My uncle is gay and he has recently started using a dating app called hornet it is for gay dating site

He said he has had about 20 people contact him who are all about in their late 20's to their early 40's looking for love (My uncle is 60!)
one can see their profile and distance to you and on average they are about 5000 miles away,
They all seem to say they are in the military serving in Iraq or Afghanistan
They are all going to be getting out of the army soon (within the next several months or so)
Their profiles are have only one or two photos and when asked for others they say they are not allowed
They feign love for the would be target after a few online conversations and they all want to switch from the site's chat to google chat
Their conversations are not consistent and say the same thing like what have you eaten for lunch and so forth, as well as not responding to personal questions

This area seems to be a new and rich target for them to hit older gay men

They eventually will ask for money or a big one is Itunes cards (ask you to take photos of the front and back of the cards)

One thing I told my uncle to do is to ask the scammer for a photo of themselves and have the person show a thumbs up in that photo.

Any other suggestions to fish out these fakes