Hey Folks, I have compiled a few things you will notice and can look for soon after being contacted by an African Romance Scammer.

These are examples of wording used by African scammers very close to 100% of the time. They speak much better English than we speak French or Spanish or dialects of the Ivory Coast, however they do NOT speak English as WE do. Therefore, read and take heed. These are mistakes EVERY single one I have encountered makes 100% of the time.

"I am from Oklahoma Tulsa born and raised but am currently in Ghana to take care of my late father will......"Instead, we say, "I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma but am currently in Ghana taking care of my late Father's will".

When you see these combinations of words, you are dealing with a Ghanaian Romance scammer 100% of the time, period. They are THAT sloppy and consistently arrogant. They act as though they feel superior to their victims and that we are too stupid to know any better.


How long have been on dating site and what are you seeking for.
Instead, we say, "How long have you been on the dating site? What are you LOOKING FOR or WHAT DO YOU SEEK? Never 'seeking for'!!!.
Almost ALL African scammers say "What are you seeking for?"

How many ladies have you chat with. How many ladies have you chatted with?

Notice they rarely use correct punctuation either.

Nice to meet you I am Lauren by name, a single lady never married with no kid
EVERY SINGLE ONE says "by Name" in their introduction! and will leave the "S" off of many words where it is necessary to be correct. They RARELY use the word CHILDREN saying instead KID or kids.
"How many kid you have?

"I'm a Swedish by birth...." I was born in Sweden.
"By Birth, By Name..." These are reinforcing or clarifying descriptive components of sentences during introductory preliminaries that are rarely used by anyone from North America. Instead, we say "HI, nice to meet you . My name is Lauren. I'm single, have never been married and have no kids/children. I was born in Sweden.

These are very simple things. Lately in my baiting and trolling searches , I have become very sensitized to things like this and have begun to see how easy it is to identify scammers almost immediately. Try using these tips and let us know whether they were accurate in your cases!
See you next week and Happy Hunting!!!