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    Samuelusa Guest

    Default I need help and advice

    Hi, I need help and advice. I know I am stupid. I met a girl on the AMOLatina.com website. It developed into a relationship. I visited and met the family. They were dirty poor. They could not even feed themselves everyday. The website I met this girl was a marriage bride service. I asked the girl after visiting and communicating many times if she wanted to get married and she agreed. Well, she asked for money to help. Many things. A rented house paid for a year, funature, food for eeach month, a car, her education, her mothers operation, her sisters ashma medication, her medication for cysts (she claimed heriditary). About 50K + into this situation and halfway though the K1 Fiancee Visa, both signed and dated by both of us. I knew something was wrong. During my visits I knew she sneaked out to have sex many times. I investigated and found out she was having a secret relationship with another guy before I met her to present day. I seen the guys facebook pictures, 100's of fotos of them together and in the bed I bought this girl. Well, the girl said so what if she is unfaithfull, and so what about the fiancee visa, then she said, do you really think I care. It seems this girl, played me the whole time. And never had to intention to do what we agreed too. She continues to ask for money and gives me lists of what she needs money for and many other emergency examples. I have all the emails and MSN Windows Live Instant Messanger Chats. I replied to her that this is Fraud and a Scam for Marraige or a Visa. I also told her I could put her passport and name on the internet to warn other people of her actions. This girl replied, she would sue me if I use her name. We still have not cancelled the K1 Fiancee Visa yet. I have asked her what she wants to do, she replied she wants to continue, and now she is not communicating with me. Can you give me some advice? I do not have many people I could ask. I need help. I have all the documentation and pictures of passports etc from my K1 Fiancee Visa. Even the papers we both signed and dated agreeing to get married using the K1 Fiancee Visa process. I also have fotos of this other guy and her and it shows a lot. And tweets from my girl saying what she wanted to do to this guy with her mouth and what she wants him to do with his... Many many many tweets... I am so shocked. Please help.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Default Re: I need help and advice

    Cancel the visa ASAP!!! Notify the issuing authority, borders agency etc. Change your back account, credit cards and any other financial link that she might have seen or gotten hold of the details. Change your email address, telephone numbers etc. Speak to a lawyer about anything you have jointly signed with her. If the guy she has been secretly shacking up with lives anywhere near you, even a few 100 miles away, print out all the details that mention him and have your lawyer check it over and speak off the record to the local law enforcement agency ? she could turn nasty when the golden tap is trued off and this guy could become involved ? unwittingly or otherwise.

    I have been scammed too ? but I did not let it get anywhere near this level. You need to take back control NOW!

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    Pufeut Guest

    Default Re: I need help and advice

    I am really sorry to hear your story but i will have to blame you for the most part of it. Though social networking is growing rapidly and there have been successful stories of people meeting, dating even getting married. You should have sensed danger the moment you were asked for money. Anyway nothing can be done now but i will suggest same thing as Sparkie, cancel the visa asap and stop giving her any monetary assistance. Get to your lawyer with all the evidence you have against her. Cause though she is poor that does not mean she has right to scam others.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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