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Dearest One.
It is true that we met through the Internet which i know to be an unsecured means of communications that have been abused with many lies coming from people of no conscience with wicked mind to deprive others of their hard earned fortune but please give your attention to my mail though it may be your least expectation from me since we are just new friends but i am doing so because i have to let you know about me due to the happiness my heart have found with you.I was born into a Catholic family that cherish the principle of proper child up bringing but death never gave me the opportunity of having to enjoy the comfort of my good home but all the same God knows the best.After reading from you i decided to let you know everything about me because i believe it is Lord which makes me know you after my fasts with prayers to Lord, I am also ready to meet with you if you will accept me with all your heart.My name is Miss Juliet Maxwell, I was born on the 18Th of November, 1988 in the ancient Burundi (city) of Buja located within Republic of Burundi, Daughter of late Dr Mortgat Maxwell. of The blessed memory who was a diplomat turned successful businessman that served with Burundi Embassies in Senegal, United Kingdom, and Canada respectively.I lost my mother two days to my 18Th birthday on Friday 16Th November 2002 in a rape incident when she got killed trying to save a girl from the hands of rapists, It was after the death of my mother that my dad realized that Burundi is undemocratic and not safe for girls of which he decided that i will continue my education in another nation for my safety since many girls have been raped without justice being done to the rapists.He later concluded that i continue my education in Senegal having being there before. Tears will not let me go back to the events that took my Mother life when i least expected and expose me to life of competition for survival but for what i am and not for my beauty or family background, I have learn to accept and face challenges. I am alive writing today as it was by (in the name of Lord, most gracious, most merciful) which kept me in Senegal as i did no come back for vacation during the time of the War which took place in Buja on the early hours which kill my younger Sister with other relatives and gave my father multiple serious injuries.After the incident, My father managed to sent for me through his lawyer of which i have arrived Burundi and met him lying critically wounded in a hospital he was flown to with other senior citizen victims of the land slide, He was able to tell me some important things and directed his lawyer to hand over some certain documents to me which the lawyer did.He also released some reasonable amount of money to his lawyer to be passing it on to me gradually as the need for it comes up for my education.On Tuesday 30Th December, five days as the war continue moving on, my father gave up the ghost and after his burial according to our Traditional rites, I took some money from the lawyer and traveled back to Senegal to continue with my education. When it was time to pay my school fees, I tried to reach the lawyer but could not, After some fruitless effort, It was certain to me that i do not have any other choice but to disclose my situation to the school authority of which i was taken to the camp of UNITED NATIONS HIGH COMMISSION FOR REFUGEE (UNHCR) in grand yorf, Dakar Senegal from where i am writing you now but i say (all praise be to Lord) for keeping me alive till today.Among the documents given to me then was a Death Certificate and the Deposit Certificate which contain the sum of $2.400.000(TWO MILLION,FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND U.S DOLLARS) as cash my father deposited with bank which has my name in it as the next of kin.The balance amount have increased as i confirmed through the bank due to my fathers wish during the time he made the deposit, The bond indicates that the next of kin can only come to claim the money should anything happen to the depositor when she reaches the age of 25 of which i have attained now. I have communicated with the bank and was told i should searching for a reliable and trustworthy person that can assist me to claim and safeguard this money in his custody so i can relocate to join him to start a new life as the bank advised me to do since i have no account.Please write me with your first and last name which i will send to the bank presenting you to them as my trustee and Representative if you accept to help me with the claims and assure me that you will not betray me when you receive the money in your account from their you send to me some amount to get my travel documents to come over to meet you or you come over to pick me up. I am with the hope that this transfer will be successfully carried out with you and i promised you (In the name of Lord) that you will be handsomely rewarded for the help. In all i say (glory be to Lord) for making me know someone like you. Here you can contact me through Reverend Solomon Mathew office line (00221766985717) that is where i can answer your call as of now, when you call personally tell him you want to speak with Miss Juliet Maxwell he will send for me come for your call. I need your help please life is not easy for me here try all your best so that i we have my life back in happiness and success as i have amount to establish my life with.
From your new friend Juliet.

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