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    imported_admin Guest

    Default Interesting comments

    Thank's to Ray for the story below. These comments will help many single men.


    Hi all
    I subscribed to a well-known agency. And found about 7 Scammers in 9 replies. I got a lot of time wasted, but being astute stopped me from being scammed for money. I saw them coming. Here's some things to ask those women (likely that it's not a woman but a group of mafia) and things to spot. These comments may not show for definite that she's / they are trying to scam you, but cumulatively, you'd be wise to back off.

    1. The big come ons (ok, she could really be in need and love you)
    "I don't like the men of my country, they want only one thing" (that's to dupe you)
    "I'm studying at university, I had a full day of seminars today" (but it was a weekend - dork)

    2. Says she speaks and writes English very well - she did it at school (if she's young and it's that good - no way)

    3. The photos:
    One scammer had a range of age photos, one showed "recent51" (wow she's really been at the camera, but she said) "the Internet is new to me"
    She had a great tan in all of them.
    She had great clothes and fantastic shoes, handbag - $100 - 200 (honey, I don't have money)

    4. "Only You" (Jeepers, I must be a great guy, I'm 3 times older than her and after 2 letters she wants only to write to me)

    5. "Visit you" "Darling, I'm hungry for you, I can't wait to see you" is a typical blah, blah, (then she'll ask for money for something) but this one was a little crafty because "it" knew that I might be on to them...

    "Hello, Darling!
    ...I have realized that you become a great part of my life and now all I want is to meet you soon. Please don't think I'm too spontaneous. This is not so. I was thinking a lot about it. I will not rush you into anything as I want us to feell a real happiness together. I'm thirsty to see you because I miss you much. And I do want to know you in a real life! This is my dream and my fairytale which I hope will come true soon. Will you do this for me? If your working shedule will not let you go to the europian country I will come to your place." (crafty, tried to show how willing she was) "I have told you many times already that I would like to spend the time together someday and I'm sure we don't have to wait long for this day. If we like each other so strong we should try our best in order to arrange the meeting in the nearest time" (but she's studying - remember). "Please be open with me and tell me wether you want to begin planning our meeting or maybe you want to wait more?" (good phrase, to ease the pressure and try to dupe me)
    "Though our correspondence is not very long but I feel like I know you good as I'm completely open with you and I want to share all my feelings when we meet. I want to touch you, to feel your kiss and to give you mine and not only by letters.
    Ok,my dear I'm finishing this letter but I will look forward to get your reply soon!
    I'm ready to start all the necessary arrangements in order to come to you soon! I'm not afraid of the long distance......kissing you
    Yours Olesya

    PART OF MY REPLY TO TEST FOR HER SCAM without making a clear accusation: (if she didn't answer = guilty)
    ...Oleysa, I would very much like to find that you are the real woman. So please do not be offended by me, it is because I had the same kind of letters from other women, and the next thing that I found was that they were not real people - they were only photos - so please do not understand me in a bad way. It has happened before, that a nice woman was wanting to see me - and then I got the real news.
    Guess what: she didn't answer. Because the thing behind the computer screen knows that no money is coming.

    Here's some useful probing questions which they can't easily get answers for if they are not real.

    Q1: Where are you studying? (then get the establishment to confirm it)
    Q2: Ask for a home address, and check it with the establishment, if you can
    Q3: Ask for a photo of her with family (then you'll know that the photo's not stolen by copying)
    Q4: She said she didn't have a telephone at home - but she could send e-mails after midnight! Ha, Ha, Ha!
    Q5: If she's writing only to you now - tell her to remove her Profile
    Q6: Ask something like this:
    Now, I have to talk about something, I hope that you will not be offended by it. I do know about Lugansk, it is a place where exist many criminals who use women to make money by Internet, you heard about it. I know that many girls are used by criminals, even some girls were hurt, and some photos are stolen and the girls do not know that their photo is on the Agency. So you can understand it is so very bad for these things happening to true and honest women.

    Olesya it is for your protection that I need to be sure that no person is writing and translating false information. Lugansk region is a very bad region. I do not want to add to the list of bad things. What I want is to give you the chance for a new life, so I be very careful to find that no person is using you and you do not get used by criminals.

    So to help you, I do need to know where you study, and I would like your home address and photo with your family (you can take some time to do this, so please keep writing to me). Then I know that your identity is not stolen by the criminals and making copy of photo by Internet on the Agency. When I am happy about this I will be able to offer you a wonderful life. In this way I will be protecting all the other women who are trying to find happiness - so please do not be offended.

    (She continued to write, but would then be quite careful, she / they were determined to get me, but I'd laid too many traps and finally she stopped writing - they are not going to waste their time - they can get money from some idiot)

    F1: If they want money for the Internet - tell them to sell their fancy shoes - those ones they can't afford!
    F2: HEY, DON'T SEND MONEY, Don't fall for woman until you've been steadily writing and not received inconsistencies. Be smart and catch THEM. I did.

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    KBITKA Guest


    dear Raibeart! (I think it is a nickname but i may be mistaken)
    thank you for your trust to our women (at least to that one special - be happy with her!).
    Yes, you are right, they do not speak foreign languages in general.
    I just wanted to ask you what do you think about those dating tours men go?
    You know, i have a feeling that everyone must have choice, eithr it is a woman from Ukraine or a man from the US. But. Women definitely do not have such a wide choice as men who go on tours where they can see the girls in real for sure. They can choose. Women sometimes get a reply to their ads and a man doesn't even attach any picture motivating it by saying that he has "no pictures" or after long correspondence sends the letter with a huge file. I personally deleted such files when they sent them to me, sorry, men, whom i could hurt. Internet is a normal thing for Ukraine already but the speed still leaves much to be desired in most of the cities...
    Travelling men are not serious sometimes. I remember one of my clients who went to Kiev to meet a man from L.A. who came to see her. He presented her a nice pendant (she hated it later), and then when they packed to change an apartment, she saw a bag filled with those pendants and he didn't look like the man who is selling them LOL. His name is Dave Staples for your information. Though ladies do not read this now, because they do not really know about this site, it is a pity though because it would help both women and men. I do not see such an agression here as on other sites, but just a heart pain.
    I wish you to be happy with your wife, keep your eyes open and learn more life in the country your wife is from. We have a rich cultural background, i am ashamed of those who scam you, nice men.
    much love and warmth to you

    Treasure state - my sweet home!

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    Raibeart Guest



    Raibeart is the Gaelic spelling of Robert. And it does make a good nickname.

    Personally, I would never go on a tour like what you wrote about. I need to have a person to go see and spend time with. Many, not all, of the tours are called sex tours here because that is why many men go on them.

    Men. Send a photo or photos in the first letter or two. Give her ones that show the real you. Make sure they are not over 100 k apiece. Like Irina said, the connections there are dialup and not fast at all. Mine at home is 21.6 to 28.4 kps. My only alternative is microwave or satellite. They do not usually have an alternative. I have seen 9600 bps modems in use there. For them a modem is sometimes half a months salary.

    Irina, I will be there for at least a year and probably two. And, unlike most other men, if the businesses that I am going to try and start work out, I will just come back to the USA to visit and I will live in Russia. So, I think that I will learn much about the curlture and history of the country.

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    KBITKA Guest


    Yes, Robert, it is true what you are saying. And forgive me for not recognizing your name.
    I must admit you are a very serious and brave man to have decide to move to Russia (even if you move to Moscow with all its opportunities it gives to people now). My husband wanted to be with me no matter what happened and he even said that he would move to Ukraine and this made me respect him more. But I am not so cruel and i do not want him to feel lost in the country where most of the people do not speak English and where he would not find a decent job (though who knows? no, thanks, we do not mow our lawns LOL).
    I respect you for your serious decision but i may ask you why you do not marry her there and then do the K3 visa? This is how we did though we got American marriage license first (he is from Montana and they still can use an obsolete law about proxy marriages and Texas too if i am not mistaken).
    Again accept my congratulations and respect in your decision.
    P.S. Though if you are Gaelic (i do not want to sound ignorant), and it means that you are from the UK?

    Treasure state - my sweet home!

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    Raibeart Guest



    Very good. My ancestors were from Scotland. Which think of themselves as independent of Great Britian. :-)

    Thank you for the compliments. I am a bit afraid of doing it. No one in their correct mind would not be. But, again, it is what I was asking of her. We plan on filing directly for her green card after being married for 6 months. She is delighted that I would do this for her, and so is her family. My family is another story. They are not very happy about it.

    I just hope that everything will go well and that if we return to live here, that she will be happy here also. As soo as we can, we will come here so my family can meet her and her daughter.

    I think it is a delight to have a woman's perspective on this list. Maybe it can move some of the men to looking for hope instead of standing at the wailing wall. :-)


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    KBITKA Guest


    Hello, robert!
    sorry for my quite late reply (we are moving to other house and my life is full of boxes LOL).
    I have already contacted some of my friends in Ukraine and I think we could do something for honest dating thing. But the problem is that I do not know too many women - many from those I knew are already married and live in different states or in Germany and Norway.
    Let me know what is your idea about it all and do you have a good database either.

    Treasure state - my sweet home!

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    Raibeart Guest


    Hummmm... and what about the married men that write to real women for months and then "disappear" without a further word to the lady or ladies that he is writing to. Rudness aside Aussie, there are scammers on both sides. I have been to Russia 6 times, Ukraine 1 time, and Lithuania 2 times. Before I got smart, I was scammed, but never for much. The worst scam was a trip I made and the type of "buy me this" scam that you talked about. But, I also limited the damage and friends of mine recovered almost everything for me by threatening her with a call to the police. From the sound of your ranting, you have no business looking for a woman any where. Until you can trust someone, you have no business in a relationship. I have been lucky in that I found a great woman and I will be moving to Russia to be with her. Yeah, she is not really interested in coming to the USA. Amazingly enough, she want to have a good husband and father for her duaghter. She wants to be loved and cared for. And, she has NEVER asked me for a penny.

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    May 2004


    a) How does a letter from a real woman look like?
    b) What does a real woman usually talk about?
    c) What is the "normal" period of time that a woman takes to express some romantic interest in you (if she ever expresses it)?
    d) Do real women ever say they want to meet you or that they want to go to your country?

    Let me answer these questions from my own experiences and that of my friends answering a&b together followed by c&d:

    a&b) You?ll get some basic information about her and the letter will be fairly short. She?ll say she?ll answer all your questions (and if you ask her a reasonable number of appropriate questions, she'll answer them adequately). She may say that she doesn?t like to write a lot that she is interested in a face-to- face meeting. [If you can write in Russian, ask her to answer your letter in Russian: English is the premier language for scamming as it is so widely understood that the chance of roping in a sucker is highest with it.] Ask for her phone number and she?ll give you it without hesitation; if she is interested in you, she?ll want you to call her. It is never the case that a girl does not have access to a phone although the quality of the line may be poor and it may be a neighbor?s or relative?s.

    If you actually meet this woman on her home turf and she
    decides that there is merit in continuing a dialogue, she?ll write
    you more frequently and will tell you about how her day went,
    how she celebrated a holiday, etc.

    A real woman does NOT:

    Write in flowery English about love and write stanzas about love

    Go on ad nauseum about nonsense like how she ?loves life?

    Express eternal devotion without ever having met you

    Ask for money before you start having a relationship with her
    (unless it is specifically connected with meeting you eg train fare
    or air fare from a provincial city and you are meeting in the capital; the amount in question should be small meaning 50$
    and probably much less)

    c&d)Most woman will not express any romantic interest in you before a meeting between the two of you. A very few woman might try
    to coax you into visiting her by making some kind of very mild
    amorous reference. ?I hug you strongly? (Sorry this really
    sounds dumb in English). Even after you meet and, if luck would
    have it, you share some intimate moments, this reticence about
    expression of romantic interest doesn?t greatly change.

    Expectations do, however. After 2-3 trips to her country, she?ll
    expect an invitation to visit you in your country after which, if not before, she?ll expect an offer of marriage. The real Russian
    woman is serious and if you don?t ask for and deliver, within a
    reasonable amount of time, marriage she?ll disappear and refuse
    to answer your emails. If not, it?s a danger signal indicating an
    ulterior motive for perpetuating the connection.

    Concerning Ray's observations, I have two comments: Is he more interested in baiting scammers or in finding his second half? If a man is suspicious about a woman, it might be more profitable just to cut her off and focus on those ladies that at least appear genuine.

    Is Ray's experience a case of "garbage-in, garbage-out?" What websites does he tap into only to find such a high ratio of scammers and likely scammers to overall women? One such source that can prove to be a well-spring of scamming and rip-offs is www.absoluteagency.com which has very few (for want of a better term) sincere women in my experience. I'd like to know those sites that he is using if only so I can avoid them.

    I look forward to hearing your reply, Ray.


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    ray Guest


    Hi Richard
    Sorry for late reply, I haven't been around for a while. I gave up on Agencies. I Absolutely gave up on one leading Agency a long time ago - it's a totally waste of time GUYS, ABSOLUTELY FORGET IT. They know it is used by most scammers and they don't care.

    I tried Merry Dating - Much less scammers there, but its now got very popular and I've been doing a bit of Scam Hunting and got a new one coming on the site, plus one old one. Yes, I'm out to get Scammers, but I don't waste a lot of my time on it now - I'm out to protect innocent guys BUT I JUST CANT BELIEVE HOW DUMB SO MANY MEN ARE - DON'T WRITE TO A SEXY PHOTO - THEY ARE 99% FAKERS - and those guys have no chance of getting laid if that what they're primarily after.

    If guys want to move quicker, propose "shall I come to you", or "you come to me" Likely is that a scammer will say "I come to you". It saves you going and entertaining her at your cost and getting scammed later - but you've been scammed anyway. Better to go on a dating or tour.

    As for me - I've given up through Internet, since July. I tried the real thing and went to a real dating Agency in the EEC and met someone real within an hour - I met a fab blonde, we clicked, she never asked for money. I was a very happy man. Then she left me, but we met again. There's a chance she'll come back. It is a very nice story and I won't give up. She writes better letters now, we are going to meet again. So, my story is, if I can get my real girl back, it will be because she will see my value as a real guy, and I will have won her heart. I climb mountains, solo, and my love story is another great climb. It might turn into a classic story - just like my incredible book that will hit the shelves next year. I'll let you all know.


    HEY SCAMMERS, you missed a true and faithful guy who knows how to treat a woman - when you are old you still won't have a real man or real love, you will have money but you'll die lonely.

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    ray Guest


    She left the Agency, stating she'd met an American, but she denied it in e-mail and agreed to meet me again. No news, all's quiet. She may have killed herself, she was a girl who left home at 16 got a kid at 18 and tried to kill herself twice. I was the first decent man she met. I have no way to trace her because they moved.


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    ray Guest


    For all the equiries above. I've a meet this weekend in Ukraine. Just a huge difference with this girl's letters. So flaming normal. Problem is, I ain't going to marry anyone - just too much legal protection exists in Europe - In cases of divorce, the women get the lot if you so much as sneeze. She can make the choice of a better life - it is not a sin to live together. She's got the daughter I'm looking for as a family, but I'm not leaving my life's work open to divorce.

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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