the truth I was waiting for your letter. Now i want you to know more about me. I will be honest with you, because it is very important for us to establish honest relationships at the beginning.
You can think that such a beautiful girl is upset with the men who surround her. But it is true, i stopped trusting these men.
May be it started from my childhood. My family was very big as I thought: my parents, me and my elder brother. he is three years older then me. My father left us when I was very small girl. It was very hard for my mother to bring up two children because my father didn't help us at all. At school I got into the car accident and spent half a year at home because I couldn't walk. I didn't study proper and after I finished the school I thought that I would start working to help my mother.
But I finished the courses of the hairdresser.
I dated some men but they all saw a house worker in me, maybe because i cold work very hard. I do not want to live like my mother. I want to be happy. I realized there is no such a man who will make me happy in this country. May be I was not able to meet him but I decided not to try any more and look for the man from foreign country.
I know the girls who are married with these men and who are happy.
What is your reason to look for a woman not from your country?
I can give you my phone number but I do not speak English very good.
You can ask me questions
Write me back,

question marks
1). She thinks she's very beautiful (such a beautiful girl is upset).
2). Her English is bad but she can write long letters.
3). She was interested in me (I was interested in you).
4). My age and my country doesn't matter.

So now what kind of questions should I ask her ?