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    Default Scam Likelihood Increases With Age Difference?

    I just came back a couple weeks ago from Odessa after meeting a stunning 21 year old who was the right person but it was obvious she wasn't the person writing me all those wonderful, heartfelt letters for the previous 3 months. Anyway, like others in my predicament, I was devastated and ashamed by the amount of emotional energy I had invested into this lady. I wasn't looking for a 21 year old from the beginning (I am 50) and the only reason I got hooked is she wrote to me and said all the right things, very mature for her age and she even looked much more refined than her age. Again, she had a perfect explanation and rational for everything, that is until I met her. She was more stunning in real life but it was as if we were total strangers. It didn't take me long to understand that is because we were!

    Anyway, after I somewhat came to terms with my mistake I still had 3 days left in Odessa so I searched for a local dating website for Ukrainians. I found one and signed up for it and ended up going on 4 dates before I left Odessa. I met some nice ladies but they were not the drop dead gorgeous ladies you will see in the sites we are used to. However, they were quite nice and I was impressed; although, while they expressed interest in me, I did not pursue them after our date. The one thing that jumped out at me like a bolt of lightning was that nearly every woman, almost without exception, was looking for a man closer to her age! There were no 20 something year olds' looking for a 40 or 50 something year old guy. In fact, there were downright almost no 30 something year old ladies or even ladies in their early 40s who were looking for a guy 50 or above. Talk about a reality check! The one thing I am often told by many people (from anywhere) is I don't look 50 and am in great shape for my age yet it doesn't seem to matter as I was turned down time after time. They didn't give a hoot that I was American either. I was getting tons of nice inquiries from women in their late 40s' and early 50s' but downright few to none in their 30s and none in their 20s. I have been told before that age DOES matter but I had not experienced it first hand on a dating website. I definitely have changed my age expectations since then.

    One other thing that jumped out at me was the necessity of learning at least some Russian. If I could speak Russian I could have avoided the hours and hours of time, money, and emotional investment I spent writing letters.

    Food for thought.
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    Default Re: Scam Likelihood Increases With Age Difference?

    Absolutely spot on Полудурак - Poludurak? Age is a very important issue and to be honest even 10 years difference can be a barrier. Like you I had a girl contact me and there was a 21 year age gap, which I pointed out at the time. We communicated, met up a few times in May, continued our correspondence through anastasiadate, the messages became more affectionate from her and I guess I let my guard down. Went over to Odessa in September just to see her and it seemed everything was good for the first half of my stay and then I was dumped by an email with 1 week left to go. Of course in the cold light of reality and hindsight the signs were obvious and yes I wonder how much the content of those letters were hers or the agency's. Certainly I think anastasiadate was providing part time income for her... Interestingly I have logged on to a different site and some of the girls in anastasiadate are on this one, but with different profile details etc., kind of says it all really...

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    Default Re: Scam Likelihood Increases With Age Difference?

    you cannot get emotionally connected with people who are lot elder or a lot younger to you. and this post have proved that point exactly. No matter how mature a 20 yr old can be, she will never be able to satisfy emotion of 50yr old.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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