I can appreciate your approach to dishonest women online. However, because they use so many different photographs and descriptions it is very difficult to accurately identify them one by one. I have not seen anything written up about the techniques that are generally used by women on many of the dating sites to mislead men and to get them to spend more money. I have been a international traveler for 45 years, I have lived in several countries overseas and now am a doctor who works in many different countries. Because of the difficulty in locating medical personnel, for 10 years I have used various dating sites to find doctors, nurses and psychologists working in different countries. Because of this and my previous decades of traveling I feel that I have seen many different types of "Scams" and your readers may not be aware of many of them. I have looked over your forum and frequently asked questions and did not see much mentioned in this area. Some of this things often seen look like common sense and should be instantly recognized, but when talking to a lovely woman online, are often missed. I have not been entirely removed from this error myself.