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    Default Tatyanna Timonina

    I've been writing to a young woman from Norilsk Russia. Today i recived an e mail with her "real' address. So for kicks I pasted it to google search and wamm! whos' pic pops up Svetlana Trifonava aka Tatyanna Timonina lol, thanks Carl for your report,the leters and pics are the same. when she starts askin for money i'll make a report also.
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    Hello my love Jeff!

    How is your day? My day is pretty good.
    Today is a not so hot day here, I have heard how the birds singing and thought that the summer is beautiful and
    I like the summer much and I every time wait when it comes more warm. All this days I think about you Jeff and my heart
    speaks that I love you! I feel it Jeff! When I dream about our meeting I feel better and my mood rises! I wait
    for this moment every day and I think we have to meet because it's the best way for us. We found each other in this
    world! I tell you about my feelings because I trust you very much and think that you are the man who will make me
    happy. I'll make you happy too because I love you Jeff! I have told you that I?ve never been outside my
    country. But I have always wanted to find the true love in this world and I think I have found it!!! It was my dream
    and it comes true!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I love you Jeff with all my heart. I have found out that my documents could be
    done soon if I will do it! So we can be together soon!!! I am happy!!! I?ll let you know when it will be done. I think you love me too Jeff
    and want to meet me not less than I. I trust you my feelings, you can trust me all feelings and thoughts about me. Please write me all you want, all you thoughts,
    all your questions and offers! I love you and do all for you my dear Jeff. I want to tell you Jeff, I had a sexual dream about us yesterday. It's
    difficult to explain by words what I feel. I want to try it in real! I have told my mother about my thoughts about you.
    She have said that it will be very good if we have found our love and she think that it's not important where the
    people live, the most important thing that they found love! In this world the most important thing is love because all
    awful things in this world were made without love. And she speaks Hi to you and best wishes! I love my mother and
    think that she is right!
    I love you Jeff please know it always! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU ALL MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Today I have attached a picture to you. I want that it will be a surprise to you! But don't show it to someone, please!
    I hope you understand me. You remember I have told you about my girlfriends and I went to sauna. That's where it was taken by my girlfriend.
    Always yours, Svetlana!
    p.s. please tell me the truth, DO YOU REALLY WANT FOR MY COMING???? It's very serious question!
    I will wait for your email.

    so is this girl carl reported or what I think shes honed her act a little more slow for the pitch .. we will see ill keep you all posted ... jff usa

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    Lone Gunman Guest


    If this posting above is a copy of a received e-mail...

    Because the flood of words....

    -Most likely a ongoing scam....
    Even if it's made at a slow pace....

    And if it's a reply to mail containing any question(s), as an additional condition, of course.

    See ya

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    thanks lone gun ill keep that in mind im shure shes a scamm though oh and thanks for e mail reply
    jff usa

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    Raibeart Guest


    Well, since she can not come until you go. You can flush her out a little quicker by tell her that you want to go see her and that from the research you have done you have to meet her before you can file the documents for her to come here. And that the odds of her getting a tourist visa are about a million to one because of the security changes for visas in our country .

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    I personally would say that a serious and real woman will not fall to a man from abroad after one letter/call or what not. We are not people from East with their hot and quick temper... I myself kept telling this to my husband like "we will meet and we will see" that drove him nuts actually LOL I personally needed to see his smiling face and hug him at the airport in order to feel something more than just respect and high interest in this personality.
    And, yes, it is true (at least for Ukrainian citizens) that it is almost impossible now to get a visitor visa. I failed to prove my ties to Ukraine and that i'll come back hom LOL...

    Treasure state - my sweet home!

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    Polina Guest


    I must say that i laughed much when i red the letter of Svetlana. I correspond to one man and i like him much but we had only phone talkings and never met in real so i prefer to meet in real and fall in love with him in real life instead of writing much words I am from Russia and i am hot-tempered woman but it doesnt mean that i wil one love with person wich i have never saw in real and will tell him about my love after a few letters.
    Best regards

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    Raibeart Guest


    Very good Polina. I think that people can fall in love with the "idea" of a person before meeting them. But there has to be a personal meeting before you can really be in love. For men it is often times that they fall in lust with the woman before meeting them. Falling in love (true love) takes time and effort on the part of both people.

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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