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    The Rocket Of Rostov Guest

    Default You can get "scammed" after meeting, too

    I found that I got "kinda"scammed by a Russian woman even though I went to her home and met her (and her family). She told me much of love, devotion and all that before I came home and right afterwards by email and telephone. Then I got a letter full of greed basically saying "I am not asking you for money...." Baloney! She demanded (of course, her "disclaimer" made it OK?) I pay her every expense (support her financially) through the K-1 process. Driving lessons, English lessons, dental, medical....the whole nine yards. Eight days after giving this woman $300 she wanted more! Well, before she could wait several weeks (even before my next pay cycle) she wrote me of some "age difference" issues that gave her "serious" doubts about our relationship. Then came the excuses and she disappeared! What a phony! Although I technically didn't get scammed, I got taken, friends. I would like to report her "case" to the U.S. Embassy because she has heart of greedy, manipulative, and selfish person who shouldn't be allowed into the USA.

    So be warned! Even a woman who you know and have gone to see can still pull a fast one on you, once she realized she has squeezed every dime of you she is going to get. I learned that the hard way, folks!
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Dutchy013 Guest


    I see no difference with any other country where you can meet someone who is taking advantage of your generosity.
    Do not blame east europe for it, I knoe some women in Holland who would do the same more or less.

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    voyager Guest


    Forget about being scammed after the meeting. You can get scammed DURING the meeting. Be careful.

    They are all scammers until proven innocent.

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    sahappyc Guest


    There are several scams after meeting a woman. Be careful of the Taxi cab scam. A service sets you up with a woman. She needs, say $30 cab fare. She takes the subway, then catches a cab for $2 or 3. She makes money, maybe a free dinner, goes home to her boyfriend.

    Chris Cope
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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