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    Default thinking about a visit

    i have been keeping in touch with a girl from Confidential Connections for about 6 months, and i'm thinking about visiting soon.

    i am new at this and she is the first girl i have contacted in this way.
    she hasnt asked for any money. i have been checking your scammers list, and looked at as many other agencys as i can find(even before getting in touch) she is not in your list, and her picture is not on any other sites.

    i am curios about the agency. i cant find much about them on the net good or bad, and was curious about how i would be treated if i arranged a trip with them.

    and i was wandering how safe the payment methods for the trips are ( WIRE TRANSFER / WESTERN UNION ) as they dont accept card payments for the trips
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    The cost through an agency will probably be double to triple of what it noramll costs if you did it yourself. You cal easily book airline flights yourtself and save lots of money. Also if she is genuine, she could help you find a place to stay for much less. You can also try virtualtourist.com. There are a lot of people on that web site that can help you. I travelled to Lugansk last May, and many people gave me great advice on where to stay, and what to expect to pay for a nice apartment. In general, $40 a night should be the max you should pay for a nice place.

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    Hey newbie!
    I been in Kharkov 4 times and used the service from them , but not all, acomandation and flight trip i fix and i also take the transport from kiev to kharkov self .
    It depends how demanding you are in a acomandation , but i use to pay about 120hrv for a double room.
    aaathe girls on that site you nearly never find on any scammer site , becuse these are real( but read my answer in the Confidential Connection topic also).
    The flight tickets inside ukraine is cheap,and so is the train and bus tickets.
    So if you not need all the services in the package,it is better to order just what you need.
    And if it is anything i can help you with , it is only to write me, and maybe we meet there too, becuse i also is on my way down there again now soon.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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