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Thread: Can you help?

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    Default Can you help?

    hello my name is Emmanuel well im being scammed now and have given girl lot of money IFEEL LIKE A BLOODY FOOL but she is so convincing I FELL INTO THE TRAP and i need to know what to do SHE IS WAITING FOR ME TO SEND MORE MONEY I FOUND HER PICT HERE UNFORTUNATELY CAN YOU HELP
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Dear Sirs!
    Scam or love ? You should know exactly!
    In the last time the amount of internet fraud in Russia has been increased. Of course not every case of internet meeting is automatically a fraud. But everyone wants to be sure in his vis-?-vis.
    I am a lawyer, I live in Russia, I?m a former investigator and chief at the investigation department. I have much experience with things of this sort. I can research, whether the person is really or just a scam. Be careful, don?t let to make a fool out of you!
    Already scammer?s victim? How is to get money back? Address to me: lychagin.ivan@rambler.ru, Tel +7 960 49 73 500

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    You must always be careful! Never send money to someone abroad, its as simple as that. (Especially don't send money to lawyers or detectives abroad!)

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    I haven`t heard somebody being scammed to retrieve his money, but probably there is a chance, if you announce the authorities
    Anyhow, the far is the country, the more bureaucratic would be to recover anything, just thing of the cold relationships between USA and Russia, the same between some countries in Europe, although the distance is smaller, so the best is to resist the idea of sending money

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    Guys, I think that everyone here was hit hard enough of the acts of scammers. If you need help with this. I think that I can give you really valuable advice, or even help to check the girl. Real or not. This is for those guys who rly love a girl, but want to make sure of it. Write to me, we can think about it together.



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