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    Thumbs up Warning Shawna Donato Out Scammed alot of guys and in las vegas,nevada with husband

    Shawna Donato #1140166 inmate on the loose in las vegas,nevada
    she might have aids someone says they saw guys come there mess with her and she was playing with women some of them might have aids there..she recently begin to lose weight 40lbs begin throwing up alot getting hungry alot?? ya need get tested good and for all stds see...if ya have aids thats sad,,charli sheen and mariah carey sister the ones spreading it they say online..folks can go long time not know they have aids then they end up dieing of it even if they get meds they still can die anytime if it..it cause you get weak,tired,skinny and some folks begin get bumps on there bodie...it cause sores in your mouth i heard....
    hello you need get on your wife shawna donato she wrote tons of guys in jail and begged them for food and money many are looking for her and ringing the jails and police also parolle phones off plus she might have aids and stds ..i loved her so much but found out shes a scammer,lier and crook .many inmates hate her now in florence and jean camp her lies..she use be a big star what happen she became a crook and crimnal joseph donato..she told folks in jail she wrote you was gay,sold drugs,made her sell drugs,you sold kids and other crap..i ask the parolle he said shes a lier and crook you are a good man you have no crime records shes only one with one..she has warrants out for her arrest in california and snubbed there many hate her guts there she never work in hollywood again.also she made alot of folks mad at her even her first ex husband she lied on him hurted her ownself to make joey look bad he was bigger star than her..shes waisted away cause of drug use dont look same anymore as the legendary shawna edwards so much meth she used..she tried to accuse you of allowing your first wife to die in a casino you would not give her meds to her she said you told her,she get you drunk you tell her everything.her late dad steppfather died and she could not go to it the jail did not allow it made her mad..she said in a letter she wanted to hurt you it was your fault..she has delexia .you need delete all her google plus accounts shes on one she claiming be dirvoced but not true shes on it shes nude the law will see this make joseph look bad..you need get her offline dont let her go online ..she dont even understand she could been talking - writting muslims or people in the law...shes like ruined herself,,she cant release that book what if i knew a secret cause it will cause get you and her hurt by elite folks,,she want to expose you she told me and hollywood and the adult companies and on drugs-more..you have to burn the book up tell her she cant put shit like that out she have lawsuits from companies,people and more she has no permission to use anyone in the book..she told me you putted her in jail for theft but the parolle officer said shes a lier she stole from someone told me lies..you have to watch her dont drink or anything..she claim she was scared of you and you had her trademarks but she also own part as your wife..she told me she divorced from you but i heard the parolle said you not divorced you are her husband..i dont know whats wrong with her and the lies,playing folks
    she dont need do no escorts and prostutions they be watching her the law also they got all those calls she phoned guys in jails. she said you was a mobster and on mob wars and craiglist and backpage you owed folks money and was selling drugs on there i believe all of what she said are all lies...they going be watching ya carefully might even tap your phones the law,why would she talk stuff on you then say you threaten her in jail if shes lieing..whats wrong with her..seem her mom ran from her would not let her come live with her cause of her mess..she fooled me into buying her a home to come to but found out she could not leave the state...whats wrong with her..the companies own her rights and trademarks long ago they put money into the films and they linked to universal studios,cbs,fox,ect got syndications of those companies and walt disney owns some subsidisary companies most adult stars dont get royalties and states in usa hardly honor adult trademarks they say online but she told me you got royalties from the companies..i heard they paid her out each time she did films and her ex husband joey edwards that was his name how can you own his name he was married to her and its online he did films with her..you are to not got involved with her,,hollywood dangerous games.you dont own none of joey edwards films he did lots of them with her...
    well why she would lie on you in jail and say crap and lie to guys in there..dont she know she can get into tons of trouble be right back in jail soon.she claim she has delexia? why would she writes long letters 20 pages one like a book if they lies ?
    she had told me if she came live with me she would sell her body i told her she get into trouble its illegal where i live its also devived the soul its not legal its not making movies with a company...guys beat women and hurt them some want pay or she could catch stds very dangerous you know aids spreading charli sheen messed with thousands of women in hollywood also been aids scares in adult films also did you know gunsmoke actress mrs kitty died of aids in the late 80s its online..tommy morrison the boxer its claim he died of aids also freddy mercury,someone claim prince died of aids and michael jackson,plus use be rumores jim henson the star died of aids they lied said was some bad flu,ryan white died of aids..shawna might need go to doctor she been in jails dont know what stds in there..on some site call topix they say she meth head and call her allkinds of name and said she worked on real jobs got on meth was fired also they call her old hag worn out and meen names call her a crook and lier...its call whom shawna edwards new boyfriend on topix forum..you are tell her she are to not done thi tricked guys in jail told them all those lies and crap in there..i have all her mail and photos should i burn them up? well i cant believe she do this too me i suppose been her sunshine she called me like 35 times from jan-may 30th all she talked about was you saying you beat her and drug her,i thought was all lies proberly,cause she told me she was divorced then turn around said she was not divorced? is she bipolar i know she has delexia..i loved her so muchly i was ill with colds she would call me begging for help..parolle said she did not want to talk to me i did not do nothing to her but help her and she kept begging me..you have watch her she get mad seem fast for no reasons..your email-stuff online on the trademark online she told everyone this its real i seen it her name on there as a owner also..meth messed her up seem she dont look hollywood anymore no one believed she was a star in jails they thought maybe she was that other shawna edwards that stole from that lottery millionaire whom died back in 2010..i looked that one up she been in jails recently also has a husband and kids...shawna told me she has no kids but i heard a little girl talking to her on the phone they told me online she has kids shes lieing and crazy..i heard same girl talking to her 3 times i asked her whom it was she said was inmate child talking??? do she have kids.. ,well she told me she did not have any kids but i told her it said somewhere she had a child she claim it was a miscarriage ?? so was she lieing?? ,,all those girls in jail said they would not done me like this everyone despise her in florence and jean camp now,she lied told everyone she was going be my woman,,thats was never going happen....i cant believe she fooled me..you need watch out.tell your wife to stop telling folks lies and stuff some folks might think its real and not know shes lieing and playing games.. you need delete her facebook as shawna keating also and google plus all of them as shawna keating,shawna edwards..she talk stuff on google plus on you online on google plus she accuse you of lots on it on there in 2013 if it lies why she doing this?.if law see this it will mess you up bad this might all be lies...they going be watching you and her cause parolle the federal law and president trump will be looking into everything to keep american safe also governor sandavol-others.if she making everything up she dont need to be getting online writting stuff and they are lies...why she say she had a tumor and doctor shrunk it and said you beated her and hitted her if its all lies why she keep saying it since 2013 its 2017 now...she said your family dont like you is that a lie...she claim you controle police and people there that cant be true cause president trump and his possee going look into all states see if corruptions exists it going send swats into places i heard...if she lieing on everything she cant write no books at all no one believe her,if she has kids what do they think on there mom ???.i thought she said you had a woman she had claim you beated her up she wrote her in jail she was in hosptial asking for help ? you proberly have to sell out and move cause there tons of dudes looking for her .she might been talking to islamic muslims they dangerous,or even irish republic army guys or sheiks...member robert blake the actor his wife did same stuff and lots guys came after her and everything went on her husband he said he did not do it was her dudes she wrote that why he got a gun for them..robert blake lost all his money over $30 million fighting the law to say he did not do it pay her family off civil suit..i did not know shawna was writting and calling lots of guys like mad and taking there money..parolle officer told me that why his phone so full those dudes wanting her..i thought i was only guy she was calling and writting i found out.the girls in jail say they know karate would beat mess out of her if they see her ever she not going hurt them,,they say shes euthoipan style crazy and bulemic now throws up when she eats everyone knows it there in jail. no one believes in jail she was a star she has waisted away they say now..she had over 2000us they said in her account..she tried to start something there got caught they claim she was trying to get a weapon,,they say she only weighs 100 pounds would throw up each time she eats there everyone saw it was gross..they say she was not going hurt anyone there its too many of them everyone there knows she was fooling me and others was like over 20 guys thats dangerous joseph she do this...i just got word on this..no one likes her there or in florence correction they say shes like a skelton now waisting away...they told me she going get payback for doing me and the others wrong..i dont know joseph i heard there a illumanti mark on her from the elite was signs on tv used like cw network logo in blood and izombie on june 13 the episode her name used and she was scamming guys the izombie girl call shawna crazy and nuts a con artist..then episode next from that showd a woman behind the garbage can why did this woman look like her on tv deceased ? they even talked on illumanti and biggie small-2pac...then shawnas name was used on dancing with the stars a woman that looked like her was using her name shawna with a s at the end another marking..the woman seem pretend be her abc own by disney..you need understand disney-universal owns all films and adult films got shares in them even gay films..she pissed folks off i heard tricked guys out there big producers out there..they say she said in jail i was a sucker they told her not do this...she can get into lots of trouble many girls say they can go file charges on there is they get the word she was getting food illegal and conning mens out of money-lauging,,she also did illegal things they said in florence and jean camp..they say she proberly not going live long cause she look like a skelton keep throwing up when she eats...i dont think she right to do all of this all this shit can get ya in trouble..i cant controle over 20 guys i dont know whom she wrote they could be anyone even rich folks from hollywood. .those guys might find ya soon they might be very rich and crazy.....you are tell her she are be ashame of herself to do this its dangerous game she played...you need tell her the illumanti after her now that i found out member what happen to legenadry amber reigns she did movies with her she died a strange way in the hotel on drugs last year...she are be very scared to go anywhere or do anything now so many comming after her..shes on her own now,,creation mad at her for doing me like this... i dont want her anymore you can have her and her problems plus her stds they claim she has...
    you proberly going have take trademarks off the internet and sell everything out to the companies get out of this mess..u should told her not scam and play games with guys in there thats a real dangerous game to do.. over 20 guys mad and comming for her also illumanti mask folks i heard tell her of amber reigns shock she dont even know she died..ps mariah carey sister spread the aids gave it to charli sheen i heard he spreading it like mad still messing with women was adult scared recently they thought someone had aids,cindy leathers lucky she dont have aids plus lawrence fishburn the actor daughter almost got it was lucky she did not get it very..i told her on charli sheen she plays like she dont know what aids is or know on stds..she told me she had no education never went to college barely made it in school.....bye for now if i was you i be scared like hell she did stupid shit like this,she gave your address out and its online plus email,phone number...i told her that if old man that she claim be her dad was him i saw him in a dream he told me she had be with me or he would take her and her mom off the planet she and her mom would pass away...my mom a pshyic like late sylvia brown she looks like her said if shawna do me like this that god going punish her soon for wronging me.she saw law shoot you after she falls out there they blame you for everything she sees..i dont know if she caught stds in jail or not....you better go get tested see if you got them aids or stds they online saying she might have..topix.com whom shawna edwards new boyfriend they saying bad shit on her on there.she gotten realling skinny they said in jail you sure she and you dont have aids that how it works member prince and michael jackson also charli sheen got really skinny..freddy mercury got skinny also...miss kitty on gun smoke had aids died in the late 80s..you be crying if you got aids also her i dont know did women in there have it or stds there but its a rumor i heard.they claim she look like shes dieing..just imagine you letted her go you might not have it now if she does have it,i would have it i would not mine i would not mine dieing with her with it,,i am glad you got her not me...i hear things from folks-online..i bet she very scared as hell i believe she has the aids you cant lose 40lbs that fast in jail they get tons of food they say there...thats how aids work look at late freddy mercury he was a big guy then got super skinny...charli sheen cant talk good anymore is skinny like..tabloids say prince got real skinny died of aids he was jehoavah witness they dont take medicines..ya need go get aids test done and stds tests see...if it true if ya got a child they get everything want take long for full blood aids to bring death on a person the meds dont work look at ryan white the late michael jackson friend long ago..i notice her looks also inmates said it its no way you throw up each time you eat and you get so skinny see... you should letted her go long ago now if she has aids ya been marked..eating lots of food want gain weight ,,,aids is a waisting illness,only one person was cured in europe of aids no one else has, was very rare to do he had the cancer also..look at her see she dont look same back in 2013 she not big maybe inmates few has aids in there they dont know it maybe she got infected with it...this scary stuff..you dont know if guys came to see her there gave it too her or women in there or did you get it from the girls you met and gave it to her....you need get tests on yourself and her good ones also if she messed with anyone they need be tested...charli sheen aids spreading i heard hes lieing and mariah carey sister aids she still go out do guys and i member she did not look like this when she was in florence correction how you lose weight that fast...it got be aids she got it from someone...tell me if ya got aids i am glad i did not go see her there...aids is a judgement disease of the bible last plagues to purify the earth of evil i heard.its a wasiting disease some say patrick swaze had aids not cancer..you saw her how she go from being big to being skinny thats strange...shes crazy they say, use be former pornstar-model shawna edwards,,her married name shawna donato she aint divorced, you can go on nevada inmate database see her,Shawna Donato #1140166 she lied,scammed alot of guys over 20 guys in jail she might have aids they say some came saw her there or women? she was throwing up alot got real skinny in no time she use weigh 140 lbs they say she got to 100lbs look like a skelton..her husband joseph anthony donato came got her in las vegas at the jean camp fire camp in nevada..

    Visiting Information
    3 Prison Rd.
    P.O. Box 19859
    Jean, Nevada 89019
    (702) 874-2509

    Visiting Information
    Visit FMWCC
    4370 Smiley Road
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89115-1808
    (702) 668-7200
    she also was at other jails and even florence women correction and carson city also was in jail in california she was caught under shawna keating name has 2 strikes in california one more be over for her plus she done over 500 films even in uk and euro shes worn out not everyone waisted done drugs and meth look like shes about to die they said in jail..

    over 20 guys she conned and scam out of money and food packages i got witnesses there in both jails they told her not ask for money and food that was alot of money to swindle guys out of.

    guys looking for her over 20 plus the illumanti looking for her the members she scammed out of money she messed with wrong people.
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