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    imported_admin Guest

    Default We must delete some true scam reports


    We need your advice. This is a typical story.
    First we receive a report like this one:

    "Name for Larischen is used for the name Larisa, on front of
    photogalery of the a.m.website of heartafire. First she askes for money suport to pay for emails, than she askes fur support of german language lessons and for webcam conference with a femal translater."

    Some weeks later we receive a letter like this one from a person who has sent the report:

    "Dear Stop-scammers TEAM;
    I would request to omit the following reported scam-person:
    Controll Nr. RS - 01422 (Larisa Michova "Larischen").
    I found out, that suspicion was not coming true.
    Please delete Larisa from the scam-list, there is no justifed reason, that she has ever scamed.
    Thank you for completion

    For us everything is clear. "She askes for money for..." - pure scam. We don't want but we must delete such reports and let some scammers continue their scam activities.

    What do you think? Waiting for your comments.

    Best regards,
    Stop-Scammers.com Team

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Raibeart Guest


    Of course. That is one of the problems with the way things work in this forum and others like it. And what about the girl that is faithful and serious that writes to some jerk that never goes there and just strings her along lying to her the entire time about everything? You do not see a list of men that are essentially scammers here, or anywhere else for that matter.

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    I just want to say in response to Raibert's submission above that it is ridiculous to speak of one party or the other being "faithful and serious" in an internet relationship, which consists of an exchange of emails back and forth, because an internet relationship is not a relationship at all. The relationship starts when the couple meets (if the right chemistry manifests of course).

    The essential element of a scam is that one party defrauds the other of money on the basis of purporting an existence of a serious intent to have a relationship when in fact no such intent exists at all. The intent is theft -- pure and simple. The basic fact is that in the course of dealings between Eastern European women and Western men in which scamming occurs, 99+% of the time the woman is the "scammer" and the man the "scammee." That is the sine qua non of a website like this one.

    Ladies have their own websites which operates a forum where the ladies can debate such topics as "marrying a good foreign man whom you don't love" and these sites, if you read Russian, give you insight into "honest" ladies' psychologies and motivations.

    Of course, any submission of a reported scam should meet evidentiary standards set by the administration of the website and that evidence ideally should be plain to view by all rather than being witheld by the administration. In that way, any baseless claim ought to be obvious and the lady should be protected from a false claim put forth by a man she had rejected who took umbrage from and sought retribution for this rejection.

    I do not deny that there are instances when Western men act wholly inappropriately, even egregiously, towards these girls either in the course of email correspondence or in the course or aftermath of a personal meeting --for example, sending them hate mail ample with expletives in response to rejection or, more coarsely, using girls simply as discount hookers on sex romp holidays. I do not condone these actions but, however repugnant, this is not scamming and not the subject-matter of www.stop-scammers.com. Perhaps ladies should avail themselves of such fora to exchange information about and protect themselves from such abusive vermin.


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    Raibeart Guest



    Sorry, but to me a scammer is any one that is not truthful. According to the dictionary, the definition of the word is: a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation. Sorry Richard, but if the man writes for months promising to go see her and telling her how serious he is, and he never goes, he is a scammer by definition because he is performing a deceptive act. The only reason sites like this one does not is because they are registered in the USA and do not want to have to deal with liable suits from men that get taken to task by women they have, by definition, scammed. No where in the definition of scam does it say money has to exchange hands.

    I do agree with you though that a real relationship cannot be based on just correspondence through the Internet. You have to meet and be together to build a true relationship. My fiance would take great exception to your assertion that you cannot be serious or faithful through the Internet. We were both serious about trying to build a relationship. And we were faithful to each other, committed to determining if we could build a relationship and what type of relationship it would be, friendship or friendship plus more. At first, it was based on communication and learning about each other. At our meeting and through our time together, we determined that we were good for each other and should be together. Now, we continue to build our relationship, as everyone must to make it work. But, we are building it through correspondence through the Internet and phone calls because we are not together yet.

    So, I will stick with my assertion that men are scammers and women are scammers. At least until you get the definition of the word changed.

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    Hi guys

    Can I suggest something ? I think she was a real scammer Just the guy felt in love and after maybe few weeks she desided that it will be better to get marry him and to have better live than to ask for money. and.. the guy changed his mind. I think he was more angry than in love when he wrote the report... but he changed his mind ...
    This is what I think.


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    Dec 2004


    I've just reported my first scammer. It was also the first correspondance of any length I entered into having just started online dating. I hated to do so, but I could see other people falling for her as she was very pretty and very convincing in her reluctance to ask for my help to pay for her to visit me.

    The point is that you can't wait for them to accept money and not use it for the intended purpose. The sites I saw her on both have active anti-scammer policies that strictly forbid people from asking for money, and if there is no discussion - I was offering to jump on a plane to see her and she simply ignored that possibility - there is no choice but to assume she is a scammer.

    I think we must make sure that all the women who register for dating sites are aware that they will be reported if they ask for money - that way they will avoid doing so if they are genuine. There's a very simple way of doing this - ask the sites to email all their members telling them, and freezing their accounts until the acknowledge the rule and agree to abide by it.

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    Raibeart Guest


    The agencies will not do that unless they are also honest. Most of those seem to be few and far between.

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    Nov 2004


    Hello again:

    I was more then likely mistaken, when I thought that Olga wasn't a scammer, I did a search for her on multiple singles sites today actualy and found her on some of them, confirmed it because the rest of her profile info and essays, etc are identical(on sites where she doesn't have pictures, and does), same person/name/picture on them but different areas of Russia, or US it seems.

    She uses different areas in different singles sites: New York, New York in one, a different part of Russia in another, and Sanchursk, New York in ldshearts.com. I am not sure what that means. I think most normal people would put in the same local area, town, etc information with each site. Also, on the following sites blacklist page
    http://www.flowers-to-russia.com/shop/blacklist.shtml, theres a person named Elena Medvedeva elenochkayo@mail.ru with that email address who is black listed, using the same street address Olga uses, but different email address/name. You can check it out for yourself if you want. Fortunatly I only lost time, and a single Thanksgiving card. If my posts above here were wrong, please email me if you desire more pictures of her for your site. I have a few now, probably half a dozen.

    I am not going to email her anymore. I won't be rude like some have been, its not who I am. I beleive in the ways of the gentleman, kindness, open doors for ladies, etc.

    Yes I made a mistake, and I admit it, but I have learned alot from this. She contacted me first on ldshearts.com by the way

    I will make a new post here with as many of the sites as I can find her profile on, after I get someone elses opinion. I talked with someone who I know to be a real person I met recently. And they confirmed suspicions I had about Olga for a long time. I am an optomostic person, and that may of effected or affected my judgement for a time in that case. But this has been a learning experience for me though. I don't have any harsh feelings towards the people of Russia, just am much more aware of what to look for now.

    I thank you for your help now, and in the past.

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    Hello again:

    I searched the official New York Site, there is no such thing as Sanchursk, New York, as she listed on ldshearts.com

    Just thought I'd post that bit of info, and ldshearts.com has all the major countries listed on the location selector, so that wouldn't of been a problem either.

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    Lone Gunman Guest



    And you who fought so fiercely, and YES so wordy, for her honour!

    You are entitled to a little bit of shame now

    See Ya

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    Nov 2004


    Hey, I'm only human, and I made a mistake, I ignored the warning signs that were already there. But I did learn my lesson. My last letter is written, saying good bye. She never asked me about myself, most of her letters were about other things then herself, ignored every attempt at asking her about contact through IM's, etc

    I let confusion get the better of me back then. But I have learned, on one of her singles profiles, one location is near the Black Sea, another is in Sanchursk, New York(there is no Sanchursk there), another one is New York, New York. She has singles profiles on the following sites so others reading the forums know what to be aware of: username is: Olgavs
    www.ldshearts.com username olgavs location: Sanchursk, New York
    www.allmates.net username olgavs location: Sanchursk
    www.singlesdepot.com username olgavs location: New York, New York
    www.allintimate.com username olgavs location: site doesn't show
    www.jumpdates.com username olgavs location: Abadzekhskaya, Adygeya, Russia

    you folks can do with this information what you want, if you want pictures I have them

    I made a mistake, and should of listened and left back then, its been a learning experience

    simple signature for occasionaly wordy people
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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