After being for many years on sites using "marriage agencies" from FSU countries I am sure now how they work! Maybe even none of the girls there are really looking for a man! They just have a good job! NEVER PAY THESE SITES AND DONT TRUST ANY OF THE WOMEN ON THESE SITES! The girls who appear in the profiles are found by advertisings of agencies (mostly taking part in the organization). Girls receive a bonus for chatting and letters. The more they handle, the better their income. Despite the fact they make us believe girls have no computers... They definitely have a computer at home! Most of the time girls pretend to write you with help of an interpreter. But they are the interpreter them self! It is a hidden form of scam and for that reason- difficult to discover! BUT IT IS HUGE! After many five years of contacts I am sure this is the major way of scamming! It is structural and almost impossible to discover. That's the trickiest thing! THIS IN FACT IS THE MARRIAGE / ROMANCE / DATING BUSINESS! It's a bigger then all "fake profile - fake letter - and fake photo" scams together! All sites, Behappy 2 day, Dream-marriage, Anastasia, at least these sites work with agencies and share "profiles". They all must know they take part in this scam. We never can be far from the evidence that this is organized crime. Here is a translated example of an AD (there are many of such Ads). The add was placed by an agency taking part in this Hanuma organization: Finding adds is as easy as doing a search in Russian for "interpreter". Read the content well makes clear that they look for PROFILES who become your scammer!


Job: Translator in a marriage agency (Donetsk) Company: Women's Club City: Donetsk Salary: $ 400 Gender: female Age: from 19 to 37 Schedule: telework Education: secondary education Experience: no work experience / entry level Position: Translator in the marriage agency Updated: 2011, August 16, 17:45 Candidate requirements / information about the vacancy: Women's Club "Natalie" is always required in English translators for correspondence of our clients and interpreting during meetings, when the bridegroom comes to fixed for you client cam. Free schedule, work experience is not required, possibly a student sex female, age 19-37 years desired . Be sure to have a home PC and Internet access, sign up for an interview or send your resume - at the following contacts. Salary is dependent on the outcome, that is, the volume of correspondence. Minimum income $ 200 - The maximum is up to you. For the minimum income required of you: 3 hours daily efforts on the Internet, high-speed processing of text and of course, a good level of English. And also you need to have 2 talents - to write letters and communicate with people. WAGES! We pay you 30% of the profits of marriage agency for men, each open-response letter to your client. Minimum 0.4 cu Maximum of $ 4 The translators of the club paid for translation during a chat, video chat and phone calls. Also present at the meetings of their customers and translate simultaneously getting paid by the hour (30%). Thus, we are ready to provide you lyuboyu burden on work, depending on your ambition, time availability, personal effectiveness. WHAT WE REALLY MAKE OUR EMPLOYEES: 1 ) FREE TIME SCHEDULE. 2) our office for interviews and photo sessions. 3) FREE PHOTOGRAPHY FOR INTERPRETER, if she wants to become a client of too (if registered 2 clients). 4) assistance in solving any problems or conflicts. 5) INDIVIDUAL TRAINING 6 ) a decent salary. Please send your resume via the form " Send resumes ", specifying in the subject line the position for which you are applying (Summary for your job: Translator in a marriage agency )