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    Exclamation Does anyone know Sandra (sandy Love

    Hey folks,

    I have been chatting with a Sandra "Sandy" Love for almost a month now. We met on the Passion website and she started out being somewhat sexual in her letters and pictures. She claims to be from Canada but is now in Ghana caring for her ill mother.

    I have to admit of all the scammers I have run across in my time she is the best so far. The letters are not the standard cut and paste numbers and actually answers questions.

    Although she fell in love with me quickly she is in no big hurry and has just now gotten around to the ask (hinting at needing help with plane fair.)

    Her e-mail address is sandra love"
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Default Re: Does anyone know Sandra (sandy Love

    Others out there who are going through this same scenario...you don't want to hear people confirm your suspicions but you have to hear it and listen. At their core, scammers are all the same....they may operate out of different countries, with different handles, but their ammo is the same (sweet talk, saying all the right things, making you feel like you are on cloud 9). But the truth is YOU are a game for them and all they want is your money. My scammer was extremely patient, which is what made it so difficult to accept it for what it was...a scam! We chatted through Yahoo Messenger for a couple of months before our conversations turned sexual in nature. It was so exciting to have met someone who was a true romantic at heart just like me. But my rude awakening came when I was feeling the most vulnerable...she waited until I was at my dying father's bedside before she asked me to send her $3000. I was emotional and in tears texting back and forth with her (the whole time believing she was "being there" for me), but my tears dried up INSTANTLY when that request for $3k came through...it was petrifying that the very thing I feared in the back of my mind had come true. That this sweet, gentle, seemed-to-have-her-life-together person was nothing more than a scam artist. I mean, who does that???? So, for what it's worth, folks out there who have any kind of inkling that your person just might be a scammer, please take this fool's advice and cut your losses while all you stand to have is a broken heart. Your bank account will be next if you don't pay attention to what your gut is telling you. You have doubts that no one else but your person has put there. Good luck and be smart...scammers are out for one thing and one thing only...YOUR money. These people are professionals at what they do....as skilled and agile as a neurosurgeon!
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    Default Re: Does anyone know Sandra (sandy Love

    This is just crazy, I haven't encountered Sandra Love yet and I hope I don't.

    Sounds like she just baits you for a long time into her tricks.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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