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    quote:Originally posted by Raibeart


    Great post.

    To answer your question. I was looking for a woman that was willing to love me, not my bank account or credit card. And, I found her. It took work to do it. And, no matter where you look, it is going to take work.

    Personally, I never accused any woman of scamming me. And I nver wrote the kind of letter you mentioned. But I am sure there were many that were written that way. Also, I have heard from friends that do translations like you did of the vulgar letters men wrote to ladies about sex and their perversions. So, the men are just as bad and in many cases worse than the ladies.

    Guys, in general, they do not speak, read, or write a foreign language. To correspond with them, you will need to be a gentleman and pay for it. If you are not interested enough to spend a few dollars on correspondence, then look in your own country again and do not waste the lady's time and money.

    Also, just some stastics for you to ponder...

    Out of 100 men writing to ladies in Russia, only 10 EVER go there to meet them.

    Out of those 10, only 5 ever go a second time.

    Out of the 10 that went, only 5 - 6 ever follow through and bring the lady to his country.

    And, out of those that do get married, about 40% end in divorce.

    So, the divorce average is a little better than the general public, but, just because she is Russian does not mean that she will put up with an idiot for the rest of her life.

    This is not for everyone. So, if you have any doubts, then think long and hard about it before continuing.

    I am moving to Russia in October to be with my fiance and marry her. One of the things that I will be doing there is creating a men's scamming list to profile the men that write and don't go, are perverts, and accuse of scamming from the first letter. The ladies will be able to look for the men there before writing to them, just like you can at this site.

    I wonder if any of the men here will be listed on it. ????

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    Sometimes it is needed to be real. No matter where you look for a women you can get scammed in one way or another. I have none men to get married and lose everything. Is it really any different to get scammed for a few bucks.
    You need some common sense.
    1) never send cash
    2)It is rare for anybody to fall in love with you in 10 days, even harder when you have not met face to face.
    3) check the lists
    4)use recommended agency's check the anti scam sites for recommends
    5)Don't fall in love with a picture , that means look for someone that matches you not a hardbody 1 third your age.

    A common sense approach.
    I found out a person was trying to scam me for surebecause someone sent me info. I checked the scam list and lo and behold the letters she(?) had written me were identical
    I thought i was being scammed but now I knew for sure. So do your homework and check and check and check
    Another hard and fast rule is that in Canada / USA etc is that alot of women will decieve you about alot of things so maybe it is better to possible lose a few bucks then have your heart ripped out LOL

    More cheap advice
    I will tell her this when she requests money. IF she can borrow the money from her family and or friends etc. When she shows up I will transfer the money back to Russia or wherever. Generally after a few more letters she is gone.
    This is because if the pics are fake and she is a scammer, she ,they ,it have to show up to get paid


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    hello guys....hhhmmmpppttttt lets just say it in simple way...well if you meet a lot of scammers...means you have some bad luck and if you meet real woman in your life you are lucky...but now adays only few real woman left and that is me....lololol...just want ya all laugh...but its true my hubby so very lucky to have me...

    hearty Philippines
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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