I am now convinced even the sites that seem to be rather secure - like the one site I was using to pay per letter and then in wanting to receive their personal contact information for a fee - of what was equivalent to $50.00 US - that after, to which I purchased three direct email contact (but only after the lady agreed to afford this) -- the letters essentially stopped. I was warned as to this type of scam, but I was hopeful, as the service seemed to be legitimate - since the one agency was purportedly just a clearinghouse for numerous others that had verified the lady's identity. I have paid a rather hefty price for this lesson, but I do well enough finanfially so I am not that upset... as I should have dome my homework at the get-go Total expenditures - to include a good Ukrainian detective agency - $4,250.00 in two months. I am throwing in the towel... ha ha... it was interesting and did help with my typing skills.