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    Acatwithahelmet Guest

    Default About marriage with pretty and young women

    Good afternoon.

    I want to express my feelings about many men's stories with young and pretty women.
    I have difficulties to understand how can men are able to ask for marriage to young women that they only know across few emails and few weeks meeting.
    Are they "dazzled" by their beauty?
    I am not surprise that so many young women are trying to scam, it is so easy for her because so many men seems na?ve.
    I think that men must look to women who have a job, who like it and most of all, who are independent. If they are unhappy with their situation there is no doubt that they will try to move from their country as soon as it will be possible for them and in any condition. Is it possible to be confident in her love in that condition? If they ask to get marry very quickly it can?t sound very honest. I think that men must feel that women have to take an important decision because a new life in another country means that they will lose their job and a situation which are probably not to bad for her.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    RichardC Guest


    Our mission is to find wives, so may I offer some advice. Admitting that my experience may be unique in some respects, I submit this material with a request that you treat it cautiously. Hovever; I do claim to have a lot of experience of dating, and having affairs with ladies from foreign countries. Experience with introduction agencies in the UK too, but only some of that will be relevant.

    In my teens and early twenties I was disadvantaged by a lack of social skills and had little access to the small pool of available girls here in the UK; but at age 31, on my return from a spell abroad with a foreign lady, I discovered I was very populal, and without help from any introduction bureaux I soon had no less than five girlfriends, ranging in age from 17 to 57! I was soon engaged and remained so for seven years. After that I had a few other girlfriends; mainly teens and early twenties.

    At age 43 I returned to England from working in a Muslim country and threw all my efforts into finding a wife. I spent thousands of pounds (GBP) joining a range of singles clubs and introduction agencies, before the results prompted me to do a little research. I found an estimated 100 male members of such agencies to every one single female!!! And judging by the general quality of those ladies I met, few were eligible! At 45, I resumed the normal social life of a single man, which means zero invites to parties etc., (because the majority married men just don't want one there) and for six months I again dated girls in their teens and early twenties; simply because, any older than that, and a lady is certainly spoken for. In that six month I met just one eligible divorcee, but blew that relationship by admitting I was also having an afair with an 18 year old.

    Fortunately, still 45, I met Monika. She was physically lovely, educated, charming, a beautiful dancer, glamour model, accomplished painter, qualified fashion designer, equestrian stunt rider, a good cook, and (anorexia permitting) crazy about sex. In fact, though we made love infrequently, she - out of the many ladies I've had the privilege to know - was one of the very best in bed. A year after our second parting, she told me she blamed the aforementioned problem, which neither of us realised she suffered from at the time. She married a rich man three years ago and is expecting their second child. Need I say; she is Eastern European - Polish.

    When I parted from Monika the second and final time, I was with her in Poland. After travelling into Warsaw, taking a rest and a shower, I went out to look for a new girlfriend. Katryn (then 25), was the lady I met that evening. She was as pretty as Monika (or Linda, my very last serious girlfriend), and though short and slightly cuddly, IMHO Katryn was physically perfect. She was extremely well educated compared with any English woman I've ever met, and coincidentally, also an artist by profession; and another who could make love like there was no tomorrow.

    My very last girlfriend - almost eight years ago - was a pretty young English lady called Linda. I must admit that she was also exeptionally good at making love, and at her best in a threesome, despite still being in her teens! I was very content with Linda, who - I assure you all - had proposed marriage to me, when I was 46. We parted as a consequence of the illegal and threatening activities of a small group of my fellow countrymen and women; motivated apparently out of jelousy; and Linda is now married to another 'older man', though not quite my age. (The police, I might add, did nothing to help.)

    Linda came as a wonderful surprise. I wasn't expecing to find another eligible lady of child-bearing age in England, considering the age I'd already reached. As I said, It's been almost eight years since my last steady girlfriend, and I'm still looking. How long did it take me to find Katryn in Warsaw? Two hours!!! That's the difference. Polish ladies are beautiful; they're far more educated than ladies here. No tatoos, no piercings, no drunkenness, smoking, fighting or bad language (though neither had Linda any of these undesirable traits), and they are AVAILABLE!

    In the eight years that I've been looking for a girlfriend, I've had four very brief affairs. Two of those ladies were African, one was half Israeli, and the one English girl turned out to be a junkie (and both the latter two had tatoos.) Only the African ladies were honest; the others both stole money from me. During these eight years, I've also dated two English girls in their early teens, but can one really expect any girl of that age group to wait till they reach the legal age, for a man who is already balding and wrinkled!

    Also during these eight years I met Julia (I think her name was); she was beautiful, charming, aged 33, but I initially thought she was 22. She was well educated with two degrees and assured me she was good at making love, though I never had the opportunity to find out. I told her I thought she was homesick, and though she denied it, she suddenly returned home. Need I say where she came from! Eastern Europe; she is from the Ukraine!

    So why don't Englishmen marry ladies from Eastern Europe, especially not from the FSU? They bring Thai and Philipine women here to marry; ladies who are culturally incompatible. I've checked out ladies from many exotic locations personally. I've spent a total of six weeks in Thailand, and dated ladies from those parts and others, both in the UK and when working abroad. Some are beautiful. Most are good in bed (though the Philipine girls asked for presents first, then refuse sex). They're all good in the kitchen. But they are incompatible. Even - should I say, especially - the supposedly Christain ladies from the Philipines.

    The answer I think is this: Mrs Thatcher told women in Britain, "It's your right to work!" By destroying heavy industry Mrs T ensured women had to work, because their husbands became unemployed. Gradually a situation emerged where many couples were both working (though some jobs for men became low paid), so for the first time ever the banks and building societies took the wife's salary into consideration when lending money to purchase a home. The price of houses went up because where both husband and wife had good jobs they could aford to pay more, and now for both poor and middle income couples the husband and wife are OBLIGED to work.

    IMHO a lady from the FSU will be seeking a traditional marriage where she stays at home looking after the children, cooking, sewing, knitting, doing embroidery etc., while we - quite rightly - go out to work. Have you noticed how many of those glamourous Eastern European ladies say they sew, knit, and embroider? If you were to peruse some UK dating agency profiles, you'd find that top of the ladies' lists of passtimes would be watching soaps on television, followed by watching feature films on video. And I am not speaking even of eligible ladies here. Certainly not glamourous!

    Curiously, none of the FSU ladies who have written to me have asked for money, but maybe they've re-read my profile and noticed that I wrote: "I am a poor Englishman, nearly 55 years old and still unmarried with no children...", or they can see from my letters that they will suffer a drop in their living standard if they come here to live.

    There is for certain at least one known scammer (Lilia Koshevenko, aka: Lina / llanna@inbox.ru) among those who wrote, to me, though I suspect a few more. Whilst many will take our money, they don't actually set out to be scammers! What they really want is marriage, but on their terms; and rightly so, because their ideal marriage is the traditional kind. One divorcee - a lawyer, she says - started writing lovely letters to me, and they weren't over the top. She wrote regularly, sending me photos ranging from fully dressed to nearly naked, including some up-to-date ones that clearly showed her age at 35, (but she still has an amazing body). What I didn't realise for several weeks was that she was only receiving a few of my letters; my emails gradually started turning up in my inbox, undelivered. She seems to have lost interest, but she's never asked me for money.

    Another 35-year-old divorcee, also with one child, started writing, but her letters became increasingly bitter. "Don't expect me to believe you can't aford a holiday every year", she said, "of course everyone in your country can aford holiday, even poor people here (Moscow) aford holiday". She went on, "men write me, say lucky girl, nice life... in the end I don't have husband, rich or poor!" In her final letter, having at least a second time accused me of being a liar, she said, "...anyway, you think I expect want work again after get married!!!" And I didn't actually say she'd have too.

    Look carefully at these ladies' letters, fellows. Note how many of them say they like clothes and jewlery, in the first one! Take notice of things like a swimming pool in the garden; holidays in tropical climes; a second home in the country. Horse riding - I note - is very common. They regularly visit the opera, theatre, enjoy figure skating and numerous other entertainments. You're talking serious money for horse riding and opera here in the UK. Maybe the majority of you chaps living, as you do, in the USA can afford to finance the lifestyles of these ladies, but in the UK they have to work to pay the bills.

    I know of a middle aged Englishman who was approached by an elderly Ukrainian gent, offering him ?3,000 to marry his daughter and provide her with British citizenship (God only knows why she wanted to come here, and she has children in the Ukraine), but the English chap said, "forget the money, just send her over, I'll willingly marry her and she can live with me". In the end he had to get an interpreter to explain to his wife that she must stop sending all her salary back to the Ukraine, because she pretended not to understand. In fact he said to her father, "if she doesn't start contributing some money soon, perhaps you'd like to give me the three grand after all, because I can't afford to keep her". I would note that if she goes to live with someone else, she'll have to contribute financially. I've only today learned of a younger man who's brought a Ukrainian lady back to the UK and she is NOT happy. Elsewhere in these forums I mention an Arab lady who defected to the UK, but was soon unhappy.

    I've been to a foreign country with the intention of marrying, and found there that despite my fiancee having lived in the UK, she still believed that I was going to command a high income, in her country. The truth was that her government would grant me only a permit to work as an English language teacher, even after marrying. There was NO chance of me getting a legal job in engineering.

    I'm convinced that any man who want's a foreign bride should find a way of enabling her to live with him in his own country for at least a year. Make an extended visit to her country and meet her family before marriage. Learn to speak her language if necessary to understand her family and culture. Consider taking a drop in salary and going to live in her country, where often it is cheaper to live. My average salary now only covers housing costs and traveling to work, so with property prices in the UK currently inflated due to low interest rates, I'm looking at moving permanently to an Eastern European country; possibly Poland or an ex-FSU state, before the summer is out. I may move there before finding a wife, because I know there's a good choice there.

    I hope sharing my experiences has been of some help.

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    That's quite a story Richard. I have had similar experience with the American women here as you have had in England. Any woman who is of marriage material and any where near my age is already taken. The rest are bitter and I want no part of them.
    I agree that any one who intends to find an FSU woman had better plan on spending some time in her country and learn her language.....my opinion is that if you dont want to do that, then you're not worthy of an FSU girl, and you'll probably ruin her in the end.... and then blame HER!

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    Hi richardc
    Man - I'm spiflicated - what a life! But my comment is to reinforce richardc's comments about photo's and goodies (in relation to Eastern Block)
    Swimming pool scene.
    Likes clothes and jewlery early on in the letters. If perfume is in the Profile (don't even respond). Take notice of things like a swimming pool in the garden; holidays in tropical climes; Horse riding - They regularly visit the opera, theatre, enjoy figure skating and numerous other entertainments. I received those classics many times - and they were scammers. Go take a browse on absolute agency - you'll see it all there.


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    Raibeart Guest


    That was quite a story. But, it was also a picture of a man that never really got serious about women. Come on in you 40's and 50's dating pre-legal teens.

    I am engaged with a Russian woman from the town of Yoshkar-Ola. There are few scammers in that town. The women are seriously looking for good husbands. One agency to watch out for is Nice Bride. ANother that was written up in the local papers and had a lot of gray areas was Maxsims. I worked with an agency called Sweethearts. I have know the ladies that own it for 3 years and think the world of them.

    I will be moving there late this summer or early in the fall. I am doing this, taking a extremely large cut in pay. I will be starting multiple businesses over there and working with my friends that own the agency to successfully match people and help them toward happiness.

    I am moving there for a few reasons. She has a daughter and I want her to stay bilingual. To do that, I have to become good at the Russian language. She is a bit afraid of coming here, USA, and leaving her family, culture, language, and culture behind. She does not necessarily want to leave Russia. She wants to be with me, where ever we happen to live. I am in a position that I can do this and I think be successful in their growing economy even though I an going to have to work extremely hard to get everything going.

    Because of my friendship with the ladies that own the agency, I know a lot of the women they are working with. All of them that I know are just looking for happiness. All of them are willing to work to make a relationship successful. And they are willing to work outside of the home if they need to.

    Stay away from the large cities in Russia, and almost all of the cities in Ukraine. The women in these cities are like Western women and very material. There are many small agencies representing women in the smaller cities. I would suggest looking there for true love and happiness.

    If you want you can contact me at rl_stewart@highstream.net for any other information you may want from me.

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    I can't believe that Richard C is for real, sounds more like a case of Fantasy island to me


    Non veritas verba amanda

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    wxman2003 Guest


    You're in your 40s and dated someone in their early teens? You're not a man, but a predator. I hope the legal system does catch up with you. It's one thing to date an adult, because adults can make decisions on their own, but a early teen is nothing but a child. You're lucky you don't live in the states, you would have been looking down the barrel of a shotgun.

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    He didn't say early teens you jerk. He said 18. And there is nothing wrong with that.

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    wxman2003 Guest


    "I've also dated two English girls in their early teens, but can one really expect any girl of that age group to wait till they reach the legal age, for a man who is already balding and wrinkled!"

    Read that in paragraph 8 of his letter you moron jsk. Obviously you read only what you want to read you MFer.

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    Insider Guest



    Some of you are making a very good point about learning the lady's language and moving into her country. Think about it: ok, you get married, you have a child and you have to be a real tyrant to insist that your wife does not speak her native language to the child in your presence. On the other hand, how would you feel when you come home and your wife and child are communicating between themselves in a language that you don't understand, even though when they address you, they speak English? I am writing from personal experience.

    If your woman is for real and the reason behind her decision is marrying you for the sake of who you are as opposed to for the sake of finding a new life in another country, her choice will always be with Russia/Ukraine etc. RichardC made another good point: Russian women prefer to stay close to their parents and will ALWAYS support them with money. It is not unlikely that eventually your Russian wife will want her mother/father live with you at one home when one of her parents dies and another is left to live alone. Can you stand that? If you can't, that may lead to major problem in marriage. She would be faced with the "husband or mother?" choice, and make a wild guess who has more chances.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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