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    Default Confidential Connections


    I just discovered this web and I like to make you some questions about the web page http://www.confidentialconnections.com, what do you think about it?

    I think this system is a little bit overprized, but I fall in love with a Ukranian girl, on the profile has a banner of this site (Stop Scammers) that says "This profile was checked and approved by Stop-Scammers.com" that's is real?

    Any response will be appreciated, thank you!
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    hey Aussie!
    Yes, you are right about much of this you saying , and i have been in Kharkov several times, and i also know that it is letters that the agencies just write without the lady's knowlegde about it . i have met several girls there, who also tell the same , i think Steven maybe is getting too greedy , and he realy expend a lot now too , also he own a strip bar in Kharkov, there the agencies often send their clients on a day off, if there is no datings that evning.
    But when i travel there i usually has more options , than true CC , just becuse i know how the acting on the marked and as i told you about the ladies rules on their site, their database should been very slim , if it is true as they say , that the ladies must not be regged on other agencie sites.
    This agency need to look over their doings, and begin to act more seriously , becuse even the letters from the ladies in the agency begin to be a little strange.
    But this is only my opinion , but after a lot of corresponding i must say this is my experience and i also talked with more men that been in contact long with this agency, and they also has the same feeling.
    And one of CC's ladies even was on TV in a american program , where she acted very strange and ended up to got some money from the guy on the trip and of course after that it was silence.
    But not so funny after al, becuse i also has seen her on at least 10 other sites and agencies, and she has been a member with those also a long time.
    But good luck to you and your girl there , and by the way if you have any tips on where to get some seriouse not only money seeking girls , my ears is open.

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    From ConfidentialConnections.com administrator

    Hello, dear John.

    If you say that the system does not let the email addresses out how could this woman got it???

    You say she had to fight to get it - it is bull ****. If this lady were so interested in you that she needed to fight for your email
    address (that is actually very funny) why didn't she reply to your last letter that you sent her through our system?

    You may say (as you supposed before) that she just didn't get it? Am I right? That was your suggestion why she didn't reply to your
    letter? Because she sent you a letter with your contact information but she didn't reply to it as we didn't inform her about this letter.
    If it is this way how she knew later that you wrote her a letter with
    your contact information that she had to fight for???

    If you say that she had to fight for this address and if you say that everything is censored in our system - the most logical thing we
    could do is to remove the Lady that broke our rules from the site? As you can see she is still on our site.

    If she also as she told you had such a big quarrel with us why she is still on the site? Why didn't she remove herself from the site as now
    (as you suggest) she has everything she could dram about - your email address?

    The only right decision would be to remove her profile from our site.
    But she is still with us and I can tell you Angela is satisfied with our services as she joined us in 2001, not it is almost 2005 - so she
    has been on this site for 4 years and if everything is as bad as she says why has not she removed her profile???

    You say:
    She told me that c.c does not categorically give out e-mail or other contact addresses of ladies or the men that write to them and she had a real fight to get mine but c.c backed off and gave my address to her and she then cancelled her membership with the agency.

    You can check yourself - this Lady is STILL AT OUR SITE.
    If she wants to remove her profile from our system - all she needs to do is to come to the office and inform us about her decision.
    But it has not happened yet and I assure you it won't happen in nearest future.

    You can see this lady under the number 308 - she is still on our site
    and actually I has just spoken to her (on November, 19 when she came
    to the agency in the evening) - I asked her in a very polite way having the witnesses if she really would like to remove her profile from our system she said that she does not know you as well she has never had such an idea to remoe her profile from our site.

    Under these circumstances I would like to ask you to send us the letter from Angela sent to you where she said that she would like to
    remove her profile form our site as well where she said that she was not able to get your contact information and she had to fight for it.
    We need just one proof. It is not too much as it is about the reputation of our agency.

    She told me C.C agency is a very good money making business that cheats both the women and men that use them.

    We don't involve our clients into how we make business, so she cannot
    have any idea about how much money the agency makes.

    If you don't have any proofs about it, this does not make any sense.
    So, we are waiting with anticipation your proofs.
    Otherwise we consider your words as just bla-bla-bla.

    [b]As for us, we have a real proof that Angela is still at our site and she is not going to remove her profile - after my conversation with her she went to our free English classes where we took the picture and the video that everybody can see:

    Photo: http://video.confidentialconnections...vember2004.jpg
    Video: http://video.confidentialconnections...angela-308.avi

    With this proof I guess we can easily put under doubts all you said before.

    Victor Filin-Filinyuk
    representativ of ConfidentialConnections.com
    Ukraine, Kharkov

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    Dear John.
    You say:
    Look there was an email from a person claiming to be Angela and she had used the name Anzhelina Sh@ at a free russian e-mail service and
    she knew all the details of our correspondence and I received it 13th November 2004 and I did an IP trace and the mail originated from
    Kharkov, Ukraine where this girl lives."
    The matter is that Angela and Angelina is the same name but used in different variants like Natalya and Natasha.
    but it is not about the names now.

    On November, 13 you wrote:
    The agency is a money scam anyway you bloody slice it.
    Before I stopped using this agency I wrote to a girl, Angela ( in Russian name is Anzhelina ) 4 times.
    The girl is real.
    I used a translator and wrote in Russian warning her about this agency and the e-mail got through there system and she has left the agency
    and set up her own private e-mail box with rambler.ru
    I got a private e-mail from her recently and she told me that she had a big quarrel with Confidential Connections after reading my last
    e-mail that went through the agency e-mail system and she made them give out my direct e-mail address.
    She told me that c.c does not categorically give out e-mail or other contact addresses of ladies or the men that write to them and she had
    a real fight to get mine but c.c backed off and gave my address to her and she then cancelled her membership with the agency."
    These are your OWN words, they are posted at this site.
    What you say now:
    "Look there was an email from a person claiming to be Angela and she
    had used the name Anzhelina Sh? at a free Russian e-mail service and she knew all the details of our correspondence and I received it 13th
    November 2004 and I did an IP trace and the mail originated from Kharkov, Ukraine where this girl lives"

    So, now you are trying to say that the person that wrote you to the
    email address you sent in your letter through our system to the Lady called Angela, is not the same person whom you corresponded through
    our site and who wrote to your private email address let in your last letter through our site.
    I repeat - you are trying to deny the evident facts! One week ago you were sure that it was the same person because she told you some stuff
    about our agency and pretending to leave our site.
    Now after seeing her picture and her video you say that it may be not her but someone from our staff.
    I want to tell you we respect the law and the things you are trying to
    suppose (first you supposed that someone as writing the letters from
    Angela through our system, now you decided to go further and you claim
    that someone is writing the letters instead of Angela through a usual email service!!!)

    It is really strange, you are right!
    Now, you also say that we probably paid this Lady 50$
    I want to tell you you should respect a little our people - if you
    think that any woman may do whatever they tell her for 50$ I guess you
    should not look for a wife either in Ukraine or Russia or anywhere else.

    You may also suppose we fabricated the video record and the photo?
    I have to tell you we don't have such an equipment that would offer us to fabricate this tape or this photo.
    We don't want to post this video for the benefit of yourself, all we want to do is to defend the truth. If you don't want to accept the
    truth that the fact that you may be wrong, so, let it be.
    But we don't want to stay away from any unjust accusations that damage
    our reputation - of course we will be defending ourselves.

    I wish you all the best and good luck.

    P.S. You say:
    "C.C agency appear as an honest site by doing a "trash attack" on me
    so that other members of this site would start to think of me as a dick head and a liar and view you people as honest with hearts of gold!"

    But later you say:
    "Sugestr, imagine you have received a parcel from me at your agency c.c. Imagine, you have opened it and found a turd inside from me. o.k
    Pity I cant send a real turd to you through the mail!" - if you think
    that such words describe you in a positive way I can tell you even if
    we had an idea to make you out a fool we would not have to do anything
    as you would do everything in this direction for us yourself

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    Hey sugestr..I deleted my comments in the forum about your agency, why dont you do the same and we call it fair and square with no further comment!

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    Hello ADMINs of stop-scammers.com.

    I did not recieve any answer from you!
    I wrote private email 2 week ago!

    Can you help us solve this problem?
    Hope, you will answer to us soon.

    Thank you.

    > Dear Administrator
    > I write on behalf of Confidential Connections company concerning two
    > topics posted at Your site.
    > http://www.stop-scammers.com/forum/t...sp?TOPIC_ID=84
    > http://www.stop-scammers.com/forum/t...p?TOPIC_ID=120
    > Taking into consideration the fact that the person that declared his
    > complaints concerning our company has completely removed all his
    > comments from Your site we would like to ask you to remove both
    > threads:
    > http://www.stop-scammers.com/forum/t...sp?TOPIC_ID=84
    > http://www.stop-scammers.com/forum/t...p?TOPIC_ID=120
    > as mister John Vince known at your site as "aussieman40" gave up and does not
    > want to put any other comment concerning our company. Without his comments both
    > topics look strange and make no sense moreover they may affect our reputation in
    > some negative way. As mister John Vince "aussieman40" has completely removed his
    > profile from our site, his comments from yours, we can consider this case as
    > closed and we would ask you to remove these threads completely. Thank you very
    > much for your attention. Confidential Connections, with best wishes.

    Andrew Klimenko
    CTO of ConfidentialConnections.com

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    Hi all want to tell that ConfidentialConnections have
    known scammer on there site and dont take her away from
    the site, They know about it I have send mail about her.
    They write ConfidentialConnections fights against scams and do our best to protect you!
    So whay dont they take away scammer like girl 2637.

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    Any agency is a scam if they do not provide each lady's real contact info (home address, telephone #, email address.)

    I do not care if they have webcams or not.

    Confidential Connections is a scam because they want to control and dominate the women. You'll never get in touch with the women directly. You'll always have to go through them and pay for correspondence. And God forbid if you want to meet her in person.

    "Our system" Confidential Connections writes. WE DON'T NEED "YOUR SYSTEM". We just need each girls REAL CONTACT INFO so we can contact each girl DIRECT not through you.


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    Confidential connections will promise you(as they did me) that they will take a photo of your lady recieving her gift(flowers,perfume,etc) but when she supposedly does recieve them they(after much prodding) reply that the lady refused due to not being ready for photo taking. All that they have to do is give her the gifts in front of one of their video cameras(that they say proves their honesty)but they don'y even try. I tried twice to get photos of this but to no avail. They will tell you to order the telephone/webcam interview with her, but you will need their translator and you will be at their mercy to get an honest communication. They can call the real lady in and interview her telling her any story they want in order to get you to continue spending money for a year as some have, only to have her mysteriously end it after a year of constructive communications. They do not make it possible to really see if it is the lady that you need to confirm you are writing to. I think that the top 100 must be the cash cows that they use to manipulate cash from our pockets over and over again. The others on the site may be allowed to resume normal communications and even get married for real good looking public relation testimonials for their company. Oh and by the way, I understand that knock-offs are everywhere found in Ukraine. Do you honestly think that these guys will give REAL Christian Dior perfume to the lady? If they even do really give her the perfume at all it will be Knock-off $5.-$10. dollar perfume that you just paid up to $190.00 us. for. If she is one of the much abused cash cows they will deliver nothing at all. BIG MONEY MACHINE I say. Signed; SUCKERED

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    Hello. This is my first post.

    Today, I received an e-mail/letter from a women on Confidential Connections. What is so strange is that it contained the exact same paragraph, word-for-word, that I received from another young women a month or so ago (i.e., an account of the woman getting on a bus, not having enough money and being allowed to ride for free). Both letters were interpreted by the same person Katerina D. Today, I contacted a person at Confidential Connections to voice my concern. He told me they were having "technical" problems. I then e-mailed Confidential Connections concerning this matter. It will be very interesting to see what story they invent to hide this flagerant scam. It appears that at least some of the letters written to their customers are not "real." If anyone is interested I can show you the two letters that were sent to me.


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    Here is the response that I received today:

    Hello dear James
    This mistake was done one of our translators.She inserted this story from letter which was written by lady 3836. This translator translate all letters to both ladies.
    She'll be severely punished.
    Each lady in our agency is REAL. If you doubt you can order a phone conversation on our site and watch her through a live web cam and talk to her.
    7. Telephone contact and live web-cams calls

    Thank you

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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