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    Default What is the deal?

    Hey iv asked several times but no answer. so tell me .why do theses girls do this?. do they have to. are they firced to. is organized crime make them. what is the story? is the rusden mob nvolved? are these girls under duress? there are so many. what is the deal?
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Default Re: What is the deal?

    i have been searching the phenomenon undercover in the past 3 years, most of them are lured by their lovers aka"pimps" for a better life ...so basically the girls is being scamed into this business of cash , blinded with love

    other ones just want to scam foreigners, simply because they can, meaning is duable.

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    Default Re: What is the deal?

    the out and out scammers, they are not girls, they are guys usually in Nigeria or Ghana... these are usually the most easy to spot.. also they are likely to contact you off of some list they have. These are the professional scammers.. the photos will be amazing, they will love you.. everything for some idiot to fall for.

    if they have some "fake" profile on some dating site, it will only be recent as they will get reported and kicked off... also look at their friends.

    other girls from poorer countries are desperate for a better life. If they already have a child and no income, then they are truly desperate. They see their ticket out of their misery and desperation as marrying a western foreigner. usually these are very genuine girls, but don't be surprised that out of their desperation they beg for some money... if you are not at least going to go to their country to meet them, do the decent thing and leave them along otherwise they will be crushed again. if they ask for money, then politely decline. if they stay in contact with you and never ask for money again, then they are pretty genuine. if you just want a fuck, go to a poor country and pay straight out for it. if you want a decent girl friend in a poor country, talk and learn about her, and above all else be honest with her.. women in these poorer countries are most often a million times better than the self-centred arrogant shit in the Western World - but they have had a hard life, so respect them.... when you go to meet them, don't go with empty pockets.. try and be generous... offer to food shop for her family.. and you will soon learn a lot more,..if you don't have a lot of money (and they assume all people in the West are filthy rice), then explain it to them.. about 10 times, then they will eventually "get it".. and you can move onto a more comfortable relationship
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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