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    As banker David Hannum (and not P. T. Barnum) said, "There's a sucker born every minute."

    It is amazing to watch the rationalization that goes in to sustaining a fantasy that has been heavily invested in, both financially and emotionally. My grandmother used to say, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

    I really would love to see a psychological study of this phenomena. Is there a word for it already? Tell 40 single, middle aged men, that a beautiful young woman in another country wants to correspond with them. Then slowly drop hints over time that the beautiful young woman is actually a 50 year old con artist named Yuri with hair on his back and bad teeth. How many men will keep hitting that button to stimulate the pleasure center (like the famous rat study), rather than owe up to their own foolishness?

    Several who have posted here seem to be saying, "Yeah the whole thing is a con, EXCEPT FOR MY GIRL." Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. Did you not read a word? The men who went and could not find their supposed life love for the long anticipated meeting? The agency office that shunned them? Or meeting the woman in question, only to realize she had no idea who her suitor was?

    As I mentioned, I was on the CC merry-go-round for 3.5 years. I am a successful businessman that has never lacked for dates. What in the hell possessed me to toss my common sense overboard? A certain New Yorker views all CC customers as no more than guinea pigs, and they are constantly tweaking their scripts to maximize ROI. We are the happless rats frantically pushing the button over and over. It's not the money that irks me, as American women are far more expensive than Internet fantasies... its the emotional toll something like this takes.

    So next time you pour yourself into a CC communication, just remember, it will end up being read aloud at some discussion group at some point, and your CC expenditures will be reviewed, and some babushka will say, "have 'Iveta' write him, he seems to like brunette women in that age group. See if you can get him to buy the larger perfume next time."

    › See More: Confidential Connections

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    If you wish to search for a woman in Ukraine, Russia, or wherever, and wish to use an agency, then do your research before you dole out money to anyone. There are many forums, one being the Russian women discussion forum, where you can find out which are legit and which are not. However, you can meet many nice women there if you choose to go it alone without the help of an agency, although it will require a bit more work. (You have to find them, instead of being introduced to them) I met my fiance without the use of an agency and have travelled to Ukraine 10 times. Of course I was lucky as I met her through a mutual friend. I did not meet her on the first trip, but met her through friends I made on my first trip. Sometimes your first trip will create friendships, and in the long run, these friendships will open more opportunities. Thats just one way, amongst many in finding someone. Just an observation, if you are in your 40s or 50s, and think a beautiful RW/UW in her 20s will fall madly in love with you, then you need to rethink your plans. If you can't find a beautiful woman in her 20s in your country, don't expect a young woman in another country will love you for you. Not many young women anywhere in this world wants to date a man that looks like their father or grandfather. It's easy to feel that way over there, as these young women who do try and latch on to you will stroke your ego, but you need to question their intentions when they do this. They are trying to improve the quality of their lives any way they can. If you got the money, they got the time. Even if you marry one who is in their 20s, how many do you think will want to stick around with you 25 years from now when you are old and feeble. I doubt many women who are in their 40s will want to change the diapers of their husbands who are in their late 60s and 70s. They will likely b e in the prime of their careers and will have very little time for you.

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    Hi Karl

    Good luck with "Daria P". I was going to pay her a visit in august/september last year, having found this forum, i think i can safely say that I`m glad I didn`t make that mistake. I have been "communicating" with her for almost 2 years now. She was so overjoyed that I was going to visit her, however, I found something strange:

    When asking her to recommend good accomodation (as I wanted to plan my trip myself), my question was bypassed. I suggested some travel dates, which were fine, then things changed - the first date, she had to goto university for exams in another city. We re-arranged another week for me to fly out, she was "thrilled" to be able to spend the week with "The man of her dreams" then she said that she would only be able to have one or two evenings out with me, as she would be really busy that week!

    So, changed the date AGAIN. She then mails me and says that she had to go to the seaside for a holiday with her sister that week as her sister was so looking forward to going to the seaside with her!!

    I too have many, many photos of her (I wonder if she is on a comission with the agency for each photo, lol). Did you get the photo of her with her mother & sister walking in the sea

    When their site is back up, I`ll look to cut & paste some letters here to see if they sound familiar to anyone else.

    Looks like I`m not the only one to be suckered in here though - it`s a pity as I also thought I was starting to have a close personal relationship with her - probably me and 500 others!

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    Hey Dublin and others,

    Yes one picture I got from one of the girls, she was in her house. The others were taken at the agency (same couch, same set up). I have not called them up, I have not decided yet. Does FC or CC allow you to get the girls' personal information before a meeting? I do not think so, especially if you are an american because of the new laws, so I think that is out of the question. One time I wrote one of the girls my Tel # and gave her my email, but I got a letter back that did not refer to it. So I think the FC people, either deleted it and gave it to the girl, or the FC people are the ones writing me. Obviously none of us knows for sure what is going on. I don't know, I think it will be okay. I will do a trip with them for 7 days, then spend the rest of the month at a different hotel. I am going to try and meet some friends of a girl I met, who has friends in Buenos Aires, plus I am going to look at it as a tourist trip AND a business trip, because I may try to teach a semester of college there. I need to get connections. Hopefully not "Confidential connection" HAha . But Dublin, all I am saying is that I noticed a huge difference in the girls I write to from Argentina, compared to when I wrote the Ukrainian girls. If there was an easier way to meet Ukrainian girls without all the crap, I would be there in a minute. That one guy on here who owns "kherson girls", what do you guys think of his company, I am wondering if I should try it. Feedback appreciated.

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    HI David, I am new to this site and stumbled on by entering Valentina and Polina in search engine and ended up here. I have been in touch with Valentina since last August. I was plannning on going to Ukraine last fall but was told because of work I should wait. Now she says she says she is in moscow for work and wants me to wait till April.I have been a little cautious and suspicious since the first few letters. I am familiar with some of the scams and when she asked for money for English lessons, flags went up. Letters have not been consistent. Some were word for word repeats of earlier questions. Some questions never answered, etc. In the mean time I have been in touch with a couple of different ladies from a very reputable agency. I used them last year and spent a whole month in Odessa tryin to get to know a lady I had written to for 6months. Had a great time, but sadly it did not work out. But I have not given up and look forward to my next trip. There is a large ukrainian community here in Oregon and have learned to speak and understand a little Russian, so have had no problems getting by while I was there last year. I also emailed you but thought I should post this too

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    Well after reading this I know this CC is a scam. I have been writing for over a year. I have read the Valyusha letter and the Elena, They all are fake. The valentina letters. How can she be in Russia. I have sent letter that had nothing but 04u577883fxbbx NO complete words and gotten and answer. I have two months of credits let for a young lady and I dont cae about it at all. I have been to the Ukraine 4 times and had a wonderful relationship with a real woman and her family was wonderful. Then her boy friend showed up one day.. We all make mistakes. I will go back but not with CC.

    quote]Originally posted by michaelhile

    HI David, I am new to this site and stumbled on by entering Valentina and Polina in search engine and ended up here. I have been in touch with Valentina since last August. I was plannning on going to Ukraine last fall but was told because of work I should wait. Now she says she says she is in moscow for work and wants me to wait till April.I have been a little cautious and suspicious since the first few letters. I am familiar with some of the scams and when she asked for money for English lessons, flags went up. Letters have not been consistent. Some were word for word repeats of earlier questions. Some questions never answered, etc. In the mean time I have been in touch with a couple of different ladies from a very reputable agency. I used them last year and spent a whole month in Odessa tryin to get to know a lady I had written to for 6months. Had a great time, but sadly it did not work out. But I have not given up and look forward to my next trip. There is a large ukrainian community here in Oregon and have learned to speak and understand a little Russian, so have had no problems getting by while I was there last year. I also emailed you but thought I should post this too

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    quote:Originally posted by Glimmertwin34

    More Letters:

    From Lyudmilla S. #4001
    30 December 2006
    Hi, darling!

    I hope you have nothing against of me calling you in such a way. I want this happy day of the New Year to be merry and shiny for you and that is why I hope my greetings will raise your spirits up. So, I wish you happy New Year and may this holiday bring you joy, luck, happiness and prosperity. Let this coming year be better than all the others. Vow to do some of the things you've always wanted to do but couldn't find the time. Call up a forgotten friend. Drop an old grudge, and replace it with some pleasant memories. Vow not to make a promise you don't think you can keep. Walk tall, and smile more. You'll look ten years younger. Don't be afraid to say, 'I love you'. Say it again. They are the sweetest words in the world.

    And I would like to say here with words of Henry Longfellow (I've read is quote in the magazine and liked it : "Look not mournfully into the past. It comes not back again. Wisely improve the present. Go forth to meet the shadowy future, without fear, and with a manly heart."

    So, I wish you all the best and may all your wishes come true!

    Warmly, Lyuda

    13 December 2006

    Hi, dear Jim!

    Thank you for your letter. I have been waiting for your respond. It's true. I see now the reason of your delay. YOu have a very responsible and ratehr dangerous job! Are you going to stop serving in the military at all after coming back home?

    I think you are not against of me telling you a bit about myself. Well, I would like to find a trustworthy and gentle, honest, decent man. And I am sure you have these qualities. I would like to have serious relationships and I would like my husband to be a best friend for me. I want to share everything with him; I want him to be my soul mate. I think that marriage is close togetherness, being as one. I want to mean world for my husband I will give him all my love and care in return. I am a very faithful lady and my husband will be my true friend to the end. I will never lie to him or deceit him. I hope you have the same values and I believe you share my point of view. My daughter is 4 years old and she is so cute! She is 5 this Friday. ?? She looks like a small princess! Her name is Nastya. I see that you have such an angel as well. I can imagine how much she misses you when you are so far from her. I am so busy at my work at the moment, that I don??t have much free time, but when I have some I try to spend it with my daughter. When the weather is nice we like taking walks to the park or to the forest together. And on weekends we like going to picnics. My goal is to have a nice and friendly family. I will treat my husband like a king and I would like to be treated like a queen also )) Well, I would also like to have a successful carrier, though I place the family on the first place. Do you think I am right? I am very emotional, very enthusiastic and optimistic. I enjoy my life as it is and I am thankful to my parents that they gave me birth and this wonderful chance to appear on Earth.

    I never give up and if I am in a good mood it is very difficult for somebody to spoil it. What goals do you have for your future? Are you afraid of obstacles, or may be on the contrary they encourage you? I am just curious. As for me, I have great plans! I would like to have a nice and caring family, to have a good carrier and just to have a happy life. And I am never afraid of obstacles; they encourage me to work hard. I will be waiting for your letter with impatience, JIm!!!

    Best wishes, Lyuda

    11 September 2006


    I am Miss ?Mystery?, Miss ?Charm?, Miss ?Sexy?, Miss ?Spontaneous?. I can be proud and inaccessible, and I can be affectionate and tender like a little kitten. I can be sad or cheerful; I can be serious or funny. I can be business-like and emancipated. I am hard working, but sometimes I am a lazy-bone, who just wants to lie down on a couch listening to the nice music or relax in the caressing rays of sun. I can enjoy noise and silence. Sometimes I am fretful, sometimes I am very amenable. So it is hard to become bored with me.

    I love flowers, historical novel, romantic stories and movies, music, dances and sport. I like to cook something delicious using the recipes from magazines. I would love to visit different countries and learn several foreign languages.

    I have a pure and open soul. I am delicate, sensible and romantic. I am the pearl which needs a decent mounting. I don?t have half-tints in love. If I love someone, my love is intense and unusual. My partner will be the only one for me.

    I am not looking for an ideal man. I like the MAN, who will make me happy. And I will give him all my care, understanding, faithfulness and loyalty, affection and tenderness in return. I will bring joy, warmth and coziness to his house. By my side he will feel himself the most desired man in the whole world. I think that family is the most important thing for every person.

    That?s the way I am!

    If you are interested in communicating with such a woman as I am, just write me.


    From Elena G #1586

    25 June 1986

    Hello my dear Jim!

    Thank you for your letter.

    At last I?ve come to the Agency. I missed our communication very much and it seems to me we haven?t been talking for a thousand years? Though to tell the truth I wouldn?t be able to stand so much without communicating with you, my dear?

    My dear, I`m ok and I`m back to my normal life.

    The summer has started and several people from my job took vacation at the same time, though the boss strictly ordered to take a vacation in turn so the work process would not slow down. So after three people took a vacation it?s so crazy at work now. For the whole last week I went to work to 8 o?clock and came home late in the evening at 20 or 21, I didn?t even have time to go to the dinner break, I took lunch with me from home. So because of all that I had not forces to come to the Agency and write to you. But I thought about you all the time and I missed you very much?

    So the desired Sunday has come and I have a day off. And right in the morning I came to the Agency to write to you?

    It?s such a heat for the several days here, about 30 degrees in the afternoon but as I?ve spent the whole day in the office I didn?t mention that. One of the girls who took a vacation called us and told how wonderfully she spends time at the seaside. She and her boyfriend went to Turkey and they have a marvelous weather there now. And you know, I also wished to appear somewhere at the sunny beach near the warm sea. But to tell the truth I don?t know if I?ll take a vacation this year. As I work in private company, our vacations are not paid and I can take a vacation for only one week or ten days. Of course many people don?t like that but they realize that if they insist on their rights they can easily loose job. I know that such nonsense takes place only in our country but in civilized world there are special trade unions that look after the rights of working people. Am I right? My dear, what about your vacation? How do you usually spend it?

    Jim, my dear, I won?t write about sad things and problems any more. Let?s better talk about something good? You know, I really missed you all these days and I?m very sorry that according to the rules of the Agency we can?t exchange the contact information? Sometimes I wish just to hear your voice? I realize that probably I won?t understand anything from your words but all the same I will be very pleased to hear you.

    My dear, I?ve just seen on my way to the Agency the strawberry for sale at the market. And I wished to buy those wonderful berries so much. You know, it?s my favorite berry and I can eat very much of it? So on my way back I will certainly go to the market and buy some fruit because at such a heat I don?t want to eat anything but fruit, it?s very useful.

    Jim, it?s Sunday today and i wonder what you are going to do today? Do you have days off in army?

    Concerning me, after such a crazy work week, I just want to stay at home and to clean the house.

    My dear, I wish you a nice day! And please take care..You are so dear to me..

    Sending you my kisses? Looking forward to your reply!


    13 April 2006

    Hello, my dear Jim!

    If you?ve received my letter, it means my mom could finally reach the agency and bring my letter to you.

    My darling, if you could only know how I missed you and your letters...

    This time was like torture for me, I?ve spent so many days alone without any opportunity to send you at least a short message.

    My dear Jim, I don?t know if agency?s staff has informed you about my urgent operation on appendicitis. I had a very difficult case. And I?ve spent more than 10 days at the hospital and now I am already at home, but I?m too weak to go to the agency myself, so my mom or my brother will try to bring your letters to me.

    My darling, I?ll not write a lot in this letter, because my mom is almost dressed and is going to the agency and I want so much you to receive this letter as soon as possible. As I know, you probably worry very much, because you have had no news from me.

    Jim, you know, all these were very difficult trail for me, because this is my first operation and I have never been to the hospital before.I don?t want to write you straight away about all that fears I?ve suffered. Today I?ll write you longer letter and tell you more about all this.

    Darling, please write me you are with me and you still value our relationships. You know, your letter is my most desire present. If you could only know how I miss you?.


    29 March 2006

    Dear Jim,

    We couldn't contact Elena on the phone and called her parents, so the fact is that Elena is in hospital now after operation.

    As soon as she is able she'll write to you.

    CC staff

    Anyone ever get something like this from these two?


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    Hello new member here, sorry for the last post that I did not leave a comment on

    Hey Jim(Glimmertwin34) I have also receieve the same email from Elena or Lenochka #1586 word for word as yours. I have been with CC for 9 months now and found this forum when the link for CC went down this week and now with all the new info that I have received from everyone on here I now truly know this a very big scam and I feel like a fool for buying all those emails and gifts to send her not knowing that she was a fraud. It has taken alot of emotions out of me because I have put so much effort into this girl for whom thought cared so much about me. Well I guess I have learned my lesson the hard way, now I will not book a trip that I have been preparing for this coming march or april and I thank you all for this, much appreciated.

    These are the women I have been talking to since April 06'.

    Elena G. #1586
    Valyusha #4287

    There is a third girl Stella #7533 for whom I have been talking to for a year now and I wonder if anyone on this forum can tell more me about her, like what they have experienced between emails and so on. I can compare letters to tell if she is a fraud like the other two I previously mentioned. Please if anyone has more info on this girl contact me at anytime soon.

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    Yeah, Google is a pretty amazing thing, too bad I did not put two and two together sooner. Years ago, I was corresponding with Anna N #3046, and Google'd her. Turns out she was a model with two different Ukrainian agencies, had the SAME portfolio online, was listed with another dating agency, and had some press releases about having won a local beauty pagent (all in Russian). IN OTHER WORDS, SHE WAS A CARDBOARD CUT OUT CASH COW.

    When I inquired why she had NEVER mentioned any of this before, she replied "my, you certainly are clever to have found out all this about me!" An intelligent man would have run for the exits at that point. But like the sirens of Ulysses, I was completely blinded.

    Jack, as far as the Argentina site is concerned, a friend once said, "even a pig finds an acorn once in a while." But take a look at CC next time it is up. The most recent "thank you" letter or "success" story, is dated 2003, and most are much older. I did think it strange that a "big successful dating agency" had virtually NO testimonials, and they ones they did have were quite old.

    So I'm sure the owners who lie, cheat, and steal from men in the Ukraine are running a legitimate business in Argentina... as if! I Google'd this book: Ulysses and the Sirens: Studies in Rationality and Irrationality (Hardcover)by Jon Elster. I think I'll try to find a copy.

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    Siberian, the site is down (again, what's with that?), but is "Stella #7533" supposedly an 18 or 19 year old brunette girl from the Odessa region? If so, she wrote me incessantly last year. After a couple of cut and paste, nonresponsive replies, I dropped her and "she" continued to pester me for months. I finally wasted a letter credit to tell "her" she was much too young for me and I was not interested in a relationship with someone her age. She then continued to write me for several weeks saying essentially, "I GET OFF TO 45 YEAR OLD MEN!" (Of course it was in the typical loquacious CC style, nothing so blunt).

    "Lyudmila S #4001" was supposedly 31, college educated, an office manager, with a daughter my son's age. That was the fishing lure that had me striking. They cover a whole range, I'll grant them that... even a few butt ugly babushkas! Wonder who's paying $7 a throw to write to them???
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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