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    Default What is their true motivation?

    When asking whether or not these people are sincere I can't help but wonder about their motivation. Are they truly looking for an individual to spend their life with? Or are they just trying to get out of their home countries?

    I'm sure both situations occur all the time, I've certainly heard horror stories of guys paying to bring women over who just leave them after a few years.

    Any experiences or thoughts?

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    Default Re: What is their true motivation?

    I think it starts as a way of forgetting some unpleasant experience, you know somebody who isn`t close to you, can`t hurt that bad
    Probably, there are persons who get bored and find entertaining to socialize like this. There is a category interesting only in obtaining money, Who knows, there can be many reasons

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    Default Re: What is their true motivation?

    Probably, it`s easier to create a relationship with somebody who is not close to you, in this way hurting isn`t that bad, due to the distance
    Maybe, some persons find it more interactive to socialize like this, rather than spending time in real situations. There are also some people interested in obtaining money. Who knows, there are so many reasons




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