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    Default Gyamfiemma1111@gmail.com from Ghana

    I had so much fun scam baiting this gal / dude whoever. She wanted money for a plane ticket. 500 emails and one week. I used three different emails to play with this. I was a bodybuilding coach in LA. I had a female trainer who was pissed and on steroids, and my last personality was a Nigerian barrister. I had her think that I WU transferred the money and had my female steroid crazed trainer with the WU Slip in hand. The main character ended up in jail with an overdose, The female trainer had the meanest attitude while the guy was stating he loved her. By far my best scam bait of my life!! I had to close it down due to my upcoming vacation. But my main character was hand cuffing the female trainer to a radiator and all sorts of debauchery. Too much fun!!!
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Default Re: Gyamfiemma1111@gmail.com from Ghana

    I got a question if anyone might have answer is hard to say , I was looking on craigslist in the personals and couldnt believe the sick idiots on there but seen a girl that post she was 18 and some story about wanting someone to show her around she was new in town with the old selfie in the bathroom because shes hiding from someone to take a picture , so i send her a email telling her she better be careful that its pretty dangerous meeting people like that and her location was like South Carolina come to find out well she emails me back asking if i would text her which was a big mistake because she text back taking about her and her friends just got out of church just real childish talk so i told her she was to young to be texting and talking like she was telling me not to be she stupid shit i erased her messages and forgot about it the next evening i get a text from some girl in the shower , wanting me to text back , min later another picture , this goes on probably 4 pictures her demanding i return a photo i google picture of a ----- copy it send it the messages stop except one more asking where i was ?? I get fake scammers all the time im just figuring they was trying someway to get my credit card number and forgot about it the next day i get a phone call from South Carolina Police department saying that a couple had pressed charges against me for sending their precious 15 YEAR OLD daughter naked pictures i proceeded to tell him that i had a 21 year old daughter of my own would never do such a thing , he wasn't let me explain myself at all just gave me her dads number so i call him same thing he was devastated and didnt care what i had to say but he said that his wife had threw their laptop and broke it which was $1200 and they would drop the charges if id pay for half of it but he thought they would anyway because the officer told them that if they pressed charges against me that they would half to press charges against her but he said his wife wanted me to go to prison and it would be hard to convince her otherwise , I of coarse told them i would to atleast get them to drop what ever bullshit charge they was give which wasnt no joke they said child pornography charge indesant exposure i dont know what all enough that in five seconds i sent a picture to a girl that had sent me five and looked to be in her mid twentys to turn me into a convicted felon and registered sex offender for the rest of my life nobody even mentioning that her in the personal section of craigslist is against the law as it should be just for this reason im an adult and was in the adult section when she pops up breaking the law now being black mailed by these two parents thats not smart enough to put a block on their computer and cell phone so bad that its to the point that the mother destroys their computer and realizes she needs someone to pay for it right before the hollidays wants $500 today or they are calling the police to re press charges . It to me almost seems like a big set up scam but i called the police officer back but it was his cell phone and i can usally tell if they are fake these folks are so touchy even the slightest of argument or making them uncomfortable with send me up the river so i guess ill pay them $500 today its bullshit is what it is ?

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    Default Re: Gyamfiemma1111@gmail.com from Ghana

    If you paid it, you got scammed. Quit letting scammers have your cell #, and yes it's all bullshit

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    Default Re: Gyamfiemma1111@gmail.com from Ghana

    post the cell phone of the phony cop please
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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