i have been educated about scammers for quite some time since the first time i was a victim but i still meet a lot of people online and this latest suspected scammer is unusual and i have not seen any comments about a similar situation i suspected it was a scam as soon as she asked for money but after i refused and some time went by she asked if i could pick up funds from a money gram and resend it which i did but the destination to resend the money was nigeria which was also a red flag to me but i did it anyway it was not a large sum awhile later she asked again and the sum was 450 bucks only when i received it i had a problem sending with western union and told her i would only send it to her and not in another persons name and for her to send me a photo of her passport since she revealed that she was there in nigeria i checked the photo of her passport with a document checker and the result said it was forged since i had been scammed before i thought it was fortunate that i could get something back lol but i really dont understand what the deal is and just wondered if you had an idea of what was really going on with this scam thanks for your site and hope you can enlighten me.