I met a girl called Elena in Tver, Russia, back in 2007 and 2008; totally 5 times and she also visited me in Sweden.
So, I knew her well.
She had a child, I also met that child and have photos.

Today Elena is a member at two sites, where you also can read she has a child.

Suddenly I saw Elenas profile on elenasmodels february 2012. The only thing was she said she hasnt a child there.
I realized there were something seriously wrong.

So, I told "Help Desk" on elenasmodels. They took contact with this girl on elenasmodels but she denied she had a child.
She also denies those other profiles on other sites were hers.
But I know they are 100% hers.

The girl seem to be very active on elenasmodels, so I understand they would not be happy about deleting her profile.
On elenasmodels you can bring the guys to "yahoo.com" and continue the contact there.

I have a close contact with one of the other sites that know the real Elena very well. But we come nowhere, as elenasmodels prefers to believe the girl on their site.

I even offered elenasmodels they could get access to my account on a site and read letters between me and real Elena from 2008 and there also see exactly the same photo that is on elenasmodels.
But they dont want to.
I sent elenasmodels 5 photos from Tver with me, real Elena and the child so they could see she has a child, but elenasmodels didnt comment.
The profile on elenasmodels is: Elena ID: 7699558

Ps Of course the reason for posting a profile on elenasmodels is to be able to cheat guys about moneysending when they have made him enter yahoo.com for further online chatting.

/ uljoh