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    imported_admin Guest

    Default Interesting comments

    Thank's to Ray for the story below. These comments will help many single men.


    Hi all
    I subscribed to a well-known agency. And found about 7 Scammers in 9 replies. I got a lot of time wasted, but being astute stopped me from being scammed for money. I saw them coming. Here's some things to ask those women (likely that it's not a woman but a group of mafia) and things to spot. These comments may not show for definite that she's / they are trying to scam you, but cumulatively, you'd be wise to back off.

    1. The big come ons (ok, she could really be in need and love you)
    "I don't like the men of my country, they want only one thing" (that's to dupe you)
    "I'm studying at university, I had a full day of seminars today" (but it was a weekend - dork)

    2. Says she speaks and writes English very well - she did it at school (if she's young and it's that good - no way)

    3. The photos:
    One scammer had a range of age photos, one showed "recent51" (wow she's really been at the camera, but she said) "the Internet is new to me"
    She had a great tan in all of them.
    She had great clothes and fantastic shoes, handbag - $100 - 200 (honey, I don't have money)

    4. "Only You" (Jeepers, I must be a great guy, I'm 3 times older than her and after 2 letters she wants only to write to me)

    5. "Visit you" "Darling, I'm hungry for you, I can't wait to see you" is a typical blah, blah, (then she'll ask for money for something) but this one was a little crafty because "it" knew that I might be on to them...

    "Hello, Darling!
    ...I have realized that you become a great part of my life and now all I want is to meet you soon. Please don't think I'm too spontaneous. This is not so. I was thinking a lot about it. I will not rush you into anything as I want us to feell a real happiness together. I'm thirsty to see you because I miss you much. And I do want to know you in a real life! This is my dream and my fairytale which I hope will come true soon. Will you do this for me? If your working shedule will not let you go to the europian country I will come to your place." (crafty, tried to show how willing she was) "I have told you many times already that I would like to spend the time together someday and I'm sure we don't have to wait long for this day. If we like each other so strong we should try our best in order to arrange the meeting in the nearest time" (but she's studying - remember). "Please be open with me and tell me wether you want to begin planning our meeting or maybe you want to wait more?" (good phrase, to ease the pressure and try to dupe me)
    "Though our correspondence is not very long but I feel like I know you good as I'm completely open with you and I want to share all my feelings when we meet. I want to touch you, to feel your kiss and to give you mine and not only by letters.
    Ok,my dear I'm finishing this letter but I will look forward to get your reply soon!
    I'm ready to start all the necessary arrangements in order to come to you soon! I'm not afraid of the long distance......kissing you
    Yours Olesya

    PART OF MY REPLY TO TEST FOR HER SCAM without making a clear accusation: (if she didn't answer = guilty)
    ...Oleysa, I would very much like to find that you are the real woman. So please do not be offended by me, it is because I had the same kind of letters from other women, and the next thing that I found was that they were not real people - they were only photos - so please do not understand me in a bad way. It has happened before, that a nice woman was wanting to see me - and then I got the real news.
    Guess what: she didn't answer. Because the thing behind the computer screen knows that no money is coming.

    Here's some useful probing questions which they can't easily get answers for if they are not real.

    Q1: Where are you studying? (then get the establishment to confirm it)
    Q2: Ask for a home address, and check it with the establishment, if you can
    Q3: Ask for a photo of her with family (then you'll know that the photo's not stolen by copying)
    Q4: She said she didn't have a telephone at home - but she could send e-mails after midnight! Ha, Ha, Ha!
    Q5: If she's writing only to you now - tell her to remove her Profile
    Q6: Ask something like this:
    Now, I have to talk about something, I hope that you will not be offended by it. I do know about Lugansk, it is a place where exist many criminals who use women to make money by Internet, you heard about it. I know that many girls are used by criminals, even some girls were hurt, and some photos are stolen and the girls do not know that their photo is on the Agency. So you can understand it is so very bad for these things happening to true and honest women.

    Olesya it is for your protection that I need to be sure that no person is writing and translating false information. Lugansk region is a very bad region. I do not want to add to the list of bad things. What I want is to give you the chance for a new life, so I be very careful to find that no person is using you and you do not get used by criminals.

    So to help you, I do need to know where you study, and I would like your home address and photo with your family (you can take some time to do this, so please keep writing to me). Then I know that your identity is not stolen by the criminals and making copy of photo by Internet on the Agency. When I am happy about this I will be able to offer you a wonderful life. In this way I will be protecting all the other women who are trying to find happiness - so please do not be offended.

    (She continued to write, but would then be quite careful, she / they were determined to get me, but I'd laid too many traps and finally she stopped writing - they are not going to waste their time - they can get money from some idiot)

    F1: If they want money for the Internet - tell them to sell their fancy shoes - those ones they can't afford!
    F2: HEY, DON'T SEND MONEY, Don't fall for woman until you've been steadily writing and not received inconsistencies. Be smart and catch THEM. I did.

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Lone Gunman Guest



    >Q4: She said she didn't have a telephone at home - but she could send e-mails after midnight! Ha, Ha, Ha!

    Before so many ha ha-s are made.

    I think it depends.

    I think it?s the Mail-Server she uses, who sets the shown timestamp.
    [u]Somebody correct me if I?m wrong here, please.

    Because it may have been some kind of Web Mail that was in use during sending.
    So one has to be dead sure where in the World that Server actually is located.
    And it may as well have been poorly maintained.

    And if the ?real? sending computer sets the timestamp, is it very likely the shown timestamp is false, if IT IS a privately owned computer except if it is a XP machine always online, fed through DSL or Cable.
    They may automatically adjust the system clock. If the owner has not disabled that feature, by will or ignorance.

    See ya

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    Raibeart Guest



    >2. Says she speaks and writes English very well - she did it at >school (if she's young and it's that good - no way)

    I have a good friend there that just graduated as a foreign language teacher. Her English is good enough that she cam mimic a British accent and pass her self off as a Brit to fellow Russians. Her English is better than mine in many ways. This not a valid point in most cases. Most of the scammers will want English lessons at $50-$100 a month so she can improve her English before coming to see you.

    >3. The photos:
    >One scammer had a range of age photos, one showed "recent51" (wow >she's really been at the camera, but she said) "the Internet is new >to me"
    >She had a great tan in all of them.
    >She had great clothes and fantastic shoes, handbag - $100 - 200
    >(honey, I don't have money)

    Russian women, all Russian women, take great care of their appearance. What looks like a $200 handbag probably cost her about $40-50 USD and she saved for months to get it. Every lady that I have met from there dressed very nicely all the time. They scrimp and save for clothes. Which is one of the reason that they keep their weight more constant than here. They cannot afford to buy clothes when they gain weight.

    What is boils down to is to use common sense. I have sent money to each of the ladies that I have met before meeting them. I sent ti just before going there after months of correspondence. I did not want them to be short for the train trip to Moscow or not to be able to afford to eat before I got into Moscow.

    Oh, about my student friend mentioned above, they do have classes on the weekends. I have talked to her on the phone on a Sunday and she has told me about having a class or test that day.

    Eta Rossia (It's Russia)


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    ray Guest


    Hi all
    Thanks for interesting info about time stamp on e-mails - I'll bear it in mind.

    Her letters told me everything - typical scam come-on. So I saw everything else with grey sun glasses. Anyway, I "dun her good guv" That means I reported her, she's on another Scammer Site.

    Then she reappeared on the same "famous" Agency under different name. It proved that she is an Absolute Scammer - "if you catch my drift". After a couple of protests they finaly took her off.

    Hey, I bet no Russian girl could mimic my English Accent - I've got my own underground "language" - I'm a right "Cockney" !! "Me plates o' meat a' killing me" I did a lot of walking in Latvia. They say "let you fingers do the walking". It didn't work for me "on the keyboard" but last weekend's trip got me a great gal !!


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    Jul 2004


    Hey there all,
    I did not keep track of all the names and who wrote what, I just wanted to add what I have come to find out. Information is knowledge is power, well sorta (bs). Yes it is common that schools hold class or exams on weekends Saturdays mostly but even some Sundays. I did not believe this the first time I heard it. But when I was in Ukraine it was ture, I met many students. I have written to some girls whom I believe were real. They told me they have "night pack" which is an Internet contract were you can log on after midnight for much cheaper. I would suppose a translating service might have both, night pack and regular day connections. A girl could go to her translating service during the day and they might wait and send her letter at night.
    I think one of the best ways I know to catch a scammer is to email her from a different email and you pretend to be someone else. works easy if you where the one who contacted her in the first place. If she contacted you, well you can write you saw her profile on bla- bla and you would like to get to know her. She can't know if you payed for her address or not. With scammers you will most likely get a rather form like letter, or as I am saying you will get the exact letter she sent the "other guy", and if you want to still believe her see what it is like after letter 2, 3, or 4, letters. Unfortunately the majority of the gals are sacmmers. Especially the ones lookin all sexy, showing clevage etc. This is not the normal behavior of the resurved Eastern European women.
    Scammers are lazy other wise they would go get an honest job. I think many translating agencies use both the girls and whom they are writing to. Often there are these offers, like $100 for one month unlimited emailing. I never tried it, seems one would pay then the computer might break down or, with no recourse for you. One girl when I asked her if I was so special to her (paraphrase) would she remove her profile. She explained the agency would not let her, that she was in some kind of obligation/contract to leave it up for a certain time. That may have been a line or the way an agency works multiply guys at once. Therefore it can be a translator who sends out the same letter (or virtually so) to many, many guys.
    The other guy is correct again in that Russian, Ukrainian, Latvian, Belarus, Estonia etc, etc, they like to look good. They will spend a disproportional amount of money, money they don't have on clothing. But dam, they know how to look right, even in cheep polyester. Internet is cheep there, yes about .50 /hour. many cafe's keep late, late hours or are open all night especially in big cities like Moscow or Kiev. I was also in some very out of the way places and there was Internet. If you go and need to find, ask at a post office. So a girl could go down to a cafe with a friend who might help her translate and send you a letter stamped in the middle of the night very common.
    most all students study or have studied English in school. So at the least the know about it and can communicate in at least the most basic ways. However to write in a foreign language, can be the hardest part about it.
    An honest girl will understand your suspicion though of course you should use tact and not directly accuse her, unless you have caught her red handed. Then I say call her the whore that she is. Honest girls will not ask you for money, (personally I don't think so) because then what are they? I met one girl I was coresponding with, it seemed to me as I got to know her, Interent and guys were bringing her more money than her job by far. She helped me out to find a place etc, but I had to wonder how many guys she had been with (tons). On the other hand a scammer will usually clam honesty and integrity or even say something to this effect before the subject even comes up.
    I would be interested to know if the one gentleman really knows of organized crime in the city of Lugansk. I have been there, was scammed there. I think it is just individuals and small groups working together to take the stupid foreigners money (mine for one). The more money the more protection needed from one thief over an other, and there is a lot of money in the Internet scam business. I met a French guy there who lost thousands, me it was only hundreds. I do not know for fact, but it is common for businesses to pay off police to stay in business and keep from being harassed. Therefore in the city of Lugansk for example it may pay the police quite well to let internet scam continue. My, "girl friend" -whore had a couple of fit guys to help her out and beat the crap out of me. I do not think it was mafia, but just some thugs probably made $20 or some favors from this gorgeous girl- whore-bitch.
    One definitely needs to be careful. I think this web site is great (THANK YOU!). My trip to the Ukraine hurt a lot in more ways than one. I have noticed since my wonderful trip to the Ukraine Lugansk and other places that Lugansk puts a lot of very nice looking gals on the Internet- lots! At the least it must be a well known way to make money in that town.
    I wrote to a, Olesya for a short time who was also from Lugansk. Turns out she used the same correspondence agency?? what da ya know about that?!?! I wonder if it was the same Olesya.
    I hope my information helps somebody. Guys face the fact, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. It is normal however for a guy to date and marrie a woman 10 even -15 years younger, but much more than that it becomes about money just like in the states.

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    southamerican Guest


    Hello... I must say that I am new in this adventure of finding a Russian woman and I have spent the last five weeks writing some letters and reading tons of information about scammers.

    Now I have two ladies who are corresponding with me, but I must confess that I have become somewhat paranoic... I mean I have read so much information including scam letters sent by men to this website and I am so confused that I dont know if I will ever succeed in this effort. But I decided to write this post to ask the following:

    a) How does a letter from a real woman look like?
    b) What does a real woman usually talk about?
    c) What is the "normal" period of time that a woman takes to express some romantic interest in you (if she ever expresses it)?
    d) Do real women ever say they want to meet you or that they want to go to your country?

    Your help will be greatly appreciated


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    Raibeart Guest


    It is difficult to tell you specifically what to look for. But if you have been reading the topice on the forum, you have a good idea. If you want, you can send me the body of the letters (no email information in them) an I will look at them for you and see if there is something for you to be careful of based on what they are writing.
    My email address is rl_stewart@highstream.net

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    KBITKA Guest


    Dear Gentlemen!
    I have several questions to you.
    1. If you are so suspicious about Slavic women why don't you try American ones? Are they cheaper for you?
    2. I see how American women look like, in young age it is a ton of fat, pierced and chewing gum, using your credit card (my husband suffered from it), and nice-looking old ladies in Hawaii (at last they found out how to take care of themselves!). I understand your desire to find DIFFERENT woman. But why you don't search for them in Sweden, Switzerland, Canada (if you are from the US) and so on?
    3. Why do you all send letters asking - how do you have fun? Who cares of have fun in Russia??? (I kept receiving stupid letters from americans asking me what type of a car i have and how many miles per hour i do - i use public transportation!) Can you read a little bit more about Russia/Ukraine and life-style there and ask questions about the life your darling has?
    4. Do not become paranoic about scammers. I worked as an interpreter for the girls (normal, serious ones) and we would receive the letters saying that all the women "are scammers, if you have such intentions, stop writing to me". What does a serious girl say when she receives such letters? Normally she says "Oh, my godness, why i always meet jerks who were scammed by others and now they will suspect me in everything??!" Especially when the full story is told to them about your past visits to Kiev/Lugansk/Kremenchug etc. with the details how you helped one of that scammer girl and the sum of money. Dear Gentlemen, they all have kids and those serious ones realize that you will never trust them too much to help them to pay for writing to you, because they had to pay to a translator (me, for instance).
    The question: Why you still continue even losing all the money in that hostile country??
    Stop whining and crying - ain't American women cheaper for you??

    Treasure state - my sweet home!

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    KBITKA Guest


    another thing.
    1. I was (and i am still) a young student, i had courses on weekends and i was studying translation - thus, my English was ok.
    2. I had no phone, but i gave my neighbor's number (may her days be light and happy
    3. i could e-mail from the netcafe in the night - it is sometimes really cheaper. And i lived in a small town by the way.
    4. ask for more pictures of a girl and her friends, more "true" pictures. If she doesn't send them, only studio ones, ask her why. Sometimes women do not want to send usual pictures (she is at home cooking and so on) because they are ashamed of their poor apartments and sometimes (they are real women!) they do not like the way they look at home As for the pictures of her and her family, it is a difficult matter to be honest. I had the pictures of me ad my mom and dad, but they were old (pics).
    5. ask her about the English and if she thinks to learn it. what does she know about your country and tell her something about life there, not just about casinos and what not, but how do you have to work (but do not complain too much - our women can work as horses sometimes).
    well... what else.
    good luck to you, men

    Treasure state - my sweet home!

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    Raibeart Guest



    Great post.

    To answer your question. I was looking for a woman that was willing to love me, not my bank account or credit card. And, I found her. It took work to do it. And, no matter where you look, it is going to take work.

    Personally, I never accused any woman of scamming me. And I nver wrote the kind of letter you mentioned. But I am sure there were many that were written that way. Also, I have heard from friends that do translations like you did of the vulgar letters men wrote to ladies about sex and their perversions. So, the men are just as bad and in many cases worse than the ladies.

    Guys, in general, they do not speak, read, or write a foreign language. To correspond with them, you will need to be a gentleman and pay for it. If you are not interested enough to spend a few dollars on correspondence, then look in your own country again and do not waste the lady's time and money.

    Also, just some stastics for you to ponder...

    Out of 100 men writing to ladies in Russia, only 10 EVER go there to meet them.

    Out of those 10, only 5 ever go a second time.

    Out of the 10 that went, only 5 - 6 ever follow through and bring the lady to his country.

    And, out of those that do get married, about 40% end in divorce.

    So, the divorce average is a little better than the general public, but, just because she is Russian does not mean that she will put up with an idiot for the rest of her life.

    This is not for everyone. So, if you have any doubts, then think long and hard about it before continuing.

    I am moving to Russia in October to be with my fiance and marry her. One of the things that I will be doing there is creating a men's scamming list to profile the men that write and don't go, are perverts, and accuse of scamming from the first letter. The ladies will be able to look for the men there before writing to them, just like you can at this site.

    I wonder if any of the men here will be listed on it. ????
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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