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Thread: get back

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    randolph ma.

    Default get back

    only way i can see to get back ,and have any foreign government involved is through taxation.
    as a community we need to find a method of reporting money sent to these scammers ,as income ,since they do it for a living ,there has to be tax payed as income .i am sure most of these governments collect taxes .and to get away with tax free money ,my money that is .we should organize,i means of contacting tax collection ,
    i see its the only real means of getting even ,i am sure they spent it as fast as they get it ,and when the tax man comes to collect ,sure they will not be happy ,and of course the penalties.i am sure we have records of money sent threw western union ,just need to find way to contact gov agency to report .i have tried ,but i feel an organisation like this can open doors .as a group we can do this ,and make them think twice.since this has become too profitable.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Hi Vinniko.

    Sadly Australian and most western countries do not have very good economic relationships with other countries. This sadly makes your taxation idea in fortunately one that holds very little merit. I've been a victim it cost me a lot. The reality is if you send money via money gram or western union your money is gone forever. Untraceable. These people do this for a living. They couldn't care less about you. Once they realise that no further money is coming you won't hear from them again their email will be gone a new one for each victim. They usually bounce their emails via a different country to where they are. They are very hard to track. I've tried tracking mine. Made a lot of progress until she refused to communicate any longer. Then her email domain address changed. So no way of knowing where she/he is. This is also the reality you don't know if your talking to a man or a woman. They are very good at playing both roles. The only real method we have of tracking these people is hiring a private investigator in the country they claim to be from. More often than not they will be expensive and normally won't find them either. Awareness is the key for now. Always ask personal questions. If they avoid them or can't answer you've been scammed. If they do answer check their answers for authenticity. If they send you a pic run an image check on google or yahoo Pinterest Instagram any of them. If your being honest the pic will bring up their name and address. If your being scammed pics will be of models completely unrelated to them. I've even befriended the model that had her pics used to scam me. In our chats she told me that the agency she works for in Russia has her on a flight back to Russia within an hour of me looking her up in Russia. They tried to hack me immediately so I covered my tracks very quickly. But she was happy to know me now and I explained why I was looking her up. She was horrified to know her likeness was being used in this manner. Sadly for her her photos are everywhere so easily found and used. Were now friends and I've managed to have the fraud removed from the site we met on. She's back on with a new alias or 20 new picks but the same cut and paste profile. I like to taunt her on the site. I also leave messages for others to read so she doesn't get away with this again and no one else suffers from her. It's fun. I can spot scammers on almost any site within minutes. There are always signs and once you know them they're easy to find and amazing how many there are. Thousands. I wish you all well in your searching. Not everyone is bad there are some genuine members you just have to weed out the frauds. Good luck all. Any questions feel free to ask.

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    It`s quite difficult to prove anything, if you sent some money on PayPal, it was like sending to friends or family, without a clear evidence of shopping
    I guess the same it`s with Western Union too, so impossible mission
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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