I have found many girls listed in Romania, Estonia that when you make contact with them (usually no photo in their profile), they are from Accra, Ghana. I have found a new twist. Maybe not new to you, but I always ask a girl for her Skype address and most have it or Yahoo Messenger. But Skype is real time.
The girls when you get them on Skype, what you see are pre-recorded videos. The girls say their microphones are broken......all of the girls. Seems funny that all are this way. That way you don't have to watch their mouth move because of the pre-recorded video. They sit there occasionally waved at you, smile, etc. I know these are pre-recorded as I am a TV editor. I even ask the girl with Skype's IM to standup, she does nothing just looks in the screen. You can see she isn't typing to your questions on camera as you can tell in Skype when someone is typing. I asked since your microphone is busy, I will call you on cell to cell. She won't answer the call and so on because if she did, you would see it on the video. Tell your members to watch out for this as the girls will get up and do a little strip for you without you requesting her to do this. In a day or two the emails come asking for money the usual ways. I play with these people to just waste their time...time is money to them...this is my only revenge option.