It seems that at The Moscow School for Scammers another terms has finished and a whole new team is in the streets heading for the Cyber Café’s, I have had eight contact me in the last two weeks, strangely at the dating sites usually used by Ghanaians and Muslim scammers. They all have the same trademarks, beautiful young girl very difficult to find at Google, only VK and Yandex show results, just one mail each day at the same time my Mail tracking tells me, and from probably the same Cyber café. They are easy to tell, they don’t read my mails or cannot read English as I answer their questions and get the same question repeated the next day in their pre written mails.
They all have lost their parents and live with an Aunt or Uncle and they are invariably all dancing, piano, music or kindergarten teachers. They all live in small towns and tell me that Russian men are either brutal, drunks or gay! Strange lot these Russians!