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    imported_admin Guest

    Default We must delete some true scam reports


    We need your advice. This is a typical story.
    First we receive a report like this one:

    "Name for Larischen is used for the name Larisa, on front of
    photogalery of the a.m.website of heartafire. First she askes for money suport to pay for emails, than she askes fur support of german language lessons and for webcam conference with a femal translater."

    Some weeks later we receive a letter like this one from a person who has sent the report:

    "Dear Stop-scammers TEAM;
    I would request to omit the following reported scam-person:
    Controll Nr. RS - 01422 (Larisa Michova "Larischen").
    I found out, that suspicion was not coming true.
    Please delete Larisa from the scam-list, there is no justifed reason, that she has ever scamed.
    Thank you for completion

    For us everything is clear. "She askes for money for..." - pure scam. We don't want but we must delete such reports and let some scammers continue their scam activities.

    What do you think? Waiting for your comments.

    Best regards,
    Stop-Scammers.com Team

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Raibeart Guest


    I think that they need to be kept on there, but include any reasons that the guy wanted to remove her from the list. You also might want to have some one working with you to try and verify the girl by writing to her also and seeing if she pulls the same thing.

    You should have a status as possible scammer and provide a lookup into a database by name, city, scam type, and status. I would also consider entering the number of reports that have been made about an individual.

    Since you use ASP on the site, it should not take too much to do it. If you cannot, I would consider hosting it and keeping the information in a database that could be searched.

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    Lone Gunman Guest


    There's always a risk of an immediate urge of revenge, from someone. If they're feeling rejected.

    And "someone" stands the risk of getting in to 2:nd thoughts, and regret an already made posting.

    Keep track of those events.
    I have no really good advice to share in this matter.
    Maybe best to let things be as they are?
    I'm glad I'm not Admin.

    See ya

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    thomas Guest


    you have to trust that the report was made in good faith. you don't change your mind later and say oh she didn't try to do the things i said. it was either done or not. odds are that he found out she was trying to scam him and she laid a guilt trip on him and claimed that the request for money was innocent and she just wants to be friends now. well if she asks for money - shes a scammer - i have written to 25 women and none have asked me for money after writing for 2 months - not a single one. you should keep up every single scam report - after all everyone has to use their best judgement when reading them and does not have to believe it if they don't want to.

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    Aug 2004


    There is NO REASON to remove the report, legally, morally or otherwise. Unless the individual (the accused Scammer), makes a direct claim of wrongdoing, and is further willing to cooperate to verify her identity... removal is unnecessary!

    I have encountered numerous scammers already posted on this website. The fact is surely that in most of these cases, only the pictures are being used. I would suggest that as much as 30%-40% of the images posted on this sight, are not even images of the actual person who emailed them to the individuals reporting the scammers! The images were likely copied and downloaded from a website of someone's personal homepage on GeoCities or one of the other free hosting sites. I know personally of two such instances where a photo was used by a scammer without the woman pictured in the image being aware of the use of her image by another party! So it is likely the woman featured in many of those photo images has any knowledge of the scammers? existence.

    You must be diligent, and cautious in your dealings with anyone over the Internet. If you have not met them in person, how do you know they are real? So many women are often using Internet cafes in their communities. Having seen a variety of these cafes on my travels in Eastern Europe, I learned that many offer access to either a webcam or a digital camera. Remember, these cafes, although perhaps not as posh or modern as the eastern or western equivalent, are in business to make money. So, press the issue to have the woman get her picture taken with a digital camera, or webcam... even, holding a sign with your name on it! Just like women everywhere, they might say, "What, don't you trust me?" If you want to blindly trust a woman you have never met, with your valuable time and emotions (or money)... Be my guest! Push the issue, and be relentless! But do it politely and tactfully, just in case she is the real deal. If it will make you feel better about it... offer to send a small remittance to pay for your peace of mind! Use your on discretion. If she really likes you, she will find a way to make that picture happen!

    I began corresponding, and eventually married a beautiful, young Russian girl, 7 years ago (no longer together, but that is another story). Perhaps, compared to most American men, I have been ahead of the learning curve in dealing with correspondence to women from foreign countries. Additionally, I had first visited Russia and Ukraine in the mid-1990's. So, my perspective is really quite different from those only now considering meeting a woman from Eastern Europe. My first experience has not dissuaded me, I will be doing it all over again, I assure you!

    I have been involved with the Internet since its development. I have also had numerous opportunities to witness and investigate all sorts of scams and criminal activities developed on the Internet. The bottom line is that regardless of what country a woman is from, they typically have one common thread... They all seek stability, and the opportunity to improve their personal situation. Are we any different? Most importantly, they are looking for a good man, not just a handsome, sexy or rich man. Good men really are hard to come by, in most of their cities. The fact that there are nearly 12% more women than men between the ages 16 to 65 further illustrates their reasons for looking for YOU here on the Internet. Just use common sense, and perhaps review basic immigration laws or requirements to fully understand what is involved in bring a woman here, from another country. It's no impossible to find true love, but it will require a serious financial commitment on your part. So, be prepared; just DON'T be foolish with your investment of time or money!

    Good Luck!

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    Nov 2004


    To whom this may concern.
    Seemed like a good topic to post this in, regarding a specific scam profile already up.

    I have a tendancy to be a wordy person when typing, so please be patient.

    This is my first time posting here, I have been emailing the girl since mid August, she is in this link to your own site(above). I am being careful however since I saw her scam report here recently. The one that "Brian L." made, I never met Brian though.

    I have researched everything Olga Vasilyeva tells me, and successfully confirmed each one, russian baths, average wages her wage is 120 dollars, nearby cities, even time zone difference before she called one time(the time zone difference I had her figure out herself, sent small email with the time I sent it, inside my short message, but I already knew the difference, and she told me same number I figured), and recent holiday November 7th, all these and more that she told me about I also confirmed. I know its easy to find on the net, but information matches up and from more then one site. I am still being careful though. Does anyone know and that has been in Russia, if Russian Theatres have a booth for kissing in them? She told me about it one time.

    I have mentioned that I'm poor more then once, and not going to send money on occasion, and still we email almost every weekday, and she never asks for money, she never professed undieing love, etc. We have agreed marriage is not a topic for discussion for now(seems to agree its possible though), and I brought it up one time, I was hasty one day during my parents divorce, and she told me I was hasty, and that marriage is not guaranteed even after we meet, but to be patient, and wait and learn about each other first, then we will see. If she was a scammer, wouldn't she of jumped at my hastiness?
    I am 31 years old, but parents divorce is always hard to deal with, no matter the age. And that she said marriage discussions needs to wait until sometime after we meet before it could be discussed properly. I have admitted my temporary hastiness the next day or two, and told her why, and she was sympathetic with me, and my parents divorce.

    I do not believe she is a scammer, it's possible she is, I believe she isn't. It's possible this Brian guy who made the report misunderstood something she said, I did a couple of times. There was a time a for a few days or so where she was worried her letters might of been offending me, or "frightened the moaning" of me, exact term she used once. On one day(Oct. 4 2004) she was worried I would cease writing to her, which confused me, I never mentioned I was going too, and that I appreciated her letters, and did so a few times during that period. At the time I wasn't sure what to think of that. Now I wonder if Brian was emailing her at the same time I got her letters, from when she worried about offending me. And maybe Brian said some things to her that were maybe not so nice, and she would of been understandably concerned about other foriegner(s) she also never met.(I am making a guess about what happened from my experiences, and not accusing him, or at least its not my intention too.)

    Later on she eventualy told me, that she used to think Russians were the best, and foriegners were cynical, materialistic, and egoists. She no longer has that opinion since she's been talking with me. And that she was used to trusting everyone, now she realizes everyone has merits and demerits, etc. All understandable and realistic points of view I beleive. She could of trusted him too soon perhaps. Eventualy she told me that she trusted me, actualy said she talked to her mum, and told her that, and told me what she told her mom, and that she praised me too.

    She calls me her dear friend now, and that "I have the good friend in your person". Her email address, name and picture is the same as I recieved, I did recieve 2 emails that were similar but there were very specific changes, that were specific to me, and greeting was different. Her english grammer is at least a little sloppy, but I can understand it better now. She never gave me her address so I can't confirm that. She works at what she called an "Automobile Column" as a dispatcher, what she describes sounds like a trucking company, and she does measurements, and routes, etc for the truck drivers. I will ask about the name of the company sometime. I recieved other pictures from her, all same person, and all in natural surroundings, a park bench, sitting on a rock, and in a car at night, with her dog, and I could see one or two White Birch trees, a tree I am very familiar with. (with red eye from camera flash in her eyes, and her dog) All of the pictures are digital camera quality and file size typical with digital cameras, I have a digital camera myself.

    But she contacted me first on a site other then the one listed in the link (not christian mingle) the one I mention is a singles site for Mormons, or those interested in meeting single Mormons, even I had trouble finding that one site in the first place. From what I read on your site and similar web sites as yours, isn't it true that scammers usualy do not go to out of the way sites, is that a correct assumption? Though it may be possible.

    I am not an ignorant person, and never jump into a situation blindly, even if I never found your site. by the way, I did a search for Sanchursk, Russia hoping to pleasently suprise her with some stuff I found out about her home town, but I was shocked to see her name show up in my google search, so I checked it out, and was more shocked afterwords. I'm going to be very gentle, because I beleive she is real. Soon I'm going to ask her about that time, and why she was worried about my leaving her that one day, and encourage her to tell me the truth, she expresses some trust in me.

    One more note I feel is of importance, she told me she talks on themes, its possible she writes one email a day if she is emailing more then one person, and changes it per person. I checked out christian mingle and the Mormon singles site I mentioned, she has not checked either site at all, not logged in either, since at least 2 months ago. I even sent her a flirt message after I noticed her lack of interest in checking the site, and she never picked it up, and still hasn't. She told me recently(today) that she is no longer interested in anyone else, when I asked her to cancel her membership in the sites. That behavior I think is consistant with what I read Russian Women are really like, once they make up there mind. They will lose interest in checking the site, and may forget to cancel memberships. Am I correct about that too at least in general?

    It could be a case of culteral misunderstanding for that scam report, its possible. I will keep you posted if anything out of the ordinary occurs. Near as I can tell, she writes every letter herself and has been at least for a while now, she has always answered me, and has not been defensive when I ask about some things. Olga Vasilyeva should at least be marked as possible scam. Or noted clearly in the report that its possible. Well, my opinion, based on everything I know, and we've been emailing since mid August.

    I beleive that she is not a scam, but I am still being careful and gentle. I will try and get a private investigator to check her out sometime. I plan on visiting her, since I am poor but not too poor, I'm going to make the trip around the same time next year, and she is willing to wait, and plan on making the trip for more then 2 weeks, maybe 2 or 3 months. Tickets can usualy be rescheduled sooner I hear if needed.

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    By the way, that Mormon Singles site I forgot to mention is called ldshearts.com I believe she is real still. Like I mentioned I am being careful and gentle with her, and our friendship. I don't think she knows she's on here either.

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    MacGregor2k again:

    OK, one more tiny note, I am going to intently study Russian before my trip, read, write, speak and understand, to a fair degree I hope. I am poor, but I am virtualy debt free, and can manage my finances with great skill now. I still have 1 year before my trip however.

    See you later, and thank you for any help you might be able to do. I beleive my request is reasonable, and I have done my own checking on alot of things. But I am still careful and gentle, if she is real, I want to keep our friendship growing like it is. She is intelligent and wise in my experiences, and emails about daily life, questions, answers, etc. And occasionaly gives me greetings from her parents, or her girlfriends at work. Even a greeting from her grandmother, which she thought was funny, her grandmother sending greetings to a foriegner, and explained why, reasonable explanation too.


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    Basicaly I'm not sure what to think, input is appreciated. Also one of my friends emailed her a few times back in October, he got pictures of the same person, same name, same country. He doesn't think she's a scam, but I nor my friend has what I consider solid evidence.

    Whoever she is, she is being consistant with information and pictures. My friend told me Olga stopped talking to him more or less just because he doesn't like blonde haired girls, I don't remember exact words. My friend is getting married to some other girl he met. And I told Olga indirectly about him and that he's getting married. I'll tell her in tonight's email that she knows my friend and who he is. I'll be gentle, etc, and see how she responds.

    Even if no one ever reads my posts, at least I thank you for giving me some room to think and clear my mind a little, it helps. I'll cancel my trip if too many warning bells ring for me. She knows I'm not able to give money, so she can't get much of anything out of me anyways, if she happens to be a scam, yet she still email's me. But I plan on studying Karate of some sort, merely self defense. And studying Russian regardless of what happens.

    I'll get at least one private investigator to check her out by end of year. And maybe a different one 3 to 5 months from now, still way before my currently planned trip.

    Advice is always appreciated. That's why I posted, for advice. And what should I expect when I tell her she knows my friend already. If she is who she says she is I think I know what to expect, but what if the report is right, well? If any of my post's are read, well I'll already have her response by then anyways.

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    wxman2003 Guest


    I think you are doing the right thing by being honest with her and telling her that your friend wrote her. With any relationship you have to have honesty, or it will fail, so you might as well be honest with her from the start. Most honest women do not like to ask for money, so it is going well for you so far. Having her checked is a good idea, and ask her to scan her local passport for you too, so you can send to investigator later. Honest women have no problem with that, as they know there are many scammers out there. I don't think I would worry about taking karate. The scammers aren't out to beat you up.

    I met a wonderful woman from Lugansk. Everyone says it is the scammer capital of the world. Well, I have visited her twice, just recently returned. We are planning to get married, and I will visit again in 6 months. What I'm trying to say is not everyone is a scammer, even if many people say they are. This trip I did buy a few nice things for her. She never asked for anything, but her family was very kind to me and took good care of me.

    So I would say go meet her. You will find out much on the first visit. If she is a scammer, you will know, but you will still have travelled to another country and will meet other people there too. You are smart not to send her money. She will give up long before your planned visit if she is a scammer.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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