Yeah it's definitely a Scam. She just sent me the same type of messages for a month and then started asking for the money to come to the US to be with Me because she was in Love with me! She also needed money for Cell Phone Minutes and Internet Access. She is also listed on some other scamming sites including a Portugese Web Site. She also is on a site where she says she lives in Germany, and she also has used an E-Mail Address of which from what I can tell might be a Reference to Italy (Nice, Italy and Ecole being a School). She is pretty smooth and convincing, but as soon as I asked her for Personal Information to confirm things that she was telling me she decided I wasn't acting like a "Real Man" and I shouldn't live in The Past, and She had decided she couldn't spend her life with a Man that wasn't willing to Take Risks without questioning thinks. That is when She Bid Me Ado! I E-Mailed her and told her I knew what she was up to and that she owed me an apology and she actually called me, but just to play dumb. And as soon as I called her on it she hung up! While conversing with me she was "Nichole Williams" and was on Yahoo with a Username for her Profile of "". She also told me she was from Holland and that she was living in Ghana with her Mum and Younger Brother, and Her Father was Separated from her Mum, and was a Successful Business Man in The Netherlands. She also used a profile on "AdultFriendFinder" and "No Strings Attached" of Lukhim4me, which I believe is of some significance in German or a Reference to Germany in some way (I'm not Sure). I think She might actually be in Germany Rather than Ghana even though her Phone# was a Ghana Cell# of +233-208-846-165. Be Careful. She is Pretty Good!