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Thread: Fast lady

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    Default Fast lady

    Fast, fast lady
    A new fresh scenario rising?

    A ridiculously young, sexy and model-like woman, claims she is about to get passport and visa for my country.
    - In her third email.
    She has also advised me to just wait for flight-number, date and time of day, for her arrival.

    She also claims her employer pays the trip as a "fringe" for her. For a well done job.

    When and in what way is it likely she will "screw" me?
    What stunt is still left to be made?

    So far I've told her nothing of significance about myself.
    Reason: - I'm still waiting for answers for some questions from her.
    She's "madly in love" and I, have not yet offered a single compliment, to her.

    And she's too good to be true, so she's probably not true.

    Any ideas guys?
    Anyone been approached in this way?

    See ya
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Dear friends, I read with the greatest interest your postings, I m in contact with 4 girls from different countries (Russia (2), Belarus, Ukraina) I made the following expierience: It happen from time to time, that things going on fast ... with all 4 girls i'm good friend, no one asked me for money, they all are open to meet me in their country, I got telephone and adress from 3 of them - free I never paied for something - I'm 100 % sure that they are no scams, at least I tried to check it up on anti scam websites... But how can they fraud me if they don't ask for money ? But I did one necessary thing, in the first letter I wrote to them:

    1.) I m really interested in a true relation
    2.) I will never pay to you some money until I meet you and until we both are sure that we are meant for each other
    3.) I will never become a member of a marriage agency and I will never pay to such a firm
    4.) I will never become the victim of a scam !
    5.) I wrote the truth about who I am, and what I am surching for and I wrote that I need not only a love for my heart ... and all this stupid phrases, I wrote that I need a woman with a strong brain and a woman who can use her hands, like every other mother and housewife !
    6.) I even wrote about sex ! That I like it and I need a partner who enjoy it in the same way !

    My last sentence in the letter was: IF YOU CANNOT AGREE WITH ONE OF THIS POINTS THAN D O N T REPLY PLEASE!

    The result is, that I have 4 really nice contacts even very fast and free, with woman who are really interesting and who are interested in me, no photomodels in bikini on the photos, real girls who like my being open and who are open in the same way ! And all of them are very beautiful but that is a specific of girls from eastern europe

    My Conviction about this is: Everything can happen, very fast even. But dont stop your brain ! Look in the mirror, look who you are ! And never send money ! Give it to her when you have seen her and when you have fallen in LOVE !

    Best greetings from germany !

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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