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    I met a lady in CC then I found her on AFA and bought her address for $12, but she told me she wanted contact thru CC and I told her I couldnt continue at $7 per mail so I offered to pay for her internet access and she refused so I concluded that she was a translator. She is a top 100 lady and she speaks english and spanish like me and never gave me her phone number thru her email that I bought thru AFA so, definitely CC is scam agency. I have concluded that all sites with credit based points like HotRussianBrides are SCAM because they dont allow exchange of personal info. Sites like BeHappy2Day are based on the same thing. Translators (even male ones) are the ones writing here. I have become disillusioned of online dating now.
    Take care!..

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    This is not directly related to CC, but I do online freelancing and I saw a project where a webmaster was asking a programmer to make up 500 fake members (400 women, 100 men) with pretty pics for his dating website which only the winning programmer knew, but the one who won was one with expertise and with a DVD full of pics. The programmer later said when asked that the info he invented it of made it up based on countries cause his strategy is join all those websites with pretty pics and copy pics of russian, ukrainian, chinesse, philipines, etc...so you get the feeling. Now, Im very wary of dating agencies, even the free ones.. :-)0

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    Hi everyone

    I've been on CC for a couple weeks now, and have been talking to a lovely girl who's name is Valentina. She has a daughter named Polina, and is much younger than me but not a teenager (I'm 59 and she is about 36 I believe).

    I have been completely honest and sincere and she seems to be as well. We appear to be developing some affection for each other, or at least each other's words and photos. However, she seems to make faster and deeper moves towards a romantic relationship than I do. This could be because of the many reasons a woman in the Ukraine might want to meet an American man and come to America, or it could be because this is all a scam. I am suspicious by nature, but this whole thing is VERY tempting and hopeful.

    Do we have a final verdict on this site? I see someone here talking about Elana. She may still be there because I have received a couple "Do you want to be the happiest man in the world?" messages from her. She has black hair in her main pic, but flaming red in several other pics. Is this the same Elana, and has anyone talked with Valentina before. The are both in the top 100.


    David A Desautel

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    Any girl who gets romantic after a couple of weeks is a Fraud. ! girls from the FSU just do not do that. Its totally against their character, and their culture. ! As she is on CC then be doubly careful. My website revealing the truth about CC and my own experiences with them is almost ready and I will post the URL on here.

    The truth is cheap, lies are expensive.

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    There definately needs to be some postings about the sister sites of the so called CC. Argentina, it is known as Fiancee Connections, and in Brazil, it is known as Bride Connections. Just how many disconnections sites are the scammers going to create?

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    dublindevil Guest


    Yes they are all the same organisation. ! Ukraine, and other FSU countries, Argentina, Brazil, and all administered from the USA. !

    We still need somebody to post on here who has actually visited Ukraine and CC. ! We really need somebody who has seen them from the inside. !
    Lets hope somebody like that turns up and posts here.

    The truth is cheap, lies are expensive.

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    Well hello guys out there!
    I have been in UKraine 9 times now during the last 5 years, and totally i been away over 1 years during this days
    i have had much contact with CC, inside also, and i must say that this CC, getting stranger and stranger, i answered a mail from then this time when i was therein Kharkov, in fact i camed back from Ukraine 3 days ago.
    All was very strange a typical scam attempt.
    i also know many girls that i have talked with there that not is in in CC anymore , just becuse they not feel it is right that who going on there.
    Most of the letters you get 1st and second is fabricated.
    I will only share my info about this in personal letters , becuse i want no problems from them , but more and motre people now know that agencies is no good, and stay away from them and do it the way i did instead.
    Yes i have a Ukraine girlfriend , and yes , i met her also true a agency, but the agency ****ed uop , and sendt her my e -mail so after that we not needed them anymore, but this was not CC.
    But she also told me , after i showed her the con\versation , that the 3 first letters she never had seen or wrote, and she had not wrote me first either, lol.
    Well questions is welcome , but only in private.
    Take care out there, it is a jungle , with many tracks, and traps.

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    A FSU dating agency (Confidential Connections in this case) sends out mails without a lady's permission. In other news: Bears thought to defecate in forested areas; Benedict XVI rumoured to be Catholic.

    They all do it. Try adding a lady to your favourites - sometimes you will get a mail from her soon after (but not always - that's too obvious). Does the agency rush to inform the lady that you have added her to your favourites, so she should write to you straight away? Or does the database system randomly select add-to-favourites transactions as triggers for sending generic mails in the hope of triggering a (paid for) response and possibly ongoing correspondence? Deducing the answer is left as an exercise for the reader.

    Online dating tip: If you assume that any mail that is not a response to one that you previously sent is a forgery - you won't often be wrong.

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    This is about Confidential Connections.

    I have been in contact with several of the ladies there and it appears that many of their letters are canned responses. Some of them will start off with the begining (first paragraph) being some what personal to me, but then the rest of the letter will go into some story about something wonderful or dreamy.

    I have also told them many times that I do not have a "weekend" because I am in the Army and in Iraq...yet, they still always ask what I will be doing "this weekend." That seems pretty unrealistic to me.

    Has anyone been in contact with the following ladies:
    #3229-Elena M
    #4016-Daria P
    #4232-Elena R
    #3964-Svetlana S
    #4287-Valyusha B.
    #1586-Elena G (she is constantly #1 in the top 100)
    #3859-Marina B

    Also, has anyone ever gone there and actually seen what their operation consists of? I was thinking about going, but really do not want to waste my time if that is what it is.

    If anyone has any information for me, please email me or post so that we can exchange information.


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    dublindevil Guest


    Yes, I remember those ID numbers. I would have been in contact with almost all of them over the past year.
    Anyway, I had a web site called "confidentialconnections.net" in which I exposed everything about them, but this site removed my post. ! I wrote several emails to them to ask why they deleted the post but they refuse to answer. ! I checked on their details on the "whois" but they have a private registration so nothing is available. ! No doubt they will remove this too ! If anyone wants to contact me before it gets deleted my email is: russianbridehelp@iol.ie

    The truth is cheap, lies are expensive.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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