I have just been scammed by this agency ,and the Chinese lady, out off $8000USD.
So be very,very careful with this agency, they are out too scam you,and are working in co-huts with the women.
Heres what happened too me ,with this agency.
they asked me too send,(through there office) , $3000USD for my ladys VISA,and airfare, so I sent it too there bank account in China.
Then they asked me too send them another $5000USD ,too support in her VISA application form,which they sead that I would get back.
So I sent them another $5000USD, too there bank account.
But ,now I do not receive any emails from my women any more, and I have asked for this agency to give me my $5000USD , and they wont, all they have done is fretting to take legal action against me.
So no $5000 back, and I am out all told $8000USD.
all moneys went too this agency's bank account in China ,so they did a very good scam on me, with the Chinese girl.
So be very ,very careful with this agency, if I were you,I would stay well clear off this travel agency.
you have been warned.