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    Default Very intrestingly

    Hello all!
    Sorry for my mistakes, my english is not so good.
    Accidentally found this site and was be surprised. I am a girl from Russia, married girl.
    If are a lot of bad girls from Russia.....may be need to do also a list bad-men too? I heard a lot of stories about bad-men too....and i`l never go to absolute unknown man to foreigner country.
    Also to me intresting this question.....why a men seek women from Russia....why he cannot seeks woman in himself country or town....may be he have a big demerits...
    Good Luck!

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Hello Julia
    Thanks for your comments about bad girls and boys.
    I am one of these men who search for a partner. I have been divorced for many years and also had a failed long term relationship from ladies in my own country (UK)
    I have rebuilt my life as well as my financial situation twice due to those failures, i live in a very small town so nothing that appeals to me here, i don't get to meet anyone at my work, i have tried agencies in my own country with no success as it seems to me no one is looking for anything long term, just a meal ticket until something better appears around the corner! I have met many E. European Au-Pairs in the UK and find them absolutely charming, good manners and beautiful, unfortunately all too young for me!
    Generally i find Eastern European ladies more sincere, they are more conscious of the way they look after themselves, they pay more attention to their health and beauty...even after they have met their partner.
    I believe the world is a much smaller place now, there are literally (apart from a few bad ones) tens of thousands of ladies from E. European countries all looking for a foreign husband...Why? I hope that just maybe, if not in my own country.....There is someone out there for me somewhere!
    Besides..... i just love the accent! [8D]
    Julia, i'm happy you have met the man of your dreams in your own country, i wish you luck and happiness for the future.
    PS: your English is fine [xx(]

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    hello julia my name is tom and i'd like to answer your questions. i totally agree with johnny - he is 100% correct - but i will add a little bit of my own point of view.

    1. women in the USA are generally not interested in finding men for a serious relationship. they are interested in dating many men at the same time and are more interested in having men buy them things and getting things from these men than they are in the relationship itself. women here have very bad views on what a relationship with another person actually is. many of them think that the man or men they are with should wait on them hand and foot and buy them things until they are out of money. many of them think that if the men they are with do not buy them things, he is not worth keeping around and they dump him. they often stay with a man long enough to get what they want and then just leave him.

    2. USA women blame men for everything that goes wrong in their own lives. one way or another it always happens that a man is to blame for something going wrong with her life. either he was not supportive enough or he is doing something wrong. women do not take responsibility for their own actions.

    3. women here have very bad manners and ussually won't accept a date from a man unless he is model attractive. well there are not many model men here - we are just average guys. i am by no means un-attractive but i am not a hunky stud either. i know this, but when i ask a women out i do not expect her to be repulsed by me - which is the way most women act if they think you are not worthy of breathing the same air as they are.

    4. i find that russian women to be attractive, to be caring, and to be sincere. that is what i am looking for in a partner. and USA women do not offer these things. they are not attractive (80% are over-weight), they do not show compassion and feeling towards their spouses. they cheat on their spouses. they are not supportive of their spouses, they do not treat them with respest either.

    5. women here treat their children as a problem, or hinderense to their lives. no child should ever feel un-loved or unwanted. the child is not at fault for being born, and every child should be wanted and loved. but many women here blame their children for being a born and being a burdon to them.

    in short i just want to find a woman that wants to share her life with me - and have a happy family. i cannot find that here and i am willing to go as far as i have to to find a woman that wants the same things as i do.

    hope that helps


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    I have been to your country three times for business, and I will tell you there is a world of difference between Eastern European women and American women. I live in California, the land of beautiful women, but I would not marry someone from there for these reasons:

    American women compete with men on every level because they want to prove they are equal, except when it comes to money: they are quite old-fashioned when it comes to who pays the bills and who must make lots of money, but on every other level they want to be equal. I find that odd, if not hypocritical.

    American women are culturally driven to like ?bad? men. They confuse arrogance in men for confidence. Most really nice women I know here are involved in relationships with jerks. They waster most of their youth chasing after bad men and when they are thirty something they are surprised that men of their own age won?t take them seriously for marriage and become bitter. There is a lot of anger in American women of that age because they feel they have been used by bad men, when in fact all along they have looked good men and chosen the bad ones.

    Lastly, and most importantly, the American culture, like parts of Western Europe has become a uni-sex culture. The women here talk, dress and behave as men do. As a man I like what makes men and women different. I like the traditional, feminine qualities in women that inspire a man to want to take care of her and a family. American women have lost their ability to inspire men with a gentle, wholesome, sincere quality that softens most men. These qualities are now viewed as weakness by women. Ask any American women and she will tell you how much she would hate to be like her mother, and that alone will tell you enough.

    In three trips, I discovered these differences between American women and your women. Put aside your cynicism: your women, on the whole, are far more sincere, wholesome and serious-minded than our women are. They are also more beautiful. Yes, no one will dispute we have the most beautiful actresses and models, but if you compare majority to majority, Russian women are more beautiful. I have seen it with my own eyes in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, where I plan to move soon.

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    I felt the urge to add, and fill in.
    About actresses.
    American actresses seem to need a lot of silicon implants, to feel and be beautiful.

    English actress Helen Mirren is a lot of beautiful woman despite her age.
    And she's having Russian origin / ancestors.

    See ya

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    Dear Julia, and fellow readers;

    My city is cosmopolitan. I can freely observe other races here. I can see the effect that others? cultures have on their behaviour, as individuals and as communities.

    Our dominant culture is a variant of the English and American cultures. Broadly speaking, men have a healthy respect for women here, and there are plenty of men who have a strong family orientation, are monogamous and hard working. And again broadly speaking, there are plenty of women here who are excellent helpmeets, companions and mums. But I have concluded that few of these ladies are actually still single. The minority who remain single are like needles in the gigantic haystack of ... well ... the other girls. The others are looking for a partner, but a partner with qualities that few men have. Being moderately handsome, family oriented, hard working and loyal, is not enough for them. They don?t allow themselves to be loved.

    Yes, I had a steady relationship, and it failed. But I briefly dated countless local women, who I was prepared to court earnestly, and I was never their ?type?. Ten, I can understand, but surely not forty or more! I am tri-lingual, a professional, a Christian, fun, devoted and reasonably good looking (though I say it myself). Two thirds of these shams were from the exact same ethnic background as myself. Now, I am sure that if I keep dating and dating and dating, I will eventually find that elusive needle in the haystack. But how many decades must I invest?

    Contrast this with the personal profile of a typical Russian or Ukranian lady. She seeks marriage, children, and wants to love and be loved. And she?s right there on the web page. I don?t have to sift through the haystack to get to her. It?s not because she?s in Russia. It?s because of her smile and more importantly, what she says about herself and her intentions.

    If people disagree, please post your contentions.

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    Hi Domaina and all others too,

    this is an interesting discussion here.
    Domaina I guess, as you said you are married, that you did not find your love by internet.
    So why do you blame others trying this ?

    We live in a globalised world. The technics of travelling are far better than ever before. The trade is working international.
    I tried to find a girl in my country in Germany. I think it is not all the same but quite similar to what other guys told already.
    I tried it by internet and german chat platforms first. Nearly all dates I had in Germany, have been quite disappointing.

    When I found internet pages of agencies presenting many, many good looking girls, I troubled why not to try this.
    You blame the foreign guys, but to me it seems, there are a lot of russian girls who are seriously looking. At least this is what they tell in their profiles. Do you blame them too ?

    I am a bit conservative and my conclusion from the modern way of live mostly adopted from the United States is that people dont become happy.
    In Germany more than 50% of all marriages get divorced. My parents and grandparents have been poorer as we are nowadays, but same time they have been more happy. I still have the dream to find somebody, who is willing to live an old fashioned happy family life.
    Most emancipational ideas are leading to conflicts, troubles and unhappiness, that?s my point of view. We have a tremendous number of single households, people dont find together any more. They are misleaded by Hollywood-films, TV and beautiful advertisement pictures. ( perhaps me too! *smile*)
    Only few people can compete with these models. I am living in quite secure financial situation having house and own boat, but I cant compete with the world of of the rich and trendy people shown on beautiful high quality print pages.

    I have had some long lasting relations of two to four years during my long lasting academic education and after with german girls. Meanwhile I am not that young anymore. We have a youth culture and less young people tend to be excluded. This too to me appears as an unsocial developement of modern industrial societies.
    In a society where self-realisation is claimed to be the highest value, you cannot expect any understanding of other generations.
    This very common attitude is blasting the society.

    I have never lived in your or any other CIS country but I have been there a few times. Why do you blame me looking at attractive ladies there ?

    I have no experience at all living together with a Russian girl, but after my experience with others, I would like to try !

    Unfortunately there are these scammers, making a business out of a very natural desire of love. For me this is even more immoral than hooker girls. They are blamed to be immoral but they are not cheating. The scammers are criminal blacklegs.
    They even seem to be supported by a lot of agencies. I had some dispute with agency employees, they claimed this kind of business to be the natural right of beautiful Russian girls to deal with western men. This appears to me as stupid racism!

    This is on the same level as the Mafia is acting. May even be these agencies are part of the mafia business.
    The next problem was, when I went east by car to meet a girl, I had to come back without. The car has been stolen.
    I wont blame all Russians to be thieves ( just in contrary most people are fair and honest ), but I blame the Russian police that they dont fight the criminal structures. Quite on the contrary, if you are asking for support at first they screw the victim to pay bribes and this in mafia mania not only once, but again and again.

    Thats why I predict the Russian economy will not be able to grow, gangsters will make their profits and people will stay poor for long.
    My impression is, a lot of girls realise that they have poor chance for a good life under these conditions and want to leave. Even knowing this, I would like to accept this as a very understandable reason and would like to support them, as I believe it is a basic human right to look for your happiness.

    I dont deny that there are bad western man too, no question! If you know them tell it! But please dont blame all guys for dishonest motives.

    I hope we will understand

    Best regards

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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