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Thread: Advice needed

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    Default Advice needed

    Ive been in contact with a young Russina lady now for just over 2 weeks and in that time i have had photos of her on her own and once with a friend.Ive asked for photos of her with her family and have also asked for her home address.She gave me her home address,but im unsure as to how i can go about checking if its real or not.I dont have any money to use someone to help me.Is there anyway that i can do this myself,using say the net??

    I really hope that this doesnt turn out to be a scam,but all the same im being careful.
    I hope that you guys can help me solve this dilemma im having.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Hi! I wondered if anyone has had dealings with:

    "Family+" International Dating Club
    Voronina Str., 10-61

    I have been corresponding, tentatively, with someone through this agency. As I have been the subject of several attempted scams, I have been 'testing' a little. Cutting a long story short, I offered to send her some Hryvnia (have some left from last trip to Kiev). "She" came back and said that any money should go direct to the agency - not to her. Now using a translator (as she evidently does) how do I know that they told her of my idea? She is also a student at Uni and the scale of charges from this agency would be very expensive for her so consequently I am not yet convinced of the reality of this girl and just wondered if anyone out there can vouch for the honour of this agency? Also is anyone else out there writing to a 'Tamara'(reefoasis) through this agency? Would be good to know!

    Keep one step ahead of the scammers, guys!

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    wxman2003 Guest


    I am sure there are men who look for FSU because of the cultural differences or because they are exotic. But if a man bases a relationship on those 2 factors, then most likely the relationship would fail. Eventually cultural differences could cause problems, and also physical beauty fades with time. A strong relationship must be based on something much stronger. This is not unique to any one culture, but is common to all cultures. Yes, initially meeting someone from another land is exciting and exotic, but most people in the world are searching for something more substantial. We all want to love and to be loved. We do not like loneliness, we want to find someone that we have much in common with, someone we can call a best friend and soulmate. There are many ways to find this. One can meet this person on the street, one can meet this person through friends, on the Internet, etc. Anything is possible in this world. Never close your mind or hearts to the possibilites.

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    Styx Guest


    I am searching, not for old fashion woman.
    I can manage my own life already.
    Not for being exotic or good lookings.
    I life 30 minutes from red light district Amsterdam.
    Could buy me any pretty one I want.
    Would be much cheaper and less risks.
    That's not what I want or do.

    Getting contact is not a problem, not here, not foreign.
    The real investment starts when there is really interest.
    Scammers? You can be scammed nextdoor, it is not something typical foreign.
    No investigation will give you a 100%. It is good to use common sense and experience of others but your own feelings are more important.
    If you can not trust, you never will.
    If I get scammed and it works because I put trust.
    Too bad, at least I tried.
    I will not give up hope, because if find her against all odds.
    I still want to be able to trust her, there is no other way.

    Maybe she is in my own town, maybe in Russia, I will know it in time, I hope.
    Is it so hard to understand dear Kbita?

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    My dear WXMAN.....
    The feelings is of course an understatement in all I said.....


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    Dear sirs, is anyone serious interested (preferrably in the age of 28-35) in a serious correspondence/meeting/marriage of a nice single Ukrainian girl living in Ukraine? Not a scammer. Speaks some Italian, writes some English. Serious, works as a medical nurse, blonde, no kids. 26.
    Contact me for information, adress and fotos.
    Serious men only.

    Treasure state - my sweet home!
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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